Sunday, July 20, 2008

Highest-level Umno-PAS talks

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Finally it's confirmed. Both Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and Abdul Hadi Awang have revealed that the two parties are talking. Today, the Umno president said he has met PAS at the "highest level" three times with the issues centred on Islam, Muslim unity and other issues.
The PAS president himself had admitted in an interview with Harakah recently that he was talking to Umno leaders. In the case of Hadi, he was more specific, Hadi said he was not comfortable with the increased number of non-Muslim lawmakers. He questioned why should there be more parliamentary seats in Sabah and Sarawak, at the expense of Muslim representatives, and why shouldn't there be more seats in Kelantan and Terengganu.
The two parties were said to have started talking after the March 8 elections where the political landscape has altered dramatically. So far, Nik Aziz has stayed away from these talks, as Pak Lah revealed, with reports that he was not in favour of such efforts.While no political alliance is expected immediately from these talks, certainly it would have an impact on DAP and PKR.


Anonymous said...

Drop charges against Anwar, and then we can start the talks. Is that clear?

Anonymous said...

yeah, and it would certainly have an impact on you too!
but why would you care rite?, you're an ignorant coward who happens to be abdullah very own big supporter and UMNO mouthpiece...

you're just like the others... disgraced, used, and abused
i felt sorry for you

Anonymous said...

This UMNO-Hadi talks is only another of UMNO attempts to disrupt PR. But while there may be some ups and downs, the momentum for the downfall of UMNO/BN is very clear. The Rakyat is simply too fedup with a corrupt government. While the leader of BN's component parties hang on to BN, there will be defections of members who are getting sick of UMNO, and we will see a swing to PKR. The few recent moves by some Gerakan and MCA senior members are just starters. As for UMNO, while their members may hang around UMNO for a little gravy to drop off from the gravy train, there is a ground swell of Malays who are unhappy with UMNO. Just talk to the taxi drivers, hawkers, office workers, and you will get an overall sense of the growing momentum against UMNO. No amount of sodomy charges against PKR leaders will stop the swing against UMNO. In fact it will speed up UMNO's destruction as the rakyat witness the abuse of power by the umno government.

Anonymous said...

There is no doubt that we have not seen the end of political realignment in Malaysia. OK, so what if Hadi and a few of his people talk to UMNO people. There are just as many or more UMNO leaders and members who are talking to PKR about defecting from UMNO. Also the migration of members from Gerakan, MIC, and MCA to PKR has started. The initial trickle will grow into a river as these pioneers give courage to the fence sitters in these parties. For sure UMNO will not die, given the large member count and their massive financial clout. But they will suffer a beating, and they have to do a soul searching before they can reform.

Anonymous said...

as usual, its either u choose to ignore fact or just plain .......

u choose to highlights
" In the case of Hadi, he was more specific, Hadi said he was not comfortable with the increased number of non-Muslim lawmakers."

but u choose to ignore the facts, it is umno who wants to have the discussion. have u ever heard umno wants to talk to pas, when the have a big majority in parliament. have u?

but when they have a slight majority, then all the sudden, "we malay mp must sit down and talk" n then all this talk abt "ketuanan melayu " is being propagate in the malay dailies,

and u dont think its umno also concern abt "....increased number of non-Muslim lawmakers." or should say i, more concern.

but unfortunately u only choose to highlight it as pas concern.

hoping to "warn" ur reader that pas is very ultra malay.

the star with mca, had fought so many battles with umno, but do u really think umno consider u guys as an equal partners. or a senior one.

u wish to stick to the beliave "better to work with the devils that u know rather than the one that u dont"

but latuk, isnt there a possibility that maybe just maybe, with pas, (as thousands of chinese in kelantan now aware) that, things might be better for u.

u choose to highlight all this nonsense, abt how bad things are in kelantan, how bad thing would be if pas were to rule, propagate by umno then now u start to believe u own little white lie.

abt pas, u only think what might happen, u dont know for sure. "for all u know its an angel rather than the devil"

can we at least agree on these, all religions promote racial harmony.

pas promote islam as being preach in the quran, but as for umno, if one could not even be truthful to their own god, u think they would be honest with u guys?

fr ur profile that ive read, it shows that u highly intelligent person.

just use the brain that god gives u to think. as majority of malaysian, even chinese malaysian, now have.

thank u latuk.

ex tv3, but still ur fren


Unknown said...

U and MCA always like to condemn PAS!
Then why MCA never protest about this UMNO-PAS talks?
Once again it show MCA only the politic beggar party inside BN!

Ronald K. Pillai said...

There you go again , race and religion issue, again and again!We are going backwards always not forwards....why?

Are there no intelligent guys in Malaysia to handle these issues intelligently once and for all!

Take a good look at other countries and learn from it.
Our neighbour countries know we are going backwards always.

The wish of the rakyat is no racial and religious sentiments be stirred.We must live peacefully with each other.Thats what we want!


I will stand by TG Nik A.Aziz.
Never get-bitten twice from the same hole.
How come PAS willing to negociate when there were bluffs all over in UMNO and BN.

Don't be stupid PAS.
The rakyat gave you the mandate and don't make fool of yourself.

Anonymous said...

Get down to work, you're wasting taxpayers money. It's the economy, stupid!.

If you don't act now, we'll be wipe away by the global economic tsunami.

In US Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac are melting down ie USD5trillion. And our gomen is pussyfooting. Gosh!

Ah Chin said...

As usual, WCW, you play up another issue just to please your master. The two Malay-based parties are talking and soon the Malays are getting more united than ever. So what is the big deal? Do you expect the non-Malays to shiver with fear and throw their support back to BN-Umno like they did before GE308? Get real and don't take the non-Malays for suckers. They have had enough of shit from BN and it is just whimsical for BN to hope for a repeat of GE2004. The attempt of your master to instil disquiet into the non-Malys with this 'highest level' talks will not work. As usual, your paper and the other MSMs have given more coverage to this ' highest-level talks' than it deserves, with a lot of spin of course. If you have any honour and moral fibre at all, you should give some credit and spaces to what Lim Guan Eng is doing in Penang, and not showing your arse-licking antic to the Malaysian public.

Anonymous said...

Dear Datuk,

Well, that's the way BN works?

When rakyat irrespective of race unite under on roof ie Pakatan Rakyat, BN will instill and stir racial sentiment to break us apart, thereafter blaming PR. Then come Biro Tata Negara pretend telling all races we shouldn't fight each other like PR then start brainwashing so that people will vote back BN.

Just typical BN tricks. Certainly there are many under sleeve. We have seen enough and bored of it.

Have you?! Or pretending not?!

Bobby Chin

Anonymous said...

dunia ini bulat.

pas+umno+PKR=Malay=New UMNO
MCA+DAP+Gerakan+PKR=Chinese=New MCA
MIC+PPP+PKR+DAP+Nalaparti+panditan= new MIC.

new restructuring; new demand

Anonymous said...

OK lots of talks between PAS and UMNO but so far PAS did not bite the poisonous worm from UMNO. But hey there's a lot of talk between PKR with MCA&GERAKAN, and they have already started migrating to PKR! We are now waiting for some UMNO people to make the move also!

Sarjan low said...

The move is a desperate attempt...

1st it deny Anwar to become PM
2nd it Break apart Pakatan Rakyat
3rd It create a breath for PM
4th It a warning the non-malay
5th It a fight fire with fire way

The question is

Will Pak Lah become the first leader to unity all Malaysia Malay?


Will Pak Lah become the first leader to "sell" UMNO?

Anonymous said...

I think you guys have got many things wrong. The number of Malay MPs is higher than the last parliament.

As for Muslim MPs, it is nearly the same number. Unless you take assemblymen into account, the number of non-Muslims has increased. But it merely reflects the population to an extent.

If this is waht they say, no Chinese or Indians would ever go near PAS or Umno in the next elections. Watch it, Hadi...we will use people power..

Makkal Sakthi

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Ok PAS, you better admit you had been manipulated by UMNO again into these silly talks, and now UMNO is making use of that to try to crack Pakatan Rakyat for UMNO's own ends. I hope Hadi and gang learn a lesson from this, that nothing good comes from the UMNO snakes. Like the PAS boss said, you don't want to be bitten twice by the same snake in the same hole. What an appropriate and accurate saying! Don't mix with these UMNO snakes. They will bite you.

Anonymous said...

Ha Ha PKR & DAP are talking to Gerakan and MCA too....about Gerakan and MCA members jumping ship to join DAP & PKR. So, PAS is you are smart, when you meet these UMNO, you can get the good people (if there is any) to join PAS, but please leave the bad UMNO snakes behind. We don't want them to corrupt PAS and PR.

Anonymous said...

Badawi has run out of supporters in UMNO? They are after his blood? So now Badawi tries to get some support from PAS in a desperate move to stay alive in UMNO? PAS, don't get suckered by UMNO, AGAIN. Bitten twice by the same snake in the same hole!

Anonymous said...

Number of Muslim/Bumi MPs have actually increased, as shown by Raja Petra in his blog.

That anyone should feel that the number of non-Muslim reps have increased is because previously, one can ignore ALL BN non-muslim/Bumi MPs as mere seat warmers.

Under pakatan rakyat, they are now a voice to be reckon.


Anonymous said...

This is a comment from my blog.

One wants to build a highway to heaven and the other wants to build more highways with tolls.

I am sure they can discuss till the cows come home but even if they come to a marriage of convinence, its only a marriage of convinence, the outcome will be disasterous for PAS.

The UMNO culture will infilterate into the PAS OS (operating system). Its like the girlfriend expecting to change the bad habits of the boyfriend. Eventually PAS will "acquire" the OS of UMNO and the few will benefit at the expense of PAS. It will mean the end of PAS as we know. Grassroot support will be destroyed and it will take ages to rebuild the party.

While UMNO can afford the spare change to dish out. The beneficiaries will destroy the PAS party forever and UMNO slogan will prevail........... UMNO selamanya (UMNO forever).

We are destined to meet our maker and are accountable for our actions. So be warned, there is no running from it.

"To everyone is a term appointed: when the term is reached, not any hour can they cause delay, nor can they advance (it in anticipation)" Surah 7:34

Anonymous said...

Excellent should have no 'problem' from UMNO or others if say.....MCA and DAP also hold talks on New Malaysia issues....MIC with Keadilian....etc.

jojo51 said...

We can either look at PAS-UMNO dialogues/meetings positively or negatively.

Between fighting and talking, I will opt for talking. At least there is a possibiltiy of win-win outcome. Whereas in fighting there is either one winner or 2 losers.

HeadLiner said...

Whats the problem Hadi has of Sarwak and Sabah having more parliamentary seats ?
Even with that the number is still small...

Anonymous said...

Chun Wai

It is very very easy to become rich and famous in capitalism democracy government system such as in Malaysia.

Just remember this, Bankers-businessmen and property developers are at the top of human food chain in this system.

As long as you pump in billions into infrastructure construction and property development industry. You will have populace support.

As long as you pump in billions for IT project, you will have more party members to support you, but of course, first you must ensure they all have education background in IT.Cinta IT, Suka IT, Belajar IT.

As long as you spend money in buying Mercedes,BMWs and other luxury cars, you will garner the support of the businessmen’ class since they are doing the job as importers and distributors.

These businessmen then will pay money to promoters to sing praises on you and increase your popularity level so that you can continue to become a politician.

Remember this, the 3 golden rule of democracy:
Majority wins
Majority rules
Majority always right!

So dance!!you writer!Dance you must!

Dance to capitalists' tunes.

Speak against capitalism, you will bundle out of office in a blink of eyes.

Robert Teh said...

Pak Lah is a Prime Minister for All Malaysians - in words only!

As the Prime Minister he should be talking about Malaysian Unity, instead of Malay Unity. He should be concerned about Malaysian Unity and he should be championing Malaysian Unity.

He should brushed off those who plot to continue to rule Malaysia with such racist and discriminatory policies, behind the charade of a multi-racial Malaysia,instead of partaking in such a plot and talk.

All decent and peace loving Malaysians want Malaysian Unity - we are all against any single race unity in this country.

Pak Lah, please heed our calls.

Dr Tang Weng Heng said...

In politics, the saying goes, "There is no permanent friend or foe." And it cannot be more true in the current Malaysian political climate.

The long-standing feud between Dr M and his chosen successor, Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, which has partly contributed to BN's dismal result in March 8 General Election, does not seem going to end anytime soon.

Despite being bitten once in 1999, with the fruits of reward in the form of Selangor and Perak State Governments, DAP braves itself for a second reunion with PAS.

With UMNO-PAS talks proceeding at the highest level behind DAP's back, will the rocket be bitten twice by the same snake, albeit different holes?

Anonymous said...

Why should PAS UMNO talks have impact only on DAP PKR? What about MCA, Gerakan and MIC?

MCA, Gerakan and MIC should get out of BN because PAS' objective is Islamic state and hudud law.

Their big brother is now changing stripes.