Sunday, July 6, 2008


Malaysians have said it. We have had enough. We are sinply fed up. For the next 24 hours, bloggers are still on strike. There will be no sodomy, no anal sex, no power grab, no clinging on to power, no lies, no statutory declaration, no P. Balasubramaniam, no Anwar Ibrahim, no Najib Tun Razak, no Saiful and nothing to do so with the issue. Let's do something useful with our family and loved ones. At least, for another 24 hours, let's get away from this madness of Malaysian politics.


Anonymous said...

Ha,that is exactly what umno wants. Get everybody to forget everything, and let umno continue raping the country uncontested, unreported, uninvestigated. How convenient.

Anonymous said...

Hokay, it's joint forty-winks ..


Anonymous said...

those who go on strike are friend to injustice and madness.

please blame the current situation to the person and authority who play law in their hand and kill peoples.

Anonymous said...

a better tomorrow comes after revolution.

jojo51 said...

How I wish the the press did not sensationalise the news in the first place. But because its news, all the mainstream medias gave unlimited coverage for the last one week or so. Hopefully, all news about sodomy, SD and conspiracy theories will be placed together with the ads column.

Ignore the press conferences and soon the main actors will stop making press statements, wild allegations and counter statements. Lets see if the mainstream medias take the first lead. If not its like cakap tak serupa bikin.

Anonymous said...

Mr Wong,
Remember you are a Christian. You owe it to your Lord to speak the truth and justice. You have the power as the editor of the Star to decide how to report news and Sunday Star's headline wasn't what Jesus would have likes you to do.

What A Lulu said...

"For the next 24 hour, bloggers are still on strike"
isn't that statement a bit too much of a generalisation?
Only Marina and Rocky [and maybe a handful of others] have said that they are going on strike.

sinnersaint:saintsinner said...

I"m Not a Jurno, Editor, Former PM son or daughter, nor their friend nor foe.

I dont feel just because a few of those closely link individuals called for a 24 hrs boycott, everyone is should jump too it....

Now, how bout raising funds for the guy who wants to sell his kidney to feed his family.... wouldnt that be a start - helping people... bloggers could start a New Chapter

Come On, Mr Chun wai, lets do some good for a change, imagine 5 million ppl contributing a dollar or 2, huh, ini baru shiok buat

I'm sure we can raise millions and fend for our unfortunate one, get rocky and rest of the gang, apa macam..... Mr Chun Wai, kita buat Miracle

Anonymous said...

why must the bloggers on strike? Are you all scared dy? I condemm all the bloggers that was on strike.......

Anonymous said...

Yes...all fed up...but still very much Malaysia is our homeland....see some hope as have a wonderful PM candidate in....Wan Azizah...yes..the wife of DSAI...she has been tested as a Wife..Mother ... MP and Opposition Leader and passed with flying colours.Yes fed up but cannot Give Up.vrbsalvk

Anonymous said...

Lol, it's Sunday anyway, so it's a rest day for everybody. But come next Monday-Friday I expect to see a lot of actions le. Another SD, another police report, another police siasat, another person absconding, maybe another sodomy again (sodomy must now be the nation's favourite pastime), another dollar or two per barrel of oil, maybe even exceed uSD 150 per barrel.
Then come August, sales of motorcars and property will drop to a new low.
Then come September, some construction projects will get abandoned, and may people will cry in pain. And the banks will start recalling loans, especially from tose who are already broke.
Many businesses will start failing.
Lol, it's going to be a bloody quarter as we reach year end.
And if the USA attacks Iran, maybe we will see oil at USD 200 per barrel by year end. Mmm what is the PM going to do? If I were him, I will get ready now to scoot to Australia...may be not, the customs there are a bit sticky, may be better to go to Switzerland as they don't ask so many questions there. Also they can give the old man a few jabs of anti aging stuff to rejuvenate him. Pak Lah should consult the old doctor.

Anonymous said...

You are right! As a lay citizen, I'm sick, fed up, disgusted with the newspaper nowadays concentrating on SD (sodomy) and ALTTY (altantuya). Even our non-voted ruling government self appointed ministers also comments on these two issues only instead of looking at the dwindling economy situation in Malaysia, find ways to help the poor and revive the economies, reduced the fuel price hike as it was already revealed by the Saudi Oil Minister that price hike of fuel was not affected by demand. the racism gap is getting wider impossible to go unnoticed by our Govt unless they don't care and only get SS (syok sendiri) with these SD and ALTTY issues. They enjoyed it so that the citizens focus are diverted no longer on the non-voted ruling Govt which is worse than Zimbabwe. How can our PM let these issues clouded Malaysia air and economy every morning 24 hours a day. They think we citizens are stupido to read and believe in whatw as reported in the media nowadays. They have forgotten that we are younger generation who thinks more radical than them. Also, as a lay person, I'm curious that it is so easy for a man being sodomised make appoinment to see DPM rather than we in Malaysia who have never ever seen him face to face throughout his tenure as Minister. And, if I'm Bala, I surely would not want to step on his tail, not only C4 get on your head, die also no one know. A DPM who only interested in solving sodomy cases already proven that he is not an eligible Prime Minister of Malaysia otherwise he will be too engrossed solving sexual, sodomy problems.

Anonymous said...

Your title is misleading. Only 3-4 of you are on strike. Most of us are not. We dont go on strike when the going gets tough.

And the few of you including Rocky and Marina do not speak for the whole blogging community. Please speak for yourselves only.


Why strike ? We are not paid , we live in a democratic country . We have our say. Tak kan nak tengok gitu saja segala yang memundaratkan negara,tanpa satu2 tindakan diambil . Kita tak berkuasa , suara kita tak didengari. So what else ? Let us write for our people . Let people know the truth . Because too many lies ,lies lies .

Anonymous said...


condemn BN as much as you will, aren't your leader come form the same boat?

Anonymous said...

Just read a new posting on JMD

I think "some" of us can really get on with our life...


Anonymous said...

The writing is already on the wall, but people refuse to see.

Oil price will hurtle pst USD 150 this July, maybe even touch a crazy USD 200 per barrel by year end as winter approaches in major consuming countries.

Prices of car fuel, gas, food, metal, cememt, etc will skyrocket. Many factories will be closing, putting many people out of jobs. Many housing construction projects will be abandoned, hurting many house buyers. Developers and consumers will default on loans, causing banks to take losses too.
Car sales will nose dive. Credit card payment default will shoot skyhigh.
All this will likely start hitting in Q3, becoming worse in Q4, and willbe really really bad by Q1 2009.
There will be riots as desperate people take to the street, or even take to crime to survive. Our politicians, as usual, will come up with some stupid projects which is aimed at enriching the cronies rather than helping the economy or helping the rakyat. Corrupt politicians will make a quick last minute grab before the walls crumble.
By 2009, the government will crumble.
What if a new goverbment takes over.
Well, the prices will still increase. The economy will still crumble. The difference is the corrupt crooks who had been stealing rakyat money will be flushed out and sent to prison.

This is a scary scenario, but it is coming, and Malaysia is too small to stop it. We are "globalized".

Anonymous said...

All of you getting very touchy!

If only you know the real corruption that has seeped to the roots of the current system, I wonder what you all will do!

Maybe put a blanket over your heads and pretend it's not there?

Sorry, guys and girls. The system is rotten to the core. We have to face the stench.

No point in "boycotting" and all that.

That is simply being cowardly.

Sorry Mr. Wong Chun Wai, I don't subscribe to your "sick, tired, and fed up" approach.

We are going to go on with guns blazing -- the rest of us brave, courageous folks who have the country's and rakyat's interest at heart.

We are not some rich middle class who are "sick and tired" and want to enjoy the disco and Starbucks Coffee again.

The rest of us are not spoilt like that. We know there is a major crisis. And the systemic rot must be cut out.

This is only the tip of the iceberg.

Dr. KC Leong said...

Just what is exactly our petrol cost? We have heard so much about government's heavy subsidy to keep our pump price low. Is what we pay higher than the refinery cost?

What a common citizen knows is that we are paying prices of vegetables many time higher than the price the farmers are exactly getting. When we are buying kangkong at RM3/kg, our farmers get only 30 sen/kg. By doing away the middlemen, the consumers will save tremendously!

I used to buy rice at RM28.50/10 kg. It is being sold now at RM49.50. Our PM has allocated hundreds of million to "subsidise" import of rice. We do NOT get the effect of this subsidy at all. Why? Is the government lying?

Prices of everything has since taken a hike. Cost of living is easily 30-40% higher. What has the PM done to curb the rise after claiming to have thrown in so much subsidies? Without checking, thousands of businessmen are laughing their way to the bank!

Anonymous said...

I think the politicians are capitalised on Bloggers for publicity. I fully supporting the strike for 24 hours!

Anonymous said...

What would people like Marina know about the those on the ground?
Or are they feeling the heat?
Be realistic for once.

lanaibeach said...

How many times tears need to fall?
How many rallies before you wake up?
How many fixed up charges to bring leaders down?
Malaysia, my friends, interesting country to sit and watch
By the road side sipping teh tarik eyes to the sky

The entertainment of many people
Colorful tee shirts messages of protests
Mingling peacefully with families and friends
Unfamiliar faces all come for the same event
How many stomping on the ground before changes done?

The days of protests will come
The scenes of Malaysia life will arrive
On weekends so as not to disturb the working people
The rallies will unleash the pent up frustrations
Of the people knowing costs of goods have gone high

How many lip services will the Bodohians say?
How many statements will flip flop again?
Malaysia, my friends, has lost her way……….
Africans aggressively wooing her all day long
‘They are gentlemen, kind and attentive’ one Malay woman says
But in one posh area Africans are nuisance chasing after married women

Malaysia, my friends, attracting the wrong kind
Sip your drinks watch the scenes unfold every time
The pulsating political intrigues……………….
It makes the country hot and spicy with dashes of black pepper
It spices the lives of the nation

Cheers Malaysia!
You never make a dull living here
This is why I never leave
For greener pasture elsewhere
You are my home

RedChinaMan said...

Malaysians have said it? Who are these Malaysians? Who said it?

It never fails to amuse and piss me in equal measures with people like you who work in the media like yours who think you can speak on behalf of all Malaysians.

Worse still people like you still think the general public are as naive and stupid as the few you interviewed whose shallow and unthinking stock responses reflect the majority.

Strike? Tired and fed-up? A quick search in the online news portals and blogsphere will tell you otherwise.

In fact I dare say that people are more tired and fed-up with the biased, shallow, unquestioned reporting in newspapers like yours.

Those few bloggers you quoted who go on strike are just like you who do not have the stomach to dig for the truths, if there are lies, as true journalists do, if as you said "There is only so much lies one can take."

Have you ever heard of journalists in CNN, BBC, New York Times, Newsweek, Time, Sun or whatever who said they are sick and tired of political intrigues or scandals?

No journalist worth his/her salt would ever said that they are sick and tired of seeking for newsworthy and reporting public-interest truths.

You should strive harder to uncover the lies.

But then again to expect people like you who work in newspapers like yours to do so would be akin to expecting the the ISA to be abolished and the juriciary is reformed by this year; the police are truly fair and ACA really acts without fear and favour.

Anonymous said...

Dear Bro Wong...the only reason why i still buy the STAR newspapers every Sunday is because of your column...other than that its almost like a trade journal (please forgive me for being so frank ). But as Christian we really expect you to stand up for the Truth without fear...Most of Malaysia knows about the cover-ups involving Ministers (commission kickbacks, corruption and God-forbid even ruthless murders)and wanton abuses of power in institutions like the police,judiciary etc) please bro dont close a blind eye...please help the widowed (ISA victims) and the multitude of oppressed souls in this country..We are no worse than the old iron-curtain nations..if we continue to relent to this oppression we could degenerate into another Bosnia..already now even in our own country many of us feel like those poor Christians centuries ago thrown into the lion's den much to the pleasure of the Romans...PLEASE CONTINUE TO SPEAK UP LOUDER...God has not placed you at such a high position without any plan or purpose...less you end up being another PONTIOUS PILATE.

Anonymous said...

What I wanted to reply to you, Datuk WCW is said on my blog post, URL given in my signature. One word - Don't use one bamboo to swipe all bloggers. Hokkien said :Chi ki tek ko, sau kah liao. The Malaysia blogosphere is not made up of so-po bloggers but regular folks like me too.

Anonymous said...

Way to GO Susan Loone!Keep up the tempo

Anonymous said...

I think your headlines are a bit misleading. Only the Mahathir lackeys in the blogosphere are going on strike.

Must be cannot tahan the heat their master has been facing recently.



Malaysia will has no future until the political clown really step aside and work out the real strategy that will benefit people.

Staginflation is horryfying rakyat now and cetainly KLSE will hit 980 soon.....

Is there a light at the end of Malaysia tunnel? Sad to say ...........NO