Saturday, May 10, 2008

Karpal Singh: AG to decide next week?

Updates: 7.15pm Police has recorded a statement from Karpal Singh over reports made against him for allegedly making seditious remarks. Click

At least nine police reports have been lodged against DAP chairman Karpal Singh for allegedly questioning the powers of the Sultan of Perak. The veteran politician has argued, saying it was a purely legal issue and he had not questioned the prerogative of the Sultan. But the talk is that more police reports would be lodged and protest gatherings held. There could possibly be a royal rebuke, too, of some sort next week. PM has already pushed the case further with a call to the Attorney-General to speed up the investigations.
With the police busy taking down the statements of politicians and reporters over the case, we can expect some kind of a decision next week.
But the biggest test would be how the DAP MP's Pakatan partners would react to his position, particularly the position of the Malays. PAS and PKR leaders have either remained silent or reacted cautiously over the issue, mindful of the fact that some Malays have claimed that Karpal Singh has gone too far. But Penang exco member Abdul Malik Abul Kassim has come out to dismiss the protest by some Malay groups, saying they are petty and not representative of the community. Anwar Ibrahim has also come out strongly against the use of Malay issues. But a storm seems to be gathering and it is possible that the AG may decide on Karpal Singh's case, as early as next week.


Anonymous said...

Why the police did not investigate the PM and other BN guys when they protested against the decisions of the Terengganu and Perlis Sultans recently?This is definitely double standard and oppression of the rakyat by the current Govt.Dont forget, they got less than 50% votes in Peninsula , thus they are there bcos of Sabah and Sarawak and not bcos we support them.
This is their last opportunity to undo all the wrong doings, corruption issues, arrogance and they should also stop fanning the racial issues.The relationship among the divided, as the BN call them, Malays and non-Malays is being challenged everyday and yet rakyat dont want that except the losing politicians.Like they said , a last push before they get dumped at the expense of the harmony of this country.We dont need such "heroes".

Anonymous said...

At times like these, I miss Dr M. He would have told the royalty to "go to hell". Or take away more of their powers.

What's up with them royals man? Nazri telling the Perak MB to reinstate the religious affair guy and now some drama over a comment about them.

Get real-lah. They just rule a small peninsular and they act as if they are China or India. Talk about Little Napoleans. What have they done as royalty besides selling land to the Imperialists and whoever who wants to buy them to fund their lavish lifestyles in London? It's not like the Raja2 Melayu has conquered Thailand, Burma, etc.....

Of cos PAS and PKR are keeping quiet.
1. PAS has this perennial spate with Karpal...
2. PKR, is spineless. And will sway accordingly. Also maybe need to be buddies with the Agong so PR can take over parliament....OOOOOOOOOOO

Anonymous said...

Your buddy Khir Toyol has this to say in his blog.....

.....Kebelakangan ini negara sedang dikecohkan mengenai tindakan Ahli Parlimen Jelutong YB Karpal Singh yang mencabar hak Sultan untuk memutuskan kedudukan para pegawai pentadbir agama Islam di Perak. Ternyata Pakatan Rakyat tidak memahami bahawa perlantikan pegawai agama Islam adalah di bawah Sultan. Sultan hanya memberi kuasa kepada Menteri Besar untuk melantik dan menjalankan pentadbiran agama. Sebarang perubahan dan keputusan mengenai agama perlu mendapat perkenan tuanku Sultan.

Saya harap YB Karpal Singh tidak terus mempertikaikan kuasa Sultan kerana ia hanya menampakkan kebiadapan dan tidak matang beliau sebagai ahli politik senior. Kalau Barisan nasional dianggap sombong dan angkuh, apa perkataan yang boleh dikatakan kepada DAP yang bertindak tanpa mengira undang-undang dan perasaaan orang ramai.

Peristiwa ini bukanlah satu peristiwa terasing. Saya melihat sudah wujud gerakan-gerakan untuk mencabar perkara-perkara pokok dalam Perlembagaan yang membabitkan agama Islam, raja-raja Melayu dan orang Melayu.

Islam tidak mengiktiraf agama lain sebagai agama yang benar. Kita sebagai umat Islam juga perlu menolak pluralism atau kepelbagaian dan kesamarataan semua agama. Namun Islam tidak pernah menghalang agama lain diamalkan.


Anonymous said...

After RPK, I guess it will be Karpal Singh, Lim Kit Siang, Lin Guan Eng, Anwar Ibrahim, Wan Azizah, Nurul, etc, etc, who will all be thrown into prison so there will be no more opposition in Malaysia. And there will be no body left to talk of the rot in our government.

Anonymous said...

The Sultans are now "king makers" (no pun intended). With the weakening of a split umno, and a growing opposition in the form of Pakatan Rakyat, which is however still not strong enough to make a government, the Sultans are now in a position to sit in the middle, and use their influence to exert whatever limited authority. This can be of either positive or negative outcome, depending on the situation. Both the BN and PR cannot be on one hand rooting for the Sultan's interference, and on another situation condemning their interference. You got to take the good with the bad.

Anonymous said...

This issue has been blown out of proportion by the UMNO losers. UMNO was openly ayt loggerheads with the Raja of Perlis and Sultan of Terengganu over an important issue like the appointment of Menteri Besar. Was that sedition? Wasn't that showing disrespect to the monarch? Wasn't that derhaka and biadap? This development in Perak is just a minor administrative issue. What's the big deal? Let's get on with the administration of state and country. Let's deploy our resources in addressing the more pressing issues that we face today...increasing crime, prices of goods (well, you know the list too well).

Anonymous said...

Wellcome to the real world!!! Karpal being did not got any consent from members before open his mouth on TUN, Kelantan and now perak.after this what. why?? it was unnecessary, uncalled for, did not represent PR, he just waste of time!! period. Sack HIM

Anonymous said...


kingmakers is prob the most overused term in the last election -- before, during and after.

pak lah should focus on UMNO's problems and not divert attention. ppl, or rather UMNO, has insulted the king before. it even made it legal to critcise them.

jed yoong

what do u have against PKR? i've read your posts along with that KTemoc. are u guys paid to attack PKR? anwar has suffered so much. give him a chance instead of condemn condemn in your room

Anonymous said...

Karpal Singh is the kind of guy that just says things as they are. He calls a spade a spade. Many Malaysians are not used to that, and the damn UMNO people cannot take it because "siapa yang makan cili rasa pedas". Karpal Singh is still around the political scene because of what he is, otherwise he would have disappeared into oblivion. We should be thankful that we have got people like Karpal Singh. He has got the balls.

Anonymous said...

It's all very ridiculous. First, when Dr M put the royals down and stripped away their powers, I remember most Malaysians were cheering. Now suddenly both the BN and the PR are "showing their loyalty and respect to the Sultans" when the other side "slights" a Sultan. Aiya, it is all politics lah. Only Karpal Singh is consistent because he just like to say it as it is, and don't give no shit what you think, and too bad if you can't take it.

Anonymous said...

Dato'.This not the way. UMNO is outdate now. Pak Lah lembik. Macam mana nak menang lagi? Apa macam dengan MCA? No comments ke? Dato' nak jadi MP PRU depan ke?

Unknown said...

There is just too much racial politics and racial sentiments being stoked by UMNO. It's time for MCA to stand up and speak up. Otherwise MCA will become history which is really sad. The party is nothing but an UMNO hamba as Datuk Ong Tee Keat correctly point out. Bravo to Datuk Ong Tee Keat. What about you OKT and OKC. Speak up!!!

Anonymous said...

To Abdul Malik Kassim and YB Annuar Ibrahim,

My respect to you for doing the right thing by standing up for Karpal Singh. Politicians like you shows maturity and the intelligence to lead our country. It's unlike the selfish UMNO leaders. Leave Karpal and RPK alone. Don't victimise them.

lanaibeach said...

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Anonymous said...

Karpal Singh was being frank and direct. It is the others that are playing wayang kulit in pretending to be ultra loyal to the Sultans. And that goes for both BN and PR members. I did not hear all this shouts of loyalty before the GE2008. The BN (esp UMNO ) were the first one to strip the Sultans of their power, and behaving rudely to the Sultans. And BERSIH members PRETEND to be loyal to the Agong, and just wanted to get some protection from the Agong when they demonstrated. And look at waht happened in Perlis and Terengganu. Was there any affection shown by UMNO to the Sultans of Perlis and Terengganu? And when UMNO had friction with the Sultan, PR would be cheering the Sultan on, and jeering at UMNO. Similarly when PR rubs the Sultan the wrong way, then UMNO would be the one putting on the show. It's all one big show by the politicians.

Anonymous said...

This is political persecution.I believe the AJ would sooner or later charge Kapal for seditious.Infact, Pak Lah should also be investigated as he also protested against the decision of the Agong with regard to the appointment of the Menteri Besar of Trengganu.Double-standard and UMNO is trying to divert their attention to Kapal rather than tending their own house of problems.