Monday, May 12, 2008

Royal rebuke against Karpal Singh

Updates: May 17, Cops investigating Umno members too
Updates: May 13, 11pm Probe against Karpal completed
Updates: 10.30pm Teng said Karpal lacked political wisdom

The Royal Court of Selangor, which met this morning. has issued a statement against DAP chairman Karpal Singh for purportedly saying that the Sultan of Selangor had interfered in the executive matters of the state. The report came out in the Malay Mail on May 6.In a strongly-worded statement from the Royal Court, which comprises elders of the palace, it regarded the statement by Karpal Singh as baseless and irresponsible. The statement from the Selangor royalty is the first from the palace. Most of the police reports lodged have been from Umno supporters. The latest development will certainly add the pressure on Karpal Singh. Meanwhile, Karpal Singh has said that he made no specific allegation against the Sultan of Selangor and wondered if the Royal Court had acted hastily.


Anonymous said...

Fantastic - let wait and see and more interesting outcome !

Unknown said...

personally, i am of the opinion that the sultans of perak and selangor are amongst the most respected by their subjects, not only in their respective states, but the entire conutry too.

it's unfortunate that rebukes have been issued by the selangor royal house and policians.

i wonder, if it matters at all, what are the personal opinions of both our beloved sultans. ask around, both these sultans have the highest respects from all malaysians, notably the non-malays too. there must be some good reasons why this is so.

YB karpal singh, whilst he has a record of challenging just about anybody (including royals), hindsight will tell us that he did it to make clear (or seek clarification) on legal aspects of any given issues.

i, for the life of me, would not believe that YB karpal has/had the intention to create any 'uneasiness' amongst the rakyat of any race/religion.

ok, so we realise now that there are certain areas that no one can go to, but then again, how else will we know where the law stands?

having said that, perhaps YB karpal could have exercised some tact in handling this issue. perhaps he could have seeked an audience with the sultan of perak to present his views on the matter. after all, he is SULTAN AZLAN SHAH (remember? his majesty was once the LORD PRESIDENT). his majesty, i believe, knows at least a bit of law.

i wish that this episode can come to a conclusion that is acceptable by all. hard as i may find it in me to say this, but i really think that YB karpal has to apologise to the perak sultan. no face lost here. like i said, he is the sultan of perak; and SULTAN AZLAN SHAH, to boot.

lastly, i still believe malaysia would be a better place with the likes of YB karpal (sans this latest episode) around.

and this is to all the politicians with vested interests in the possible detrimental outcome of this episode -> please lay off this issue and stop turning this into a racial issue. you've all done things which are not so nice (perhaps even worse) to the reputation of our sultans and royal houses. you want these to listed out for the benefit of all?? some happened just quite recently, some dates back to the 80s under tun dr mahathir.

you see? when its politically expedient for you, you bulldozed it over the royal houses; when it serves you better to seemingly 'protect' the royal houses, you 'rally' all your might. pathetic.

for those who genuinely (form the heart; no political/$$$ considerations) feel slighted by this episode, i believe apologies should be extended to you. but for the rest, please shut up.

the sultans are loved by all malaysians. they are protectors for all malaysian, you know? all malaysian sing negaraku too. and we all live by the rukun negara too.

to my malay friends, i offer these views with a humble position. i am a malaysian. i am your friend.


Anonymous said...

Daulat Tuanku's
please don't become the victims of the political nonesuch that have lately dragged your highness into these shambles.Let the honourable courts decide the outcome not the free loaders. The respect should be reciprocating mutually between palace and the courts. Don't grind the axe please.........

Richard Cranium said...

We have religious apologetics who argue on behalf of God, as if His Divinity is under threat.

We have political apologetics who argue on behalf of our Royalty, as if their Positions are under threat.

Now, Tuanku is answering Karpal, albeit indirectly through the Royal Court. Try as I did, I could not see how this statement is considered a "rebuke". Seems like a balanced response, like a discourse between thinking adults.

And don't get me started on the PM threatening sedition. That's just bellicose.


Anonymous said...

The right to question should be part of Freedom of Speech. We don't want a generation like the people of Myammar where that right is totally inexcusable and dealt with severe punishment.

Is there some blurred line in the constitution or laws/legislations that has caused YB Karpal to bring up this issue in the first place?

If there is no clear line, there should be an avenue to debate this, and not clammed up with Sedition Act.

Anonymous said...

Inilah watak dan sikap sebenar Karpal Singh yang kita ketahui.Kita perlu bertindak kerana tindakan Karpal memang sudah melampui batas.Semua ada batasnya.Dia ingat dia tahu semuanya.Tetapi ahli - ahli politik kena jaga perwatakan mereka dan jangan sampai jadi terlalu angkuh dan ego kerana rakyat pun sudah fed up denganh karenah mereka.Banyak kerja lain yang perlu di buat.Jangan buang masa.

Old Fart said...

Karpal offers a convenient punching bag anyone can puch and not be worried about being investigated for anything at all or even worry about repurcussions.

The credibbility of all these rebukes suffers when one compares it to all the silence of the palace over all the intrusions and sniping of UMNO before 8th March.

Indeed compared to Karpal's statements, the Prime Minister's insistence of his choice of Menteri Besar over the palaces of both Perlis as well as Terengganu is a greater act of insubordination and sedition. Yet even you, Wong, are unable to comment on.

Anonymous said...

Your link to the Malay Mail article to the supposed article containing Karpal's statements is BROKEN.

Readers will be UNABLE to verify the story themselves.

It is also quite pathetic that the online Malay Mail offers no 'search' fields on its main page.

Anonymous said...

The response from the people who comprise Royal Court, as pointed out by commenter Richard Cranium, is a response to clarify the query raised by Karpal.

Why label it a 'rebuke' unless one wanted to make it all seem political?

Besides, Karpal made valid questions, he did not insult the Kings. He just raised a point regarding the constitutional limits of the Sultans. Period.

However, there are others who are quick to take advantage of this to demonise Karpal and score political points.

This is surely not healthy for our democracy.

Anonymous said...

gimme a break.
why din they do the same when UMNO protested the AGONG's /Tganu Sultan's decision to select another MB...
talk nonsense.
the royals should just retire, in London.

Simon Wee said...

Karpal Singh’s controversy over the prerogatives of Sultans and Rajas is reminiscent of Lee Kuan Yew challenging Ketuanan Melayu and advising Malay leaders not to give fish but to teach them to fish.

What Karpal has done could be interpreted as advice to the constitutional Royalties on the right approaches in a country of diverse races and religions. However what have escalated into are accusations that Karpal is questioning royal prerogatives.

No non-Malays had admonished Lee Kuan Yew then, but now we have DAP’s central exectutive member and Selangor Speaker Teng Chang Khim saying that what Karpal has done is politically unwise. However in the same breath, he said Karpal may be right in law.
In any issue, there are political, legal, economic and social aspect of it. If it is look at purely on its political repercussion, then one must as well keep one’s month shut, otherwise the law of the jungle would prevail.
Teng’s boss Lim Kit Siang is fond of saying “power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” On Teng’s part, it is apparent that now that Teng is tasting power, he is seeing things in different perspective (such as songkok is alright, don’t bring up politically sensitive issues, etc). From his behaviour, it is not difficult to guess why MCA and MIC behaving the way they did in BN.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

ahh yessss...the MSM must never play up the issue involving the 23 Aduns from Terengganu who went against the Agong's wish some time back. they got away scot-free. and now, there have been calls for this crippled guy to be punished severely. just great.

Malaysia Boleh! wooohoooo!!!

K_rAm said...

Personally,I think what Karpal said was absolutely correct.It was misinterpreted by certain parties into a racial issue for their own political agenda.In fact,the Malay rulers have no right in the judiciary or the transfer of executive members.As all of us know,this country is supervised by three arms which are legislature,judiciary and executive respectively.Each arm must be independent and must not influence each other so that a fair and square rulings can be done.As for the Malay rulers,they are well-respected as the head of Islam for their respective states and their scope of obligations include protect the rights of the Malays,protect the Islamic laws and so on other than the work obliged by the three arms mentioned above.Therefore,where is Karpal's wrongdoing when he said the Sultan has no right on that particular issue which happened to fall beyond the power of the Sultan of Perak?It is even regrettable when his statement was distorted by certain people who claimed that he tried to question the power of the Sultan of Perak.His statement is a fact that has to be recognised with.What is heartbreaking and disappointing is that there is an irregular silence from his collegues from DAP and PR over his issue.Only a few members defend him over the issue.From here,we can see that though the coalition Pakatan Rakyat has been formed by the Opposition parties,but its members have never attained the level where the saying "United we stand,Divided we fall" sounds.

Anonymous said...

I think the Royal rebuke against Karpal is political assasination as he was from the other side of the party.When BN's leaders touch on the sensitivity of the Sultans,there was no ho-ha but when Karpal or Lim Kit Siang comments on the Sultan - this was what happen.Double standards and no wonder why our country is backyard in the eyes of the foreigners.

Anonymous said...

Why don't they investigate Idris Jusoh and UMNO Tganu who demonstrated agains the AGONG / Tganu Sultan?