Friday, May 23, 2008

Pulau Batu Putih verdict today.

Updates: 6pm Singapore keeps Pulau Batu Putih

Press release of the judgment from The Hague, click here.

The full judgment, click here, (but take note that this pdf file is 1MB in size)

By 6pm - we should know whether Pulau Batu Putih will go to Malaysia or Singapore. The International Court of Justice is expected to take at least two hours to deliver their judgement with the decision make known at the end. RTM is telecasting the event live from The Hague from 4pm.The decision will bring to a close the 28-year-old dispute. The word is that the ICJ verdict will be close, with some experts saying it could favour the Singaporeans. Both sides have agreed that they would congratulate each other regardless of how it would swing. And no celebrations too.


Anonymous said...

Nevermind that our team was mercilessly lambasted by none other than fellow Malaysians. I still wish for Malaysia to win this one too, just as it did in 2002 case involving Sipadan and Ligitan

Anonymous said...

Malaysia deserved to lose anyway. The ICJ base their decisions on facts and merits of the case, unlike our judges who based their decisions on the PM's directive

K_rAm said...

Yes.The result is out.And apparently it is a disappointing one for Malaysia and it is a great joy of tidings for Singapore which wins the sovereignty of Pedra Branca(Pulau Batu Putih).

Eventually,a dispute that has troubled both nations for 20 years can be put to rest.Prior to this,both countries has reached a consensus that the verdict made by the International Court of Justice will be final no appeal will be pursued.In addition,both sides have decided to congratulate each other who wins the sovereignty no matter what the verdict is.

As a citizen of Malaysia,it is really relieved to see that the territorial dispute between the two neighbouring countries can be solved in an amicable manner.How I wish both Israel and Palestine will imitate the Asian manner of resolving this kind of territorial issue in order to avoid violence which kills millions of people over the years.And the number is still increasing tremendously until today.

From here,we learn a priceless lesson.Malaysia and Singapore have both adopted the correct attitude to solve the conflict between them.Obviously,they choose a solution which resorts to non-violence but instead a gentleman,democratic and an amicable manner that will cause no harm to both parties.Both these Asian countries are praise-worthy and should be a role-model to the whole world.

lanaibeach said...

Oh the waves
Roaring onto the White Rock
The symbol of supremacy
It has now gone out of our reach

The signal of avoiding danger
The leaders of the country forget
Leaving it alone fighting with the natural ills
The sea, the wind, and the loneliness

Complacency roosts the sorrow
Now we have to say goodbye
White Rock lying alone
Kissing water rocking waves

Tears may not flow
She curses the day BN forgets
Waking up to fight for her
It was too late………….

Now she belongs to another lover
She doesn’t want yet by law of arbitration she goes
Wiping her tears of sorrow
The family she leaves behind…………

White Rock
The people will sack the BN government
It is in this year or next GE
The people will make BN pay
For not fighting you to come home to stay

Meiyen said...

Excuse me, but isn't it time that everyone stopped calling the piece of rock 'Pulau Batu Putih'? Since it has legally been awarded to Singapore, as of yesterday, it should officially be known as Pedra Branca. I think it sounds nicer but could prove to be tongue twister too!

Anonymous said...

Pedra Branca??? Sounds Hispanic to me. Let's continue to call it Pulau Batu Puteh. For the younger folks, Puteh is spelt Puteh in older days, and later spelling changed to "Putih" by some ill advised linguist who changed the spelling system of the Malay language.

The Malaysian Hypocrite said...

Foreign Minister Datuk Seri Dr Rais Yatim must be kidding. 12 to 4 is NOT a win-win judgment. For an island that is only 14.3km from Tanjung Penyusop in Johor and 46.3km from Singapore, the outcome is a national embarassment.

We have a long history and culture of 'tidak-apa' attitude as seen from this case. The loss is our own undoing. UMNO and BN also has a habit of losing Malaysian land without a fight. The biggest example is the loss of Singapore!

amoker said...

I doubt it is a win win. If our team did a better job and not caught doctoring some photo, send a real high level delegation with more experts etc., got that elusive letter and other important documents and still 'lost', it is acceptable. Its all about preparation to prove a case and did the tidak apa attitude crept in? I guess that is the real reason that we lost the island at the first place.