Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Angry Sabahan MPs give deadline

Sabah's SAPP MPs led by Datuk Yong Teck Lee have issued an ultimatum to the Prime Minister - resolve the problems in the state by August or we cannot guarantee that we will still remain in the Barisan Nasional. It is the strongest warning from a Sabah politician since the open expression of unhappiness over the past two days. Sabahan MPs, said to persuaded by Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim to quit BN, have been vocal and one PBS MP said he has met the PKR leader. Yong warned that "an explosion" will take place in Sabah when the "opposition comes into play" but did not elaborate. Anwar is clearly a factor - that's by Yong's admission. The possible defection of Sabah MPs has been the biggest talk among the politicians and press at Dewan Rakyat since Monday. They are also the most sought after MPs these days with the spotlight on them. There is talk of these Sabahan MPs forming somekind of caucus or even a new party instead of joining PKR - where they will play second fiddle - but they know that they are calling the shots now. But for now, they have remained uncommittal and vague. Certainly, most of them are enjoying the attention they are getting.


Anonymous said...

Bro, sorry to use your blog to make my issue known.
I am so happy I voted for PAKATAN RAKYAT. BN is good at wasting money and enriching themselves. Recently, my son who scored straight 10A1 was rejected a PSD scholarship. Hello, Pak Dollah wake up lah, ini modal insan that you been talking about. Well then again you only talk never walk the talk. Sad really sad. Dissappointed indian, Makkal Sakti, Makkal Sakti,Makkal Sakti

lanaibeach said...

The frogs croaking fiercely
In Parliament the warning signs begin
The frogs aren’t going to sink in the pool
UMNO better wakes up soon

Dark Vader moving in his corridors
Marshalling his troops for the assault
Checking and reviewing his options
He knows his time has arrived
Run or disappear in the whirlpool

The earth quakes hit China
The cyclone hit Myanmar
The USA primary elections
A black or a white talking in the news
Where will Dark Vader be?

MCA in the news
Of its snooping swat game
Catching its leaders
Bringing dispute to its image

And the juicy part
UMNO still talks arrogantly
When the silly pests conquer the ground
It is just a matter of time
The sink holes will dig in

Dark Vader sweats in his suit
He hardly sleeps at all these days
Looking out from his Dark Hill
He knows he has to run
The jet is waiting…………

He walks to the windows
He doesn’t like what he sees
The anthills sprouting on the ground
It is a sign of bad omen
He drinks his liquid with shaky hands
Time he has none; it is ticking away
He pours on his options
Trying to calculate his chances
Listening on the silence
Of the Dark Hill

Anonymous said...

It long overdue,Sabah MPs had the ball but what happen to Sarawak MPs.
Bob From Kuching

Anonymous said...

Sabah MPs enjoying the attention? please lah. What is so wrong with them being vocal? Not used to it? all of a sudden feeling threaten ?

so what if they cross over. maybe its about time to do so. After all is BN government any good to Sabah?

you do not know how the Sabahans suffered under Umno businessmen leadership. Go visit the kampungs in Sabah. then come back and blog about it.

one wonders why media often uses this quote? " seluruh malaysia termasuk Sabah dan Sarawak "

Anonymous said...

It's about time Sabah and Sarawak got some attention.

They've been shortchanged by the Malaysian agreement, in which they joined as equals to Malaya (the Federated Malay states), not as a state.

Over the years, CMs appointed by the UMNO-controlled Federal Government have siphoned off millions to feed their political masters while the rakyat are oppressed by unscrupulous timber companies and continue to live below the poverty line, which needs to be revised from the threshold income of RM800+.

Nothing much has changed in a decade that I've been to Kuching. Some new structures on the waterfront and lots of souvenir shops but the socially, society is stagnant and the occupational segregation still exists.

Anonymous said...

Talking about oil royalty and frongs jumping, I wonder why the people in Terengganu are still sleeping in wonderland. Why are the MPs and Rakyat in Terengganu not demanding 20% royalty for the gas? Afterall, the Sultan there already is making noise about the bad deal the fed is giving Terengganu. So com'on you MPs in Terengganu, get on your feet to demand the 20% that Terengganu deserves!!!