Thursday, July 31, 2008

Double blows to BN

More political dramas in the city. PKR president Wan Azizah Wan Ismail has quit as Permatang Pauh MP to make way for her husband, Anwar Ibrahim, to contest in a by-election. Wan Azizah, who is remaining as PKR president, handed her resignation letter to the Dewan Rakyat Speaker today. The press conference at the PKR office in PJ is still on-going but in KL, PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang has announced that PAS would not have any form of cooperation with Umno including forming coalition governments at state or federal levels. And this morning, the Prime Minister warned Anwar not to bribe MPs in his attempt to topple the government. Anwar has up the ante now but with talk of an imminent arrest for sodomy charges, it will be interesting how his plans to contest in a by-election would be affected. He is practically a shoo-in at Permatang Pauh if there is a by-election. If a by-election has to take place, the campaign may just take place during the fasting period! It would be interesting how the BN intends to handle Anwar's political move, and attempt to get into Parliament. If he gets himself elected, which is almost certain if the by-election takes place, the political scenario would be altered in many ways. He has insisted that his Sept 16 plan to topple the government is on track. But the BN won't be sitting down and doing nothing, that's certain. Let's see how the BN would hit back.



Seorang isteri yang cukup setia.Perubahan politik cukup dinanti2 oleh masyarakat Malaysia.Anwar cukup cergas dan paklah masih dalam lena.

Anonymous said...


pua kang kang said...

Aiya..brader..essy for BN to hit back maa. Just tangkap the fella laaah n sumbat dalam penjara.. and tell the world that justice had been done. Habis cerita..and we Malaysians will forget about everything and go back to our happy (???) life. Remember the punch dialogue in Magnum Force (or is it Enforcer) utterred by Dirty Harry ( Clint Eastwood):" A Man must know his limitation" well pak lah thats for you..

Anonymous said...

Happy news to all Rakyat! Woohoo! About time and we rakyat will support DSAI all the way even if he is in jail!

mCrossings said...

Now, let's see if Ezam is challenging Anwar. Does he have boxes this time

BlueMoon said...

Millions if not billions of public fund and tax payer money will be drained from this by-election. It doesn't matter who wins or losses bacause the real fatality is the rakyat.

alvin lee said...

it is my sincere hope that the police and AG will be fair, impartial and professional in evaluating the completed IP. I hope that they use their brain instead of their heart to do their final analysis.

they must realize that they are now being watched not only by the rakyat but by the whole world.

I appeal to them that if they find that the evidence available is not strong enough, please do not proceed to charge him. Make very sure that if you charge, the evidence must be solid and fool-proof.

the police and AG must realize that the stakes are high in this case. Please don't play play.

Anonymous said...

UMNO is a bankrupted party and learn nothing from the election.

The final blow will come when I give Anwar this ticket to the parliament.

Even he is a gay! period.

Anonymous said...

BN, what's left of it?
Erm, it seems to be falling apart...
Ppl have hopped over to Pakatan at the branch level, and soon the leaders seeing that they have no more supporters and can't meet quorum for their branch meetings, then they too have to jump. But MCA seems to be holding up.
The BN now has an international public relations disaster waiting to explode in its face if Anwar is arrested.
Just accept that Pakatan has bulldozed Barisan.

Anonymous said...

Ezam run against Anwar? Pleeeaaassse do not insult Anwar lah. Ezam is not even fit to carry the soil buckets of Permatang Pauh, let alone run for election there. Even the snakes in UMNO don't trust him. He has sold himself to be the jester in UMNO's court.

Anonymous said...

Hi again Chun Wai

Not shocked. Typical Anwar hubris. Always one step ahead. Get going while it's hot - the immininet arrest- for the foreign press fodder. See they nab me when i just announced my candidacy. Then if he wins, the brinkmanship of victory without campaigning since he is remanded. Can show off to the world that Permatang Pauh is behind him in the soodomy charge.
That's why he chose the safest seat. Cheras and Kulim Bandar Baru are not a sure thing. Am sure Permatang Pauh not too blind to see they are infact voting Azizah again. If Anwar goes to jail, she will be doing his job. Same difference. Pity the sacrificial lady.

lanaibeach said...

It is back on his home ground
Where the drum will beat louder in the end
The good son has finally returned
To claim his throne once he lost it

UMNO/BN leaders will pray
When the time comes they don’t get jail
The pile of reports in the police archives
It will come handy when new government arrives

The corrupted leaders in government
The goons and lap dogs will quickly hide
The scenes seem to be unfolded in our eyes
MSM papers can print otherwise……..

The truth will arrive
The Rakyat will be there
No more false charges or pretences
It is the final nail into the ground
For the new vision must light our lives

The country economy is so silent
The sleeping beauty doesn’t speak much at all
Is he knowing his job or forgetting his lines?
Maybe the fear motion has finally crept at the backdoors
In the dark of night………….

But the drum beats in Permatang Pauh
It has grown louder for the people there
The good son has finally returned
And the plotters can’t get the target right

dragonfly said...

And this morning, the Prime Minister warned Anwar not to bribe MPs in his attempt to topple the government.

PM said it correctly. Anwar will not bribe MPs because bribing is the absolute right of BN-Umno.

Anonymous said...

Permatang Pauh resident are lucky cause a by-elections will mean millions of $$$ spend on them. They have to thanks PKR and Anwar family for given the oppotunity for BN to spend the millions.

Anonymous said...

Hello you PKR supporters. You must be dreaming to think that DSAI will be allowed to stand for election at Permatang Pauh. If you believe that will happen, you must be born only yesterday. The UMNO fellas are gonna lock DSAI up, for something, whether sodomy, sotong mee, ISA, or whatever they cook up. Does not matter if they got no proof. They don't need proof. They are the masters of the judges and the police. And all because the large bunch of Malays keep getting hoodwinked by UMNO to believe that they are championing for the Malays, when in actual fact UMNO is championng for their personal pockets. Have you seen any UMNOputras and their cronies donating half their assets to the poor Malays in the kampungs or the orphanages? Hundreds of billions of our national assets were raped by individuals in the nale of NEP! of course these individuals will want to keep their power at all cost.

zackdanial said...

I took a bet that Pas is pulling a fast on Umno . I won . The saddest person will be ex-perak MB , Tajol and Ex Selangor MB toyo . Both wanted to be a deputy MB but PAS say's no Thanks .

Umno no Face already .

DSAI already "won" permatang pauh .

Sept will be an intresting month .

Anonymous said...

Hehehe...BN is a goner!

How will BN hit back?? Like always la.. do the stupidest things to corrode everybody's faith, trust and believe in them la.. How else do you think these buggers in BN will counter Anwar's move? You gotta understand these buggers in BN are not very clever.

For goodness sake la...we have all seen the numerous stunts and tricks these BN people have been engineering for the last few years and I must say, none is anything near passing the mark, what more impressive. This! I must say, nobody can do it better than TUN. For that, Tun will always have my respect..Smart enough and have the balls to play games! unlike that dumpling now. Sigh.. waste time!Dumb people don't deserve my time.

Anyway, BN losing power is imminent. Either now or the next election. Nothing can change it now after all the failed stunts and tricks.

amoker said...

Sure, and suddently BN has found a way to lower petrol prices even though it is the same USD/ barrel when they raised the price by 41%. I think Anwar has potentially managed to lower down the petrol price by even instigating an election. Who says election is bad?