Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Balasubramaniam - alive and kicking

The Star has an exclusive story today. Flip flop private investigator P. Balasubramaniam is alive and kicking. It did not take too much detective work to find out where he has been holed up, presumably with his family. A simple check with the immigration was enough to locate him, with a little help from the Interpol. We can guess which Asean country he is in. Surely not tiny Brunei or Singapore. Contrary to all the rumours of his life being in danger, imaginary or cooked up for political reasons, the former Special Branch officer is reportedly in good health. He certainly has plenty to explain. The two Commissioners of Oath who put their signatures on the statutory declaration would probably have to be hauled up - was he under duress? Surely, Bala has to appear before them or are they saying they simply signed the SD without his presence? What happened before and after his famous curry fish head meal at Brickfields? We can't wait for him to come back to tell us his story. That is - if we still want to believe him or he won't be so fickle minded or we still want to have more of this crap. Most of us are just disgusted by the excessive politicking.


alvin lee said...

even if he does come back and issue a statement, can we still believe him? Why waste our time on him when we have more important issues to hand, like our economy.

Anonymous said...

Can we still trust him after the fiasco? Can we trust anyone today? Even you, chun wai? Everyone has his/her own hidden agenda and if nothing is being done for this country in terms of building an environment of trust, Malaysia is doomed! I rather trust God than man!

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...

Now is not the time to play hide and seek
When justice is much needed to take a peek
No time now to take any rest by the creek
Or to learn to speak instantly double Greek

(C)Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 050708 & 090708
Wed. 9th July 2008.

Anonymous said...

" Balasubramaniam --alive and kicking " appears to me to be a cloak-and-dagger spy thriller; and of course, several questions are hanging in the air. What are they ?

Q1. Which Statutory Declaration is true ?

Q2. Was he under duress when he wrote the 1st SD or the 2nd SD ?

Q3. Do the two contrasting pictures--- one after the 1st SD and another after the 2nd SD--- reveal any story ?

Q4. Why did he not see the first lawyer to revise the 2nd SD ?

Q5. Who employed the 2nd lawyer , if not he himself ?

Q6. Was he coached to delete any reference to the DPM?

Q7. Was it strange that the 1st SD was done over several hours and spread over1 1/2-2 months as mentioned by his lawyer while the 2nd took hardly a day?

Q8. When did he and his family disappear ?

Q9. Did any one assist in his sudden departure ?

Q10. Why did he say to his nephew on Monday that he could not talk " freely" ?

Q11. Was some one "protecting " him so that he could not talk
" freely" ?

Q12. Where is he now ?

Question mark.

Anonymous said...

you know wcw, someday you will have to answer how can you be a good christian and still do this job of yours. is your mortgage payment really that high that you are compelled to continue this facade?

Anonymous said...

The Mind boggles when I reflect on how we can conscionably persecute someone based on one mans SDs. A man who proved not to have backbone enough to stand by either one whichever may be the truth on the people involved would know. But instead we have persecuted and prosecuted everyone involved and give such amount of air space to the nephew who again bases on 3 party info. All in all Malaysia is moving fast into a DUMBING EFFECT ZONE and yet we take pride in our blogs saying they fight for the truth! We need to reflect a little. not all those who work in the public service are thieves or crooks. They too have conscience and do the ones in private sector and the civil society.

Anonymous said...

another typical episode, but we need to get to the bottom of it..and not look away! the powers that be think that malaysians are stupid and gullible to swallow all this crap. We keep getting more of the same crap because there is no ACCOUNTABILITY.. Surely something happened to cause Bala to retract. Why is it only those statements related to DPM were retracted? It is of utmost importance we get to the truth of it. enough of lies... lets have it straight, and out in the open.

Anonymous said...

For those who ridicule or curse Bala, may I ask you "hidden face bloggers", what you would really do if you were in his shoes? Search your conscience before you answer, and not just throw heroic comments. What if a man, struggling with his conscience, decide to go public and tell tthe country what he knew as a witness, is suddenly "coerced", maybe with very credible threats to his life and to his family's life, from very powerful people, and made to sign on a second SD? With fears running through his mind what may happen to the family he love, many, if not all of you, may do what Bala had done. Remember that he is not a VIP or some royalty that may give him some measure of "protection". He was just a little PI, an "Orang Kecil", and quite disposable by the "Orang Besar" in this country. Please search your soul before you lambast Bala. The fact that he even made the first SD, after knowing what happened to Altantuya, and was in the midst of a high drama, already took a lot of courage. Many of you stone throwers may not even have the courage to have made the first SD.

Anonymous said...

What ever you may say about Bala, remember that he is an important witness, being the PI/bodyguard for Baginda at the time a dramatic event took place. Who hired him or his boss to deploy to Baginda? What did he see or hear? What did the police say to him? What did he really tell the police? What happened after the second?
How to believe him? Which SD is true? Haven't you heard of a "lie detector" test? It may not be 100% accurate, but overall it is quite effective. Why is our police, our ACA, and our courts not using any lie detector test officially? Do they have something to hide?
In fact why isn't li detector tests used in more cases as well?

Anonymous said...

A small man (Bala the PI) as the witness to a crime, is important because the crime being investigated is a big crime, and the people accused, or implicated, are high profile important people, that are governing the country. Don't let technicalities affect the outcome of the judgement. What is important is to get to the truth. Arriving at a judgement is many times not due to just one single evidence, but by a collection of supporting evidence taken collectively.

Anonymous said...

OK, Bala is alive. But is he kicking, or is he living under threats and coercion?

amoker said...

The police put a lot of caveat on themselves.