Tuesday, July 29, 2008

New Man in Utusan Malaysia

Datuk Khalid Mohd (left) and Aziz Ishak - Utusan Online pictures

Aziz Ishak has been named the Acting Group Chief Editor of Utusan Malaysia effective today. The 45-year-old newsman replaces Datuk Khalid Mohd, 55, who is now on leave prior to his retirement. Click here for the report in Utusan. Khalid has worked in Utusan for 32 years including 10 years as the chief editor. Aziz, who has served in various editorial positions, is a rank and file journalist. He was also the deputy to Khalid. Well regarded and well-liked, Aziz is a true professional. He is certainly the right man to head the most influential Bahasa Malaysia newspaper. Congrats!


Anonymous said...

couldnt be bothered if theres no fair reporting

Rockybru said...

It's going to be very challenging for Aziz. He comes with the Umno elections just around the corner. The party's branches are wrapping up their meetings and the Divisions will convene soon. The election of the divisional heads will see a lot of intra-Umno politics. It's going to be messy and Aziz, as the top man of Utusan, the most influential Malay-language MSM paper, will have his hands dirtied. I imagine there will be a lot of pressure from outside forces asking Aziz, telling him and even ordering him to do this and that, to support this individual and bring down that individual.

Aziz will need to remain true to the profession. Tell these jokers to go to hell. Tell them why Utusan needs to be objective.

It's a tough thing to do, but we'll know - and those people will know - what Aziz is made of.

Congrats, bro. May the force be with you.

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...

"New broom sweeps clean"
No longer on cobwebs lean
With so much more to glean
Know exactly when to wean

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 290708
Tue. 29th July 2008.

Anonymous said...

Yo Chun Wai

Very true Rocky. That is if we live in an idealistic world. But most of us have kids to feed, parents to support and other life burdens. So idealism comes second. I know Aziz to be a pro, but he can't be running the paper like Malaysia Kini. He has to kowtow somewhat to his political masters. More so, since Utusan is THE UMNO PAPER. To earn the respect of all is enough. Aziz has a tough act to follow in Khalid. Khalid is in a class of his own. Cheers Aziz, you deserve it. As to khalid I won't say happy retirement. He will indeed be rewarded with chairmanship of companies.

Anonymous said...

Kami, ingin mengucapkan syabas dan tahnniah kpd Sdr Aziz Ishak yg telah dilantik sbg Pemangku Ketua Pengarang Utusan Malaysia mulai hari ini. Nama Aziz, memang bukan identiti baru dlm dunia kewartawanan Malaysia, khususnya akhbar bahasa Malaysia. Aziz merupakan seorang yg humble, penyabar malah seorang wartawan yg cukup berkebolehan. Pernah berkhidmat di bawah Hamzah Sidek, Dato Sirajudin Rafia , Dato Khalid dan beberapa org wartawan yg ternama dan - perlantikan Aziz di lihat akan membuka satu lembaran baru kpd Akhbar Utusan Malaysia sepertimana namanya. Sepertiman yg diketahui umum, mungkin Aziz terpaksa melalui liku2 dan rintangan yg cukup getir selepas ini khususnya dlm keadaan politik sekarang serta menjelang pemilihan UMNO. Tetapi, berdasarkan rekod cemerlang Aziaz yg telah mendapat didikan Dato Khalid, kita semua yakin dgn kebolehan Aziz. Sesiapa yg mengenali Aziz dari dekat akan tahu mengenai kebolehanya dan juga perwatakanya yg cukup holistik. Tahnniah Bro. Teruskan Perjuangan !

Anonymous said...

Well done bro. Kita memang yakin dgn kebolehan sdr kerana kita semua tahu dgn kehebatan sdr dlm bidang kewartawanan selama ini. Walaupun sdr di lihat sbh ' low profile' tetapi kita tahu dgn keberkesanan sdr dlm pengurusan kewartawanan yg begitu jitu!

Anonymous said...

Hi Aziz,

I have known you to be an honest journalist and a man of few words. Many great journalists had lost their respect after becoming the numero uno in their respective papers.

I pray you will buck the trend and MOST IMPORTANTLY, please stop Utusan Malaysia from becoming Utusan MELAYU. Help stem the racist tide in your paper.

Selamat Maju Jaya, my friend and May God Bless you.

Former editor

Anonymous said...

Well, congrats to Aziz Ishak and I hope that Utusan will be more balance and fair in it's reporting. It has not been fair in it's reporting and have been provoking racial sentiments. In allowing certain ultra racist letters and SMS in their forum too is not good for our nation. It will fire up the emotion of 1 race and anger the others too. No one will benefit at the end.Be fair to all races!

Anonymous said...

Well done to Aziz.Keep it up the good work.


Tahnniah kepada Sdr Aziz kerana telah dilantik sbg Timbalan Ketua Pengarang Kumpulan- satu jawatan yang paling berprestij dalam dunia kewartawanan akhbar melayu tempatan.Ini merupakan satu bentuk penghargaan yang cukup bermakna kepada Sdr Aziz yang telah menunjukkan prestasi yang cukup matang sejak menceburi dunia kewartawanan.Aziz memang dilihat sebagai seorang calon yang berkebolehan, bertanggungjawab malah seorang yang berkaliber dan serba boleh.Inilah singakatan yang dapat diterjemahkan kepada Sdr Aziz.
Ini merupakan tanggungjawab yang cukup berat kepada Aziz.Mungkin ianya dukatakan berat kerana suasana politik negara sekarang dan juga fenomena pemilihan UMNO yang kian rancak sekarang.Apapun, wartawan yang cukup berpegalamam seperti Aziz untuk menanganinya dengan pendekatan yang terbaik.Liku - liku perjuangan di Utusan Malaysia sebelum ini boleh dijadikan panduan dan juga pengajaran yang penting.
Memang tidak dinafikan, wartawan seperti Aziz bakal mencorakkan satu bentuk kempimpinan cemerlang , gemilang dan terbilang berkat didik Datuk Khalid sebelum ini.Syabas juga kepada Datuk Khalid yang telah berjaya mencorakkan satu daya kepimpinan yang terbaik di Utusan selama 10 thn dengan melahirkan ramai wartawan pelapis yang terbaik !
Maju Jaya !

amoker said...

Ohh ... i menggigil everytime i read the Utusan. It is almost similar like reading NST. Is NST also facing some incoming changes? Both are soooooooo - pro government that they span many more blogs.

Anonymous said...

When i was in primary school, my command of bahasa Melayu (or is it bahasa Malaysia?) was so bad that my parents insisted that i read Utusan from Monday to Friday as part of my homework for 5 years. SPM finally came and i got an A2 for it. Proud of myself :) But little did i know at that time that Utusan was UMNO's propoganda tool. My perception of Utusan has changed ever since then. Do the opposite of Khalid and you'll have more non-Malay readers buying your papers.

Aziz, in the years to come, when you are being so-called 'honored' with a 'datukship', what's gonna happen then la?