Thursday, May 1, 2008

Bad news - live telecast off?

According to an SMS alert from The Star, the Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi has said that he was ashamed of what transpired on the first day of the Dewan Rakyat sitting. He agreed that the live telecast be scrapped. Earlier, Information Minister Datuk Shabery Cheek said he would proposed to the Cabinet meeting tomorrow that the telecast be called off, which would be really sad.
Let's face it. Some MPs, especially the new ones, wanted to make an impression on the first day. They seemed disruptive and appeared to want to stall the proceedings. All this must be very new to the government.
Then, there were some MPs who should have exercised some restraint but showed their true, or old, colours again. They looked bad with their name calling and crude performances. But the public surely can judge. They can differentiate the good and bad ones, regardless of their parties. Certainly, the MPs would also know that they cannot be quoting from the Standing Orders after a while. It's just the first day and the first live telecast. A very good decision has been made, don't call it off too fast. This is democracy at work and Malaysians need to see how their MPs fare. Let the show continue.


chanyip said...

shame on badawi and co.
badawi knows very well his MPs are not up to standard.

Anonymous said...

If the live telecast continues to be shown, the rakyat will see that the BN MPs are really a bunch of idiots who know nuts about good conduct. Badawi should be ashamed of Bung Mokhtar who is known for his rudeness. Maybe he never realise it, either he was dozing off or he has never really observed what was going on in the Parliament, how else can you explain on what criteria Bung Mokhtar was chosen to stand and appointed as BBC Chairman.

Stupid government!

Anonymous said...

I think Shabery Cheek should think twice to call off the live telecast. I was hoping the new Information Minister should be better than ZAM who was one of the useless ministers.

It's was just the first day Dewan Rakyat sitting, let the live telecast continues, let the voters see their real MPs behavein parliament.

The new government (in term of new cabinet ministers) should not be scared of live telecast if they know what they are doing, if they are transparent, honest and responsible. The experience MPs should show example to the first timer MPs how to behave in the Parliament, educate them how to answer questions calmly and must come out with all MPs, make sure you dont talk nonsence, we are not stupid.

Anonymous said...

they knew the consequences by allowing it. did they really expect the MPs to "behave" when they knew Malaysians would be watching them? to cut off "live" telecast would just about cause a further drop in popular vote. plus, we need some kind of morning entertainment!

Anonymous said...

New Malaysia????
MP s are the same ...both sides,
instead of getting down to the biz of the day,they wasted rakyats time for their own syok sendiri show.Enough!
Meanwhile when prices are continuing to rise.....things dont change.Read this expirience
- I want to share a tale of three students post March 8 elections.
All three got straight A s in SPM.
All three applied for scholarships from GLCs that advertised,Securities Commission BNM, etc.
Two of them got called for numerous
interviews. One of them was out completely!only managing to get one regret and the rest the organisations did not even reply.
The other two got calls and offers from PNB , MARA and some glcs.
The one who did not get called for interview was an INDIAN,the two who got called and offers were Malays.
New Malaysia???? nothing has changed!
I hope a MP, any MP, will spend time talking about the plight of the students who deserve help and are denied help.
note :Both the Malays students come from rich backgrounds.
GLC s and Govt agencies(excluding Bumiputera agencies like PNB)
must be transparent on number of applications received and processed
by all categories including race.Affirmative action plans works for all. and we know the Indian plight. Please dont ask Indians to go to MIC. They (mic)are history and they still cant realise it. When will a malay MP champion openly and publicly(besides campaigning period) the plight of Indians in this country? make it his cause?? new malaysia??????I dont think so.

Anonymous said...

The decision to stop the live telecast does mean that the MPs would would not not brings up trivial issues. The live telecast should be continued to be aired. Let the citizen decide the performance of their elected MPs. When come the next election the rakyat would know who to vote for.

rainbow said...

what to do... "Everybody wants to be a Somebody, nobody wants to be a Nobody...if ever there is a Somebody who wants to be a Nobody,then she-he is a real SOMEBODY... It really convince the Rakyat that BN is Kiasu-su. This is normal of some MPs..what to do they have so much of unresolved issues within them - the Inner child is badly abused! Its high time public health needs Psychologist to help them...or send them for NS and make sure they are well trained in the Character Building program. The PM should give deep thoughts on this wonderful program for his group of big boys and girls....

Anonymous said...

Looks like UMNO is showing its old way again.

Leave it on and extended it to live the entire session, uncut.

this is demoncracy at work. stop fiddling my TV ok.

Anonymous said...

This seems to be expected and most standard response. We all know this will happen and we all know that will be the response. At the first signs of rubbish, lift the carpet and sweep everything under it!!!

How can we improve if we're afraid of our own stupidity? We can correct ourselves only if we dare look in the mirror.