Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Anwar Ibrahim arrested. It's all over again.

Updates: 11pm - Anwar completes check up, back to city police hq
- Anwar to go to KL Hospital for medical check-up
- Candle vigil to protest arrest of Anwar
- Jln Hang Tuah closed to traffic as protestors gather
- Syed Husin Ali slams the arrest, says its a conspiracy
- Wan Azizah: Anwar wanted to go home to change his clothes
- Anwar still at the IPK in KL, crowd gathered to protest against arrest
- Sankaran Nair raps police for not waiting till 2pm

Anwar Ibrahim has been arrested. The PKR adviser was picked up outside his house in Bukit Segambut by the police at around 1pm. Anwar was supposed to head towards the KL police headquarters from the ACA office in Putrajaya. But when he headed towards a different direction, the police is said to have stopped him. He is supposed to be at the police station at 2pm to have his statement recorded relating to the sodomy allegations. The word is that the police have wrapped up their investigations. It looks like Malaysians would be going for another political roller coaster ride. Let's fasten our seat belts.


HeadLiner said...

Never a dull moment...

Anonymous said...

Sir and with due respect, can you get your facts clear? We know you are a BN boy and an avowed anti-Anwar but who told you that Anwar was to head to the IPK and that after he failed to do so was arrested? Can you get your facts sir? What was the time he was to be at IPK?

zackdanial said...

good job . well done to the law makers . if anwar was heading wrong direction at 1pm and he need to be at IPK at 2pm , why there is the arrest ? was KL jam as per monday jam ?

Well done to you too . you just need to go thru 1998 newspaper reporting , cut , paste all stories to tomorows newspaper .

Anonymous said...

Anwar was supposed to head towards the KL police headquarters from the ACA office in Putrajaya. But when he headed towards a different direction, the police is said to have stopped him...

The impression you created above is that the police were FORCED to arrest Anwar...

I can't help but notice that in practically every one of your blog, you DELIBERATELY made it a point to defend the police, UMNO, Badawi, Najib, whatever. Are you trying to justify the 2 Datukships you receive by always giving a pro-establishment slant?



Anonymous said...

Why need 20 cars and officers in ski mask and so on.

And also why cover his face with a cloth.

Whats happening to Malaysia.

The police gave him by 2pm, if they wanted to arrest him then why the heck give a press conference on national tv and so on.

Malaysians had lost faith in PDRM, if only they can be efficient and solve all other crimes.

20 cars to arrest one man?

Anonymous said...

Chun Wai, you really are a dirty little shit. This is the worst reporting I have seen in my life. If Anwar was given until 2pm to show up at the police shop why not given him the time and if he fails to do so then they have reason to arrest him. By arresting him before the deadline the police have lost the moral high ground. Shame on you for such poor reporting.

amoker said...

And surprisingly, Khairy caused a pandemonium in parliament minutes before the actual arrest. Would he have information of the impending arrest? ( And Azmin question how did KJ got a police report on Anwar’s case, even when the report is not out yet?

Did KJ miscalculate the timing? Like Saiful and Najib when they tried to collaborate on their timing?

Welcome to rumour world. All created by lousy decision makers we call government and police management. Thanks ya, you all have managed to put Malaysia back to the map.

Anonymous said...

I think we should give the police some benefit of the doubt...Agreed they need not have sent so many cars to arrest one man but let's see what "evidence" they have first and then we pass judgement...BTW I'd like to believe we are all gentlemen here so I don;t thin it's nice to call Chun Wai nameslah...

Anonymous said...


Finally. After two days of evading the police. The police have been too patent with him. Some questioned what is so special about him that the police take their time to book him. Methinks the police are giving him the chance to take part in the debate. If they nab him earlier, Anwar will use the salvo "see the government is scared to see the debate through". It's so clear he's purposely trivialising the alleged sodomy case. But he's got the time to go to ACA this morning on a decade-old issue. And still complaining not enough time given. hmm

wuzzup said...

Why can't they wait until the dateline? He could have just turning to get a teh tarik before going to the station. Now people all panic. Oh God.... let's see how this is going to be.


Unknown said...

He asked for it. He is trying to make PDRM looked as if he can do what he feels like he want to do.

What's so special about this man and the other man out there on the street? He is just an "assumed" opposition leader. He is not even an elected representative. He talks as if he is so very important.

Everyone here is not above the law. You break it, you pay for it. It is that simple.

alvin lee said...

what i don't understand is why did the police have to arrest him before the agreed time ie 2.00 pm?
Hopefully the police can come up with a valid explanation soon.

Having said that, I do feel that anwar can actually avoid all these things from happening. He has told the public that this time has all the evidence and alibi to prove his innocence. If these are really true, why don't he just produce it all to the police and then hold a press conference to show to the world all the evidence and alibi?

This way, there is just no way the police can change or alter his evidence since the whole world would have seen it together with his alibi.

Why must he put himself into so much trouble and agony?

This is something i don't understand. I mean he must have more important things to handle instead of wasting his time with the police.

By the way, i hope u will not be one of those who is willing to sell your soul to the devil for some quick bucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

The police do not keep to their promise.It was supposed to be 2pm deadline but at 1 something they came to pick him up,it was really terrible to trust our police thesedays.Their integrity is a big questionmark and why don't they arrest the IGP and the Attorney-General at the same time when they arrest Anwar.Double-standards I presume.

Anonymous said...

Datuk Wong,
Thank you for your frequent updates in your blog as well as in your paper. (I still read it, although sometimes I want to puke!). But please get your facts right and report truthfully. Remember sir, you are a Christian and you owe it him to tell the truth and not to your masters. Thank you and God bless you

Anonymous said...

Malaysia memerlukan keamanan dan kesejahteraan bukanya permainan politik mengunakan dan mempertaruhkan maruah rakyat. Selepas PRU 12 , Kami sbg rakyat jelata telah menyaksikan pelbagai drama dari beberapa ahli politik. Sekiranya Anwar, tidak bersalah kenapa takut menghadapi kenyataan? Kenapa beliau mahu engkari arahan Polis pada hari Isnin dan pada hal Anwar bukanya seorang yang istimewa. pihak polis kena ber tindak.

Anonymous said...

Politik negara bagaikan sudah bercelaru. Dengan isu Anwar Ibrahim ini, ada segelintir pihak cuba memesongkanya untuk kepentingan politik mereka. Siapa yg menjadi mangsa? Rakyatlah. Episod debat smlm jelas menunjukkan keterbukaan Pak Lah dan kerajaan BN. Kenapa BN perlu beri peluang kpd Anwar? Tetapi kerajaan tetap berpendirian beri peluang kpd Anwar, tetapi pihak pembangkang memang tidak pernah mempunyai niat untuk hargai jasa baik kerajaan dan pihak pembangkang hanya tahu membangkang shj.

Anonymous said...

alot of anger; and dissatisfaction.

agree that the PDRM didn't have to use such heavy force to bring DSAI to the HQ.

what they have done have only made the rakyat and DSAI's hardcore supporters more angry.

if PDRM had a little common sense, they wouldn't have done it and open themselves to such condemnation.

In all, i think they have overreacted. DSAI should be treated like everybody else, not above the law or special. Do not be pressured by the howling supporters. Do as you will with any other suspects.

But i am confused, PDRM is fully aware of the consequences of today's actions. why did they still do it? did they have information that we don't? Did they foresee ugly events that might occur if they didn't? Were they provoked or played by false info? Could this be another DSAI PR stunt knowing full well it'll receive worldwide coverage and gain sympathy?

Having DSAI in custody now must be a scary feeling....anyhthing that happens to him know is PDRM's responsibility...even if he snezzes and knocks his head....

harap harap we'll know soon and in the meantime, nobody overreacts....

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...

Arrest in haste and regret at leisure
Let's not abuse the use of undue pressure
For ultimately in fair justice we all treasure
With the good Lord above to all of us to reassure

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 160708
Wed. 16th July 2008.

Anonymous said...

You have given some comments on this major news story but what is your opinion on the lack of patience on the part of the police ? Is it justifiable ? After all, the man was only supposed to report at 2 pm and I believe that this was agreed upon by the police themselves.

Heck, if he did not turn up at 2 pm, then by all means, send out the patrol cars ... no need for balaclava UTK-type of operation.

Bad perception of the PDRM.

Anonymous said...

I have come to this blog thinking that it will state some personal views and opinions but sad to say, it's another The STar lookalike blog. Full of subtle glories towards UMNO and BN but c'mon - what does your heart really say to you. I was hoping that you will be more open with your sharing. But argrrhh - it's another biased blog - very disappointing, Chun Wai. Sorry to say that.

Anonymous said...

Blogger Funniman1965 said...

"He asked for it. He is trying to make PDRM looked as if he can do what he feels like he want to do.

What's so special about this man and the other man out there on the street? He is just an "assumed" opposition leader. He is not even an elected representative. He talks as if he is so very important.

Everyone here is not above the law. You break it, you pay for it. It is that simple.

Did Anwar step your tail ah? We are now discussing that the facts reported aren't unbiased - you are damn right in saying that he is just another ordinary assumed leader. If that's the case, why waste tax payers' money to summon so many manpower just to 'arrest' him - and btw, he was arrested at 1 plus... is he late ah?

Anonymous said...

From the blog, it shows that DSAI was heading towards different direction then that's why he was arrested. But i think that time still before 2pm...Am I right???PDRM...

Since PDRM already given DSAI chance to report himself at the police station by 2pm...Follow what u say la...not just because of this stupid reason...

i also read some sourse that the police don't wan to arrest DSAI at his house because they worry it be more messy...What is this la???

I am not a police...maybe i don't know how the police think...i guess they need to be more intelligent la...

POLICE ARE TO HELP...that's what other counties police are doin...not like our PDRM...set road block, hide behide trees, roda for tea and coffee...


Anonymous said...

Chun Wai, what's your opinion on this? Most of us do not come to your blog for mere reporting (and you could not even get your facts right. Anwar''s lawyer gave very clear press statements about Anwar's promise to turn up at the police station by 2pm). After ACA, even if he is not heading towards the police station, where can he possibly go? Disappear into thin air? Sprout wings and fly away? For half baked reporting, we can always turn to the MSMs. So please, leave the reporting to your ma-cais. Tell us what you think, otherwise there is no point to your blog.

Anwar is only a 60 year old man with a bad back. He has no police force, army, police outriders at his disposal. He has only his opinions and his supporters. Is it necessary for the police to send in a platoon, some with ski masks to boot just to haul him into the police station just for questioning? Is there a need for this drama?

Yes, he is not above the law. But really, even the police seems to be afraid of their own shadows.

After the message sent by the rakyat on March 8, the BN government has not learn a single thing, have they?

I can only see these awful and shameful talk downs, dumbing downs and put downs with increasing disgust.

Malaysians are not so gullible any more. Please give the rakyat credit.

The BN government is only digging its own grave deeper, nay, I think it is nailing the last few nails into its own coffin. It has nobody to blame but itself.

Anwar is becoming a symbol of what BN should not be and what BN can be. And that symbol is slowly but surely entrenching into the pysche of many Malaysians. If BN thinks it could use brute force to smash that symbol, with impunity, it is sadly mistaken. I, for one, will be more than glad to see the back of BN, for good.

Anonymous said...

I am extremely disturbed by the manner in which Anwar was arrested. Is he some sort of gangster with an army of armed bodyguards? Is he someone who would run away from police? Yet the PDRM sent two special forces (or whatever these authorised thugs are called) men to apprehend him. Why? Why? And why are their identities hidden by balaclavas?

If the police were worried that there would be supporters preventing Anwar's arrest, then they could have had armed personnel in other vehicles on standby ready to act IF it was not possible to properly arrest Anwar.

The way they acted, it was more like a snatch exercise to grab him against his will before anyone knew what was happening. Is that how it is these days when people get arrested? Has Malaysian law enforcement sunk to such disgusting depths?

Anonymous said...

this is the way we arrest..


Anonymous said...

datuk, this is the last time i will be reading your blog. i heard from someone that you are a Christian but sad to say, you will face your peril one fine day and that will be a bad day for you. i hope you had better hav good answers then for the crap you are feeding the people now. Badawi wont be there to save you then. all the best.

Unknown said...

The facts are:

DSAI did not respect the PDRM and hence the law by not turning up for the first meeting.

Now his daughter said his father is going to have lunch and his wife said he is going to change clothes and he knows that he is late. Is there a attitude problem?
What is he trying to show?

Agreed that PDRM is high handed. But UTK is trying to protect themselves. They don't want to be identified on a parade on some legal suit that this particular police guy was accused to be rough on him.

PDRM is in balacavas...but did all the hooded police surround him when arresting him? Was he accosted? Were there any guns trained at him?

Have anyone ever think why DSAI purposely want to go home knowing full well that the police is after him?

My assumption is he just wanted the police to arrest him at home so that he can show the world that this is exactly what happened years ago.

And by the way, he did not step my tail. To me he is just another guy.

amoker said...

Yep , Anwar should not have special preference. Strangely, when some minister could not meet the police, police can go over to their office or reschedule the timing. Dear UMNO lovers, do explain why this double standard if nobody is above the law ?

Can Anwar have his own schedule ( like meet ACA first) and his personal need ( take lunch, change clothes) like any human beings. If other UMNO ministers can, why not him?

Anonymous said...

The 2 pm deadline had not been passed, and DSAI was arrested.

WCW, you BN lapdog, how much did your master pay you for twisting the fact by implying that DSAI was trying to avoid going to the IPK?

Anonymous said...

Yesterday was a very sad day for democracy in Malaysia.

For the police force to react the way they did, the police force and its governing bodies, i.e. home ministry, BN lead government has once again proven to all that they are hooligans! Perhaps the new word for BN government should be JUNTA!

I am not interested to read what you have to say as I believe you have always twisted the facts to suit your stand for BN. I am not sure if you are fit to be a journalist as you have time and time again proven that you do not have the integrity and the balls to be a journalist. These are the essence of journalism. Perhaps such qualities are not taught to you in your journalism course? I really don't know.

I do hope you also realise that you had a hand in creating the situation of BN government today where majority of the citizen dislike and if I may say, hate. All these spin and span stories to insult us, the educated citizens have not just demean yourself and your readers, but also created a false sense of "feel good" for the government, namely the PM and his stooges. Take a look at the what these stooges are saying these days. Full of arrogance and obliviousness. It is down right shameful!

kiddokit said...

Hey funniman65! You really talk stupid, man! The last time you talked like that was when you commented about PAS and their brand of Islam and I let ripped into you for your one-track mind. Looks like you are back to your stupid tricks again.

Look at the facts:-

1) He couldn't report on Monday because he was barred from going anywhere near the Parliament which wasn't too far from the station.

2) Anwar also had a point to prove to the police that they cannot harass anybody they like just to serve notices. You should be thankful to him, Stupidman65. He's doing this as a precedent so that when you yourself mess up next time with the law, your wife and daughters won't be 'molested' by cops under the pretext of wanting to speak to you.

3) You said he is an ordinary man who should face the law. Sure, even Anwar himself agrees and was more than willing to meet the police more than once. But the thing is, the BN and police think he is special (which he is, actually) and thus they blocked KL city just to show how much they adulate Anwar.

Stop making stupid comments on Anwar, funniman65. You come across as a sore man whom Anwar not only stepped on your tail but taught you how to eat sotomee together.

Unknown said...

The police should not have arrested Anwar before the deadline as he had said he would be there. That's what everyone say

Yes he had also said he would be there on Monday. Did he? Why ?
Come on lah let the law take its course. The police have said they are willing to let Anwar bring his own forensic expert to do his DNA. Why he scared ah. Why he do wanna do.
Lets put an end to all this DRAMA minggu ini.
Lets call the government to have a Royal Comission of Inquiry on Anwar. He called for a royal commission on the V.k lingam so lets see if he is okay to a royal commission on him.

Let the truth be heard lah. Malaysians not stupid mah!

Latest!!! I heard he called Indian policemen who arrested him "Pariah".

If true We dont need racist leader like that.

kiddokit said...

Ini Anwar yang mana satu ni? Will the real Anwar please stand up?

In any case, that's got to be the most hilarious posting under this thread. I had a good laugh.

Dah sah Anwar patut menerajui kerajaan PR nanti. Memang pandai berseloroh lah budak ni!