Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Altantuya case: Back in the news

Just a couple of months ago, the interest on the Altantuya murder case seemed to be waning. The attendance at the court room was dropping and newspapers relegated the coverage to the backpages. The legal process seemed draggy and the foreign press, too, appeared to have lost interest. But the sedition charges against Raja Petra Kamaruddin today could well change the entire scenario. The appearance of Altantuya's father on the first day of Parliament also provided fresh sparks. Fans of RPK regard the blogger as brave and daring while his detractors consider his articles libellous. But there is no doubt that the charges against him would make him a martyr and helped to renew interest in the court case. The political temperature is likely to go up too.


Anonymous said...

Datuk Wong,

Whichever way you look at it, Raja Petra will only bee seen as a hero.

If he is guilty of publishing something wrong and defamatory sue him lah.

Charging him with sedition and letting him have his say in court is silly.

It will only encourage those who are looking for more free bait to hook bigger fish.

Looking forward to the opening of a whole carton of canned worms.

Wriggle, baby, wriggle!

Ex-rumour monger, now fish monger.

Anonymous said...

I am a Malaysian of Chinese descent. BN(=UMNO)keep frightening the non-Muslims by telling us that PAS will impose Islamic laws on non-Muslims, and that DAP is in bed with PAS. Well, frankly I rather support an Islamic party like PAS, then to support the current governing party that seem to live by the rules of the devils. Under the current government, corruption is running high, press freedom is dead, elections are not fair, and the police harass the justice and freedom social activists, rather than investigate the criminals and murderers. So why shouldn't I choose PAS over UMNO? UMNO belongs to the force of darkness.

Anonymous said...

First Anwar.
Then a whole bunch of others, including the Hindraf leaders.
Now RPK.
Who is next???
Nurul? Wan Azizah? Lim Kit Siang? Karpal Singh? Lim Guan Eng? All the PAS activists? Jeff Ooi? The Christian leaders who dare go to court to challenge the govt? Theresa Kok?
Yeah, jail them all!! Then no more opposition left and BN will regin supreme.
And another suggestion to FIL and SIL: Why don't you throw in the other team as well ( team "M" ), then is also no more opposition within UMNO! And do it quick before the next UMNO election.

Anonymous said...

I agree that the case has sunk into oblivion buried under a mountain of procedural red tape.

Charging RPK for sedition and Altantuya's dad visiting the house certainly brought it back into the news.

What is your view on the Sedition Act?

Is this not another abuse of power by the BN government?

Won't a civil defamation suit suffice?

Has the BN government REALLY changed after the 'tsunami'?

Many BN MPs are still silent about press freedom. When will they let go of control?

Mahathir is gone. And so must Mahathirism.