Monday, July 7, 2008

SAPP calls off no faith motion

The SAPP is calling off the vote of no confidence motion against the PM. The decision was conveyed to reporters at Parliament House by SAPP vice-president Datuk Dr Chua Soon Bui after meeting Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz. The excuse given was that SAPP did not want to be a scapegoat in the current political climate. No one is sure what she really means as the Tawau MP also put in a caveat, saying no one know what the future political climate would be like. But that's how politicians talk. In short, she is saying the no faith motion is off, for the moment, but non committal over what SAPP would do in future. SAPP president Datuk Yong Teck Lee has not responded to calls from reporters who wanted to know more. Yong has found that his plans to make Sabah an issue has been hijacked by the sodomy allegation. Overnight, Yong is no longer news. Talk of BN MPs defecting also disappeared, which some say was the reasons for the re-think in strategy. But SAPP still has a show cause letter to reply to the BN. SAPP deputy president Raymond Tan is still a Deputy Chief Minister. So, is SAPP hoping that the whole incident is just a nightmare or is it waiting for the next move?


Anonymous said...

The Sabahans deserve to live in a backward and undeveloped state because they voted in politicians like these. No backbone. No Decisivenss. And all scared of and subervient to UMNO. Please continue to send you oil and gas profit to Putrajaya. They love you. May you continue to live in land of wind, full of wind and no action.

Anonymous said...

They are simply waiting for a new direction since the sodomy slander against Anwar resurfaced, not that they are happy with Badawi at all. I think they are being calculative here, which is ok and understandable.

Anonymous said...

Wong, what's this obessession with Ezam by the star to bad mouth Anwar? I'm not saying Ezam is important at all, he is a jobless man looking for a launching pad, but I think you are being very personal here by giving him too much attention to insult people. Is that the maturity and political accountability you were talking about? In all fairness, you can contact PKR Youth to answer him, but you don't do. Aren't you are personal here? Hitting below the belt? If someone raises an issue, there is another side to it and if you have integrity and sense of accountability and fairness, you will seek the input of the "other", but you don't do. It is utterly nefarious and immoral, very disgusting indeed. If you would like him to engage in infantile posturing and give him attention to insult people out of frustartion, anger and hatred, then you need to ask questions people of his age so that they answer him in all fairness. Do you do that? Must everyday the Star ask him a petty, lopsided question to insult the PR leadership without giving a chance to PR Youth to respond to his hysterical diatribe and racist rantings of this unrefined bigot? Sir, charity begins at home and morality and the truth starts with you. I'm not saying you shouldn't give him space, that shouldn't happen, but there are people who are his age that PR has got, ask them to respond to him. Interview them and seek their input and therefore people can make informed choice. Still, whether the Star does that or not doesn't matter bcoz today, there are many other forums, but in order to protect your dignity, sense of justice and responsibility and highest ethics of refined jouranalism, you have got to do that. (Hope so).

Anonymous said...

Yong, be a man. Stick to your stand and stick to your principle. If you reverse and go back to UMNO, you will be remembered forever in malaysian history as the yellow livered chicken. But if you stick to your guns, whether you become minister or not, you will be a hero to the Sabahans. Don't balagostan now.

Anonymous said...

Yong, you got a C4 threat, is it?
If not, then you don't blady gostan. Dare to be the one that started the ball rolling to topple UMNO. Leaders must have principles and stick to their principles. If you gostan balik now, you will get no respect. Sabahans and West Malaysians alike will give you a "satu macham" look when they see you. You will get no baldy respect. Anyway, what the shit can I expect from Sabahan politicians who keep selling out to UMNO?

Kiasi Malaysian said...

We all love "berita terkini', don't we?

There are so many things not clarified and rectified, because more and more HOT news are coming up each day. KLSE is going down, cost of living is going up. And who's fault is it? Well pity us the Malaysians, because none of the political parties seem to be doing anything to help "kiasi" people like me!

sigh.....apa-lah jadi!

Anonymous said...

A party with no substance and principle, you are no blooming use at all!
I think the flip flop flu epidemic has reached the shore of Sabah.

Anonymous said...

Apa ni Yong....cakap takda serupa bikin......Sabah is gone case.....your "window" of opportunity just shut......and they will soon finish you off too....Goodbye...

lanaibeach said...

SAPP got snapped
This is politics
The party is yesterday news
So SAPP takes a bow
A breather for golf challenge
Asking for handicap pending review

The back alley gets the news
Hot and spice hogging on every one lip
About SAPP they forget
This is more interesting to talk about

Now SAPP withdrew
The Bodohians get a reprieve
Holding breath waiting for storm over
Yet the underlying cables will light
The game isn’t over as yet

The strategy of cat and mouse
Hiding in the holes tunneling out patiently
The tunnels will be the entry………
When fireworks display the rats emerge
For the cat so busy meowing in the sparkling sky

When eyes aren’t tune to the back alley
When mind dreaming about the costs high
When money seem to dwindle so fast
When unemployment staring at you
Nobody sees the rats move
Stealing the cheese
And they become the kings

The new troop swarm the roads
Joining the crowd assimilation complete
The new season has begun…………….
Nobody sees it coming

So SAPP got snapped at all?
It is left to be seen
When the final whistle is blown
Into the night sky of many stars

amoker said...

SAPP is smart. You can have your laugh now but they will keep you guessing.Who says Sabahan are stupid?

Leaders in some other parties would just resign and take all the ill gotten gains with them.
PKFZ ? Resign
Spy squat? Resign
Less capable brother? Stay on.

Anonymous said...

Hari ini genap empat bulan selepas tsunami PRU dimana telah menyebabkan Malaysia dalam pelbagai dilemma politik bagikan " DILEMMA PRU "

Saban hari sejak peristiwa tsunami PRU yang lepas negara dikejutkan dengan pelbagai kronologi, andaian, persepsi, kontroversi dan pelbagai macam berita setiap hari sehingga masyarakat Malaysia daripada pelbagai kaum sudah tidak tahan lagi dengan kemelut tersebut.Rakyat mula menyuarakan kebimbangan mereka sekiranya usu - isu yang relevan dilupakan sedangkan isu- isu remeh temeh menjadi pertaruhan politik pemimpin politik untuk kepentingan masing - masing.

Sudah empat bulan berlalu, dua hari lepas Anwar Ibrahim yang boleh dikatakan memainkan watak utama dalam DRAMA POLITIK MALAYSIA sekali lagi menyuarakan sekiranya Pakatan Rakyat berkuasa- hari selepasnya mereka akan turunkan harga minyak.Cukuplah, Jangan memperbodohkan rakyat Malaysia lagi.Kami sudah tidak tahan lagi dengan aksi telanjang anda di siang hari.

Kerajaan Negeri Selangor masih berjuang untuk memberikan air percuma , inikan nak turunkan harga minyak?

Katanya kempen anti kenaikan harga minyak tetapi sampai terlanjur dan telanjang sehingga timbul kekecohan.Dimana justifikasi anda? Jangan asyik ukur badan orang lain.Sudah tiba masanya untuk ukur badan sendiri.Pas juga telah menyuarakan rasa tidak puas hati dengan majlis konsert tersebut dan juga insiden " tunjuk seluar dalam".Inikah dikatakan demo anti seluar dalam?

Menteri Besar Selangor Khalid Ibrahim - meminta maaf tetapi menyalahkan beberapa remaja kerana terlalu terlanjur kerana marah sangat dengan kenaikan harga minyak.Mungkin Khalid Ibrahim juga telah menjadi buta dan terlalu terdesak untuk mempertahankan jawatanya sehingga tidak tahu apa untuk dicakap.Jangan sekali lagi bodohkan masyarakat Malaysia.Sudah 4 bulan berlalu.Bentangkanlah rekod anda! Kami sudah fed up - apa yang berlaku di Selangor.Jangan nak sembunyikan kelemahan diri sendiri dengan memberikan kenyataan - kenyataan yang pedas dan janji - janji manis macam- bubur durian.Tepuk dada tanya selera.

Insiden SAPP pulak bagaikan insiden " Kes Meliwat Anwar Ibrahim " Yang dilaporkan pada pihak polis baru - baru ini.Inilah politik BN.Terlalu ghairah sampai lupa daratan.Keputusan PRU memang banyak hikmanhya kerana kita dapat mempelajari banyak ciri - ciri mengenai seseorang pemimpin dan juga parti politik dengan lebih dekat lagi apabila mereka terdesak sampai menjual diri? Inilah politik selepas PRU.

Dr Tang Weng Heng said...

Will Anwar make it to Putrajaya by Sept 16?

Probably not. Why?

If he has the number, he would have announced it already. There is no reason to wait until Sept 16 with all the uncertainties lingering. The longer he waits, the greater the risks, the dimmer his hope of making it. He quietly understands this himself.
He has not even found his way to the Parliament. With the court upholding the Kuala Kangsar parliamentary seat election result, his hope of contesting a by-election there has vanished. There is no sign of anyone making way for him yet, even though this might not turn out to be his biggest problem.
The momentum has shifted to the incumbent, PM Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi. With the rival pretenders, Anwar and Najib, sluggering out between themselves, it has given the incumbent PM some breathing space to consolidate his position.
The alleged threat from the tiny SAPP to table a no-confidence motion against the PM did not materialise. The much-anticipated June 23 parliamentary seating turned out to be an anti-climax with both its lawmakers staying away from Parliament, claiming threats to their lives. Then yesterday, SAPP announced it is sticking to the Barisan Nasional coalition and freezing its no-faith move against the PM. Another blow to Anwar.
Anwar has shown signs of desperation. While claims that he is a drama king, who has orchestrated the latest sodomy allegation and the following theatrics himself, maybe quite far-fetched, the fact that the self-proclaimed PM-in-waiting, agrees to a debate on fuel price hike with a relatively junior UMNO politician and minister, Datuk Ahmad Shabery Cheek, is a gross political miscalculation. There is no honour in emerging triumphant, but there is everything to lose even if he manages to share the spoils. Realising this, he has in turn thrown the challenge now to the PM and DPM, who need to be even more stupid to accept. Failing to elicit response from the PM and/or DPM on this issue, plenty of excuses can be offered to cancel/postpone the debate. Therefore, I shall be very surprised if the July 15 fuel debate proceeds as planned.