Saturday, July 5, 2008

Sick, tired and fed up

I think the majority of us are pretty sick and tired over the events of the past few days. There is only so much lies one can take. We should not let ourselves to be used, or led to believe to anything, by these power crazy politicians. It doesn't matter whether they want to grab power or stay in power, the bottom line is that we all have lives to lead. Not lies to lead. There are more urgent matters that require our attention. At least for the next 24 hours, let's spend our day well without any discussion about anal sex and that unbelievable P.Balasubramaniam, forget the politicians who only use us to fulfill their selfish ambitions. We have been taken in by all these allegations and counter allegations of sodomy, I think we have lost sight of what we are as Malaysians. Marina Mahathir share the same thoughts. Ong Hock Chuan and Khoo Kay Peng also want bloggers to make some loud noise! Even blogger-politician Jeff Ooi is pissed off. Rocky Bru is also on strike! Fellow bloggers are marking the 100th day of the March 8 elections with a gathering. I urge them to post their disgust at our politicians and ignore all these press statements, press conferences and their lies, excuses and explanations for the next 24 hours. Readers, share your feelings at the state of our politics in solidarity.


Anonymous said...

1) The biggest part of the blame goes to the PM. He is the "leader" of the country. But he is not leading. He is asleep at the wheels. His people (I mean the bunchof people surrounding him, his cabinet ministers, his UMNO cronies) are running rings around him, all doing their own things.
The PM is doing a shitty job in managing the economy, the whole issue ob subsidies (including our perpetual subsidy of the proton, the APs, the IPPs, the highway toll ). Basically he is doing nothing.
2) UMNO is the other big cause of the problem. It is composed of the most corrupt politicians.
3) The parties supporting this corrupt UMNO, which means the likes of MCA, MIC and the East Malaysian parties, that help to prop up the corrupt regime.
4) The corrupt police. The blame goes to the Home Minister. The problem usually starts from the top.
5) The tampered judicial system. Again the problem goes back to the UMNO regime, supported by their allies.

Other than my despise for UMNO, the next level of despise goes to MCA, MIC and those East Malaysian umno lapdogs who have been selling out the east malaysians.

The MSMs have also played their part in covering up for UMNO in suppressing many issues. Hopefully STAR is starting to get out of it, albeit a bit slowly. NST, Utusan Melayu, Berita Harian is not even fit to be used for toilet paper.

Do I like Anwar? No, I don't give two hoots about Anwar. But then currently he is the only one who is leading the charge to get rid of UMNO's grip on power. If I don't support his effort, then who do I support? And if we don't do anything about it, then UMNO will continue to screw the country for many more generations, and plundering the country's wealth. Our kids or grand kids will be like the Burmese, Indonesians, and Philippinos, working as illegals all over the world, cleaning toilets and working in filthy and dangerous constructin sites.

Anonymous said...

Corrupt regime usually fall when the economy goes bad.
During good times, despite all the corruption, there is still enough wealth left for the rakyat to keep the rakyat complacent. Any idiot can run a wealthy institution.
During bad times, all the weaknesses start showing up. It islike low tide, and all the garbage on the beach is there for all to see and smell.
And during bad times all the corrupt cronies are fighting tooth and nail for a sliver of the cake. The infighting gets vicious, and they start snitching on each other.
The poor rakyat who have little to lose then start supporting the opposition parties, who now start to swell in rank, and gives courage to the opposition leader.
Within the government and ruling parties, the unhappy ones start snitching on their bosses, and even defect to the opposition.
The cookie is crumbling.

Dear impatient malaysians, maybe we need to be a bit patient to see how this whole episode will play out. We have prayed for the fall of BN. Things don't happen overnight, as these bastards have been gripping the country for so long. This is a rare chance for a change. We cannot expect the opposition to do miracles. We need to give them support.

Justin Choo said...

Ya you are right.

I am also sick and tired. The last straw was this Balagostan chap.

First was the spin. Then the counter spin. Now the “Go-stan” spin. And the share market ; tail-spin!! Let’s play the “musical chair”!

This is going to top the list above the Korean TV drama serials.

I think I better go to Kelantan to learn to spin their gasing!!


Anonymous said...

If you are a moral being and you are honest, you will ask these questions in your column, not engage in petty rantings here that's of no value. The Star represents the party you belong tp, support and sustain, (BN), since that party is part of the problem if not the problem, then may be you address them and tell that this nation has lost its innocence, and therefore they are not ready to buy bunkum, hogwash, repeated lies and vanished lies as well. Before you preach to us, may be you should know what's your role in killing this nation as you pussyfoot the yam holders (masterpay). This is what Farish Noor wrote about (you) and the rest who are ironically "Tired" (he he) of the criminal behaviour of the higher ups. I have picked it from Din's website:

Sir, if you are tired, you don't point to Jeff or Marina or others for "concealing" your tendency is the Star and BN media. You should tell BN leaders one simple truth: this nation is today's the most cynical of its leaders and its institutions. This nation is awake bcoz it has lost its innocence, this nation has formed its opinion. This nation wants the rule of law and an end to impunity, systematic manipulation of the system and using state institutions to save others and conceal the truth. Simply put by Malik Imtiaz, Rule by the Law? Can you write that? Tell them that? Well, let' see if you are "tired"!

wani said...

i agree with you. i don't give a damn about Anwar and what he did, as long as he determines to topple the existing government, i'll give him my full support.

enough of these stupid dramas. anwar's sodomy cases and najib's sex exploits are not the country's main concerns. they're a bunch of moral issues, ethical issues even, but hardly political issues. instead of these cases, the people involved should think of more pressing matters, like inflation, the rising of crime rates, misssing children, etc.

malaysia is in hell right now, and the ones that suffer the most are us, the rakyat.

goodness, our ancestors must be rolling in their graves right now when they see what their children have done.

Justin Choo said...

“Zorro” advised against going to this Sunday’s rally, if any.

Another commentator hinted on another coming SD by a Mr. Lee, the PI for altantuya!!

I sincerely hope Anwar can hold the rein in this very tense scenario. In my opinion, I think we definitely need him to flush out the scums of UMNO, and put the nation in a stable footing. To hell with sodomy, true or not, it’s none of my business.

Anonymous said...

BOLEHLAND most precisely should be called 'SAKITLAND' led by a very sakit UMNO and cronies.

Anonymous said...

The Government should get with the job of managing the country and pull it out of the economic doldrums. Stop the politicking and get the investors coming back to Malaysia.

lanaibeach said...

Lovers quarrel
Words of regret
Sound of crying
The neighbors forget

Willing partners
Until cracks appear
Until money plays a role
Relationship turns sour
Just like that

Months and years
Laughing, caressing, tickling
Intimate relationships turn ugly
When money tricks the brain

The Brutus in us
It comes alive suddenly
Smell the mint of fresh money
Life living easily

Who call the ghost busters?
They come knocking on doors
Quickly plan to exit
There is none so they remained

The 3Ps – Power, Projects and Prosperity
It rings every day enticing the mind to stray
Into the world of materialism of doing evil
The demons wait with open arms for them

Yes right you hear it
The power glow in the eyes
Politicians fall for it
So do young people too
Eager for the rich picking
The old just wish them luck
They had been there did that knew it
Only the new circle monkeys
They think they strike gold so easily

Anonymous said...

The above commenter expressed the exact sentiment I and a significant number of the rakyat share, that is:

Although we may not support Anwar Ibrahim, he and PKR are the only people who is leading the charge against exposing a highly corrupt government regime.

Who else can or dare do this effectively? If we don't support Anwar's cause, who do we support?

To whom can the rakyat go to for justice?

Anonymous said...

Razak Baginda need to come out 'truthfully' to clear up the mess Malaysia is facing.

The other 2 accused also need to do likewise.

1st anonymous is right, if Anwar doesn't lead, who else?

Anonymous said...

See how far this twisting and kepala pusing turning movie leads us to..


Anonymous said...

I am so ashamed of our idiotic politicians!

Anonymous said...

aiyaa go read my blog ... .. i've said it before ..
i too am tired of it .. and where are we going .. a bottomless pit .. i think there should be a new movement call 'accountability' movement where we will just hold a peaceful protest / demonstration of all malaysians who are interested .. dont care about ISA or the police or army or politicians or even FRU .. because enough is enough .. am i so silly to be continued being treated like a stupid 'pig' or idiot .. not knowing my rights and wanting only what is rightfully mine as a malaysian .. !! is that too much to ask of this government .. i think malaysians should stop paying taxes as a means of protest over a useless government. i challenge this government . .. esp the PM .. come and see me not me to see you because i dont respect him any more as a leader any longer ..

Anonymous said...

I am glad to read some sensible thoughts from you. Agree 100% that this charade should STOP NOW! There are more urgent things for the politicians to look into and the police too. Instead of running around taking statements after statements on SD's. You have a job to do and that is to manage the country's affairs and not people's personal vendettas.
Oh God, please interfere and put a stop to all this! Yes, that was a plea to God!

Anonymous said...


People always say, "You have a choice." I believe you have a choice if you want to follow the news or not, to write or not, to tell the truth, the whole and nothing but the truth or not, to stand for justice or not, to protect the so-called "guilty" one or not, so on and so forth.

What is going on in Malaysia is horror story that no one, not a single Malaysian, wish for it to happen but the natural law of justice demands it. We cannot pretend it never happen, for in a way we will be guilty of subverting the demand of justice if we turn a blind eyes.

If those being accused are innocent, then step away from their position and let an independent body investigate the allegations, and if after the investigation, there is no case then continue with your role, if otherwise, then answer the charges in a court of law and be prepared to receive punishment if found guilty.

Anonymous said...

you all are selfish peoples. Everyyone know who lies and make all these turmoil happen- the useless PM and the sinful DPM. They are the one who play the law in their hand. You should not blame others for these.

We Malaysian, the bigger crowd support the bigger call, compared to the fews of you, three selfish blogger -MM, Rocky bru and you.

Don't you all understand that without true justice and law, any advancement of economic and development will only be an illusion and benefit those in power. shame on you all. not need go on strike. just leave this country. we do not need you all.

Anonymous said...

Bloggers not discussing the warts and blemishes of the govt and politicians?

Won't that just be heaven-sent for them?

With the sorry state of our mainstream media, including The Star may I add, blogs have been serving a vital function in exposing corruption and other wrongdoings, and keeping them in the public eye.

So to stop airing the dirty linen for "at least 24 hrs"?

I agree with your call to bloggers to "post their disgust at our politicians" but to "ignore all these press statements, press conferences and their lies, excuses and explanations for the next 24 hours" may also not be the right thing to do.

I think the "lies, excuses and explanations" should be posted, TOGETHER with a critique of them, exposing the flasehood in them.

The rakyat needs to hear the lies and such that are been tendered, and they need to see for themselves just how bad the situation is, and read for themselves what falsehood is coming from the politicians.


Anonymous said...

Bro Chun Wai

Agree with you wholeheartedly. Here are some suggestions on how to use our time.

Be Still and Know God
Be Thankful that this is the Day the Lord has made
Take the family out and reflect on the wonders of God's creation
Balance your budget and make sure you do not stinge on your love gifts to those in need.
Pray for the nation
Visit someone who is sick or in hospital and be thankful for the health you have.
Encourage the people around you, your children, your neighbours, your staff.
Bad company corrupts good character, be wise about whom you spend your lunches and dinners with.

God Bless You.

Anonymous said...

friend must be tired too, hides under skirt/d(u)ress...


Anonymous said...

i disagree totally that the blogging community should not report on these press conferences!

So long as the main stream media of which your The Star is also cupalble, so long as you do not give the Opposition a fair shake and report their views fairly and openly, the blogging community has a duty to continue disclosing such news.

Anonymous said...

I've had enough!... quite fed up too.
Malu that such things are happening here especially when there's more pressing issues to be dealt with (our economy, rising crime rates, dropping education standards etc).

When will this mud-slinging ever stop?

Anonymous said...

Working abroad for the past 8 years now, i really feel sad on what is happening back home. I have been asked countless of times by my foreign colleagues on why our leaders are destroying our beautiful country and not bothered about the people and the problems faced.

This has now made me wonder if i shoule ever want to return back. Whar future is there for my kids?? What future is there for the rest??


Anonymous said...

I'm not a political blogger but I can't help giving my 2 cents on a lighter note.

Anonymous said...

The whole political scenario in Malaysia is becoming very childish and immature, we are playing the game of sodomy, false police report, prejudice judiciary system and many many shamful tactics. We are ashame as Malaysian, as leaders, as reporter etc because you politician, the goverment , the opposition are all liars. Now we do not who to believe, if we cannot even trust our own Goverment, who should we trust, you the media please tell us the truth.

I ask for everyone to forget about the whole episode and start leading the country to this challenging times, get more investor and improve the quality of live of all Malaysia. After all these allegation of charges, the best answer is let the people of Malaysia to judge who is right or wrong, let call for another election and the people will chose again who they them to be the next Goverment and no body will be charged or put to jail after the new Goverment is formed, be it PR or BN we only want and fair and reliable Goverment and not a Bollywood Goverment. Thanks you.

Friends of Penang.

Anonymous said...

Yes we are sick and tired but we must not give up and we must give a damn. If we said we don't care anymore, it means we don't care if Altantuya killers were brought to justice or not. If we said we don't care it means we don't care if the police force is manipulating the evidence for the benefits of the few privilege. We must continue to care and fight. Are we going to allow the police to dictate what is right and what is wrong for us. We deserve better. We deserve a police force we can rely on and a judiciary system that can be trusted. And that is why we must give a damn!

cena527 said...

I do agree with you these episodes make us not only sick but puke as well.
But can the bloggers go on strike? I think they must not. Politicians in Malaysia think Malaysians are bunch of fools who can be manipulated at their own whims and fancies. Without bloggers it would be their sole dynasty.

Enough is enough. We need to change that. Responsible bloggers must challenge them when something is not right or perceived to be not right. It doesn't matter whether it's Najib, Pak Lah or Anwar. The Polis, Army and Legal system's attempt to protect politicians while allowing discrediting their entire institution must stop. For that, bloggers have to be united and challenge any politicians or officers who make Malaysians look stupid. Who don’t believe Bala was under duress earlier but not now? Prostituting your body is forgivable but your mind. Let us tell these unscrupulous politicians we Malaysians never allow ourselves to be mentally prostituted by them.

yckoh2u said...

Looking at what happened lately, our political standard is being put to an unbelievable low and shameless level. Who are these so called leaders? How can they make up such daily absurd 'findings' to feed their selfish end and devilly wish us to be their spectatators. Where is this country heading to, led by these rubbish scumbags promoting which is better sex to be enjoyed, by Malaysian anal, Mongolian anal or even their somebody's anal ?????...
I think a new election has to be called and let our people clean up our house and put them in order!

Anonymous said...

The latest news just came in the Bala and family have disappeared. There you have it. He was intimidated to make a second SD. And now he and his family have either gone into hiding, or else kidnapped, or else C4ed.
Like I said in my previous comment, we should pity Bala that he was left alone without protection after he made the first SD, rather than cursing him for the second SD. He was definitely coerced into the second SD, and now he and his family are in danger.

Anonymous said...

Bala has definitely let the entire Malaysia down. He should have thought about the implications first before coming out like a hero with his 1st SD during the press conference with DSAI. He should not have come out at all if he did not have to courage to sacrifice for the truth....

He has actually not only caused embarrassment to himself (which I really don't care now), but he has caused big damage to DSAI.

As some of the commentators highlighted, DSAI is the only hope we have to get the corrupted BN leaders to face the 'real' law. So Bala's action has really affected DSAI political strategies thus far.

Anyway...being a staunch believer, if ever DSAI did not make it in the head-on this time...I can bet that there are no hopes for Malaysians (except UMNOputras) in this country.


Anonymous said...

YES, I am sick, tired and fedup...
of UMNO !
UMNO stands for corruption, abuse of power, arousing racial hatred, arousing religious hatred, ISA, OSA, AP, cronyism, suppression of freedom, and all the bad things you can think of.
It is time to end UMNO's rein.

Let's decide once and for all at a fresh POLL !

BADawi, we challenge you to call for fresh poll for the federal government. Let the rakyat decide whether they want BN or PR to rule this country.

Anonymous said...

Things not looking good. Why? Follow this:
a)"I am not getting married again." He got married again.
b)"I am not calling for early election." He did.
c)"I am not increasing the price of petrol after the election." He did by a whopping 41%.
d)"Our stock market is strong". The market went down.

and now this:
"Don't listen to rumours. There is no call for emergency rule."
Oh oh! Better stock up our pantry.

sinnersaint:saintsinner said...

Most really dont care of what Marina has to say, the fact of the matter is Malaysian are reliant on the blogs for news/opinions.

Why should we strike, why should there be a black out, just be because someone feels its time to of protest....

Could it be ploy?????

We should keep the news flowing for Public Interest, challenge and keep the pressure till some good comes out of the BN mess.

There's a history for all that we are enduring today and by and large it started when MM took office in the 80's.

It's TIME Malaysian RISE and demand for JUSTICE.

Most of us dont know the TRUTH but thats exactly

what the People are DEMANDing.

Anonymous said...

Thank God it's been a quiet saturday.... for now.


Anonymous said...

Politics in this country has become ONLY about how much you can make as quickly as you can. There is NOTHING else about politics in this country. Protecting this position is what is leading to all these lies and dirty stories. Its all about keeping status quo.

Anwar seemed to be a good alternative. But I think he too is losing credibility. He seems to be speaking more like them. He should just steer away from the mud fights and just focus on the important issues like the economy and corruption The whole country (minus the jostling politicians who are becoming more and more racist) will listen and follow. Eventually, people will follow the person who is genuinely concerned with the rest of us.

Everyone is alsojust plain fed up and tired with the racism by all these politicians and idiots in the universities. Only in this country, being more racist leads to higher political positions which is rewarded with more dirty contracts.

To all the moronic politicians, in case you did not know:

1. Racism is satanic, stupid.
2. Getting contracts at inflated prices at the expense of the taxpayer will someday send you to hell, dumbass.
3. Lying to the people will be rewarded with sodomy by the devil, moron.
4. Obtaining an unfair advantage is clever until you meet your maker, idiot.

Fed Up

Anonymous said...

Black Out the BLOG? Are you crazy?
If we black out the blog, then we only have the newspapers and TV that are controlledby BN.

No way, Jose. The BLOG was what exposes UMNO and BN to the rotten core, and exposed all the dirt they had been hiding all these decades. The BLOG was what made a united front possible for the opposition. The BLOG was what mobilized the people to stand up to BN.

Anonymous said...

what's your view about this Bala going missing? Why being such an ultimate-important-with info-person he could be 'left unattended' & gone missing?

Seeking Some Lights

Anonymous said...

Most of us are sick and tired of this BN government, leant nothing and heard nothing from 8 March 2008 political tsunami.

9MP is the latest evidence that this BN government has lost all respect and hope from the Rakyat. Future planning and expenses of the country merely based on political reason. Nothing but empty talks on soon to be 'white elephants' aka corridor projects. What for at this junction when the global crisis is looming, commodities pricing escalating the government decides to spend billions of taxpayers' money on corridors after corridors when what needed is merely improve on government policies to cut red tapes and improve on delivery system so that more foreign investors will be attacted to our country. What for spending billions on white elephants when the major hinderances to foreign investors is the government red tapes and racist policies.

Instead of capitalising on our human resources, improving our public transport system so that the working class people (work horses that contribute to the nation growth) can spend less time travelling and be more productive to make the country competitive compare to our neighbours, the government chose to ignore our contribution and allocated mere $1.6 billion out of the $250 billions on improving public transport system. Where is the logic of shelving Penang Monorail while all talks and promises started since 2006? KL folks who are major work horses for the country are suffering daily due to poor public transport system and raising fuel price. Where is the federal government effort to help the Rakyat? Ya, you bunch of policy makers travelling with police escorts, drivers and petrol paid by the Raykat. Have you guys tried the public transport or drive your own without escort?!

I be going for the rally today. Not so much to protest on raising fuel price, but protest on the idiotic policies and expenditure that causes the Rakyat to suffer more!

Where our taxpayers' money gone really? Where is the profit from the oil rich company Petronas?!

Every Rakyat has the right to know where our money gone!


amoker said...


The tiredness comes also from MSM like Star who engages in biased reporting. (has improved, better than NST, Utusan). Am sorry that this is strongly worded but can your organisation be faultless in these episodes?
Look at today's writeup titled "Friends can’t believe Saiful’s involved in case", can we truly say that journalism ethic is administered here? It is a statement from one person but the title indicated many ( FriendS) n this chap is also from a pro BN faction in campus politics. Your reporter should get a friendly reminder or coaching.

When journalists and editors uphold their integrity and want to facility justice and civility, we then may see a whole change in the mentality of politicians. Till then, the politicians believe that they can still manipulate rakyat via the press and will use that. At least you have more guts than the other editors , dares to blog and be present the the press club during Zaid's talk.

Anonymous said...

As the chief editor of The Star, you should take every opportunity to document all these fact.

This is our only chance to topple Hollywood and Bollywood from the entertainment industry so that Malaysia can be a regional or maybe international hub for clowns.

Since that we have Halal Hub, Islamic Financial Hub, Education Hub, Financial Hub, Medical Hub, Boleh Hub, This Hub, That Hub... which all adds up to nothing, this is the best way for UMNO to redeem itself.

Anonymous said...

Yes, me and my associates are also fed-up of the going-ons politically and am concerned with spiraling high cost of living.
With this, won't it be a better idea for the new media as well as the main media to devote valuable space to addressing this issue for the rakyat.
Where's space for the good news? or there's none anymore these days?

Anonymous said...

Being on strike is no longer enough when you are dealing with thick-skinned people.

I'm scared for my family's well-being but I'm prepared to take to the streets to make this point!

Will you join me? Enough is enough!!!

KME said...

All said and done, all blames must be shared. Of course the crooked politicians (mostly are) to take the lion's share. They are disgusting, stinky, arrogant, greedy, selfish being on earth - resorting to the unthinkable to the little human mind - just to cling on or grab power - for power. The main stream media takes the 2nd biggest chunk. Why not? B'coz they drum up the issues before us - by sucking up to their political masters. Whatever stories, ideas or idealogies they run, the impact is great on the general public public, for info-hungry general public depends largely on them for their information. Next comes the bloggers themselves. They are to be blamed as well. The only different between them and the mainstream media is that their stories don't get filtered. Without verifying the truth, out it goes. The only consolation is that not that many people get their daily updates from the blogs as compared to the mainstream media.

Well, the chief architect of all these chaos, back-stabbing, money politics, party-hopping et el is none other than our great Dr M himself. And the not-so-smart but always sleepy Pak Lah is just following the path set by Dr M, or just widening it as big as possible.

D.Zin said...

Let's not forget that this country, for the first time, is at a "critical crossroad" or a New Dawn according to DSAI.

The idea mooted by Marina Mahathir suits her life but certainly not for you Datuk and the same applies to other political bloggers.

It's incumbent upon you to monitor all this political intrigues so that you can one day chronicle it as part of this nation's process towards achieving a higher state of political maturity.

Anonymous said...

Sick of the PM who is leading Malaysia into economic trouble.

Sick of DPM cum MoD. Too many taints and questions about him that beg answers. Yet he is named as PM in waiting. Makes me wanna puke.

Sick of ex-PM. He has such a bad history of horrors that were covered up by MSM, but now all exposed in the Net. And sick of this ex-PM that keeps coming back to give more trouble.

Sick of UMNO, the club for demons and get-rich-quick-at-taxpayers'-expense racist bastards.

Sick of MCA and MIC for supporting this racist and corrupt UMNO. The Chinese and Indians have deserted MCA and MIC, so the stupid MCA and MIC "leaders" are leading an empty organization for their own egos.

Sick of the Sabah and Sarawak politicians who are selling out the Sabahans and Sarawakians.UMNO is treating them as subservient lapdogs, ptui !

Sick of police.

Sick of the Judicial system.

Sick of the AG.


Anonymous said...

The People's Court already pronounced:
1) Bonnie and Clyde are guilty of playing with fire crackers.
2) Anwar innocent, well mostly innocent.
3) Sleepy Head is guilty of hiding information.
4) PIaneh's first SD is accurate, and the second SD was made under duress.
5) TopDog guilty as charged.
6) Agee guilty as charged.

Now, can we have a change of government so that the new government can get on with the task of some real investigation to flush out the evidence.

Anonymous said...

PM, we don't believe you.
DPM, we don't believe you.
IGP, we don't believe you.
AG, we don't believe you.
ex-PM, we don't believe you.
MSM, we don't believe you.
Bala, we believe you the first time. Sorry you lost your balls.
Saiful, you are a cheap skate.
Anwar, we don't care if you screw backside or not, just go and topple UMNO. We are all behind you, and no pun intended!
RPK, you deserve to be our PM.


Kepada Saudara Dato Wong,
Salam dari Wilayakini.
Pandangan beberapa pihak mengenai Anwar Ibrahim , Kes Altantuya yang disabitkan dengan pembabitan Timbalan Perdana Menteri memang sesuatu perkara yang hangat dibicarakan.
Tetapi kita perlu ingat : Sudah 3 bulan lebih selepas PRU ..tetapi apakah yang kita dapat rumuskan ?
Ada sebahagian rakyat mengundi untuk pembaharuan yang menyaksikan BN kehilangan 5 buang negeri dan BN berjaya mentadbir semula Kerajaan Persekutuan walaupun tidk mendapat majoriti tiga perdua.
Rakyat telah melaksanakan tanggungjawab mereka tetapi balasan yang diterima dari pemimpin parti - parti politik selepas PRU? - RAKYAT DI PERAGAKAN DENGAN AKTIVITI KARTUN MEREKA MELALUI KETAKSUBAN GILA PUBLISITI DAN GILA KUASA.
Inikah harapan rakyat?
Media dipergunakan untuk memenuhi nafsu agenda publisti.Mereka sanggup lakukan apa sahaja untuk mendapat publisiti muruhan sehinggan sanggup naik basikal ke Parlimen untuk 10 minit bukan 10 hari.
Insiden Anwar Ibrahim - lari ke Kedutaan Turki dan keluar dari dari sana dan membuat pengumuman - Empat lagi Ahli Parlimen BN akan lompat parti dan beliau akan umumkan kawasan pilihanya sekali lagi taktik " penipuna Anwar " yang membuatkan rakyat mulai bosan dan fed up.
Bahkan pergolakan politik dalam parti - parti Komponen BN serta kerakusan kuasa di Sabah juga menjadikan BN nampak lemah dan rakyat juga mulai bosan.
Rakyat mahukan satu kehidupan yang lebih terjamin dan bukanya kehidupan seharian yang meperlihatkan permainan politik pemimpin2 yang bertagnggugjawab.
Tidak guna kita nak tumpu kepada Sambutan 100 hari ataupun Road Tour kerana - sekarang masanya untuk berkerja dan bukanya untuk berkempen untuk kepentingan politik parti masing - masing.
Jangan buang masa rakyat untuk menganjurkan demo - kenaikan harga minyak kerana tiada impak langsung.Adakah kita dapat menurunkan harga minyak dengan menganjurkan demo jalanan?
Fikirlah masak - masak cara2 untuk menangani kenaikan harga minyak.
Jangan buang masa rakyat.
Pilihlah wakil - wakil rakyat yang lebih bertanggugjawab dan berwibawa untuk menduduki kerusi Ahli Majlis- Jangan sekadar main pilih sahaja.Rakyat memerhatikan anda.
Sekiranya Nurul Izah berkata sudah muak- Ingatan kami kepada Nurul Izah- kami sebagai rakyat Malaysia lagi sudah muak.Mungkin Nurul boleh menasihatkan bapanya untuk kurang bercakap dan buat kerja kerana sekiranya rezeki ada memamg tidak siapa boleh menafikan Anwar Sebagai Perdana Menteri Malaysia - Itu akan ditentukan oleh tuhan.
Media massa diharap dapat membuka satu lembaran baru - menangani ahli - ahli politik yang tidak bertanggugjawab.

Anonymous said...

Dear Chun Wai

Your article in The Star today (On The Beat) is a big disappointment.

You have conveniently obmitted the fact that someone is being accused of murder. Do you in your conscience believe it's just a political mudslinging?

Are you saying we should sidestep the murder accusations?

Anonymous said...

Dear Choon Wai, I would say you have improved a lot (On the Beat, 6 July 08 refers) because this time you dare asked our beloved Pak Lah to use his stick, though u conveniently left out the Altantuya's murder.

Anonymous said...

All of you getting very touchy!

If only you know the real corruption that has seeped to the roots of the current system, I wonder what you all will do!

Maybe put a blanket over your heads and pretend it's not there?

Sorry, guys and girls. The system is rotten to the core. We have to face the stench.

No point in "boycotting" and all that.

That is simply being cowardly.

Sorry Mr. Wong Chun Wai, I don't subscribe to your "sick, tired, and fed up" approach.

We are going to go on with guns blazing -- the rest of us brave, courageous folks who have the country's and rakyat's interest at heart.

We are not some rich middle class who are "sick and tired" and want to enjoy the disco and Starbucks Coffee again.

The rest of us are not spoilt like that. We know there is a major crisis. And the systemic rot must be cut out.

This is only the tip of the iceberg.

rtraining said...

I am also sick, tired and fed up.....
with the way mainstream papers like the Star pander to what the government wants the people to hear. Such newspapers, of which you are a big part of, are no better than that Bala guy - you have no balls too.

Anonymous said...

Ever noticed WHO appears in all the major sandiwara over the pass 2 weeks? Is it our PM or certain power hungry politic-KING? Who did RPK work for? Who was right there next to Bala who he made his first SD? If so then why does the biggest blame lie on the PM? So the fact that he has not been iron-fist in clamming down all blogs that talk bad about him, he's doing a lousy job too? The crippling subsidy system is slowly going away, starting with petrol, the millions in legacies maintaining, that's all his faults too? ever bothered to trace back a lil and realize who only focused on physical 1st world development and neglected intellectual capital? And to put our country in the hands of Anwar? he cares for nothing but becoming PM, he has traded for it with our country's sovereignty before, and he will do it again. If you would buy his brand of democratic reform in the form of defecting MPs and filthy mudslinging, then you have indeed been used and deceived by him and his camp.

share n care said...

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