Friday, May 30, 2008

People's Victory! Barricade must go!

The Cabinet has decided that the barricade put up at Bandar Mahkota Cheras to prevent residents from using the access road has to go. In short, it means no more barricade. The happy news was conveyed to the residents by Works Minister Datuk Mohd Zin Mohamed just an hour ago, according to The Star. The access road will now remain open until the court case is completed. It's a victory for the people there who have fought strongly for their rights. Grand Saga, the highway concessionaire, has been claiming the access road is illegal. It's a lot of nonsense, really. The access is on state government land and any developer worth his salt can tell you that the state has a right to open it if it wants to. But what is even sadder is the unnecessary use of force by the police and the thugs against some residents and reporters who covered the protest. Suhakam has rightly condemned against the "excessive use of force" on the residents, especially a 21-year-old man who ended up in hospital, after being whacked by the cops.


Anonymous said...

There should be an investigation into the actions of the CEO or MD of Grand Saga, as well as their accounts and files, to see if there is a link to the thugs that attacked the people. There should also be an investigation into the police force, to see who gave the instructions to the police team to use violence against the people, while the thugs go scott free.
In fact the whole ownership and activities of Grand Saga should be audited to see if there are any conflicts of interest by parties in the police force.

Anonymous said...

The people hurt in the violnce should file a law suit against the police and Grand Saga.
The state government should fine Grand Saga for building an illegal structure, not just once, but many times. As all property owners know, you need local authority writen approvals for erecting a structure, especially so if they are building on state land!!! I urge the Selangor state government to issue a fine against Grand Saga.

GoodIdea said...

Someone must take responsibilities for the brutality, apologise and resign.

amoker said...

This is delayed 'justice'. Is it good news? The federal government kept a mumful silence to an issue that has been raging for some time now. Grand saga and police were acting like ambassadors to the federal government and flexing their muscle , injuring rakyat and causing huge anger. They should have calmed both GS and police down long time ago than giving them a free reign. The photo of a beaten up man and a maced assembleyman populates the websphere and is a grim reminder of our rule of law. GS and the police need to be investigated.

zackdanial said...

The barricade was there for so many years . But only this year it's out . I respact those who fought for it . It reminds me of Cheras tol saga in year 1990's

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...

There is none so very blind
As he who refuses or can't see
Beyond the bloody concrete sea
With only injustice and brutality to find

There are man-made laws
And God's divine laws
Even if the culprits escape earthly laws
They can never run away from the Creator's laws

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 300508
Fri. 30th May 2008.

lanaibeach said...

The BMC wall finally gone
Cabinet decided it has to go
The residents blew a sense of relief
In the end the people triumph
For now………….

The saga shouldn’t stop there
The police officers too must be investigated
For their part and police brutality
Ganging up to beat a helpless man

The company Grand Saga
The directors too must be charged
For erecting concrete wall without state approval
For talking big ignoring local laws

The Pakatan Government must initiate legal action
Bring the directors to book on their action
Defying laws on state land can’t go Scot free
Bring the law let them taste its magic

The residents too should bring class action
On the company and the police
Let the laws punish the culprits
And see justice finds its way

Meiyen said...

I hope they will not find themselves complaining about the heavy traffic, bumper to bumper crawling through their streets, just to avoid paying toll. Dear, dear, dear! What will they do then?

Anonymous said...

Grand Saga says, " I didn't do it. It wasn't me! I have nothing to do with the thugs!" Yeah, porah! As if the thugs are doing their "service" for free. Somebody paid them for sure.

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...

Let justice be the final victor
Leaving aside all other factor
Without the need of any actor
Except correct medicine cum doctor

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 300508
Fri. 30th May 2008.

Anonymous said...

Wong Chun Wai, this Grand Saga thingy is merely pure & simple, criminal extortion on the residents of BM Cheras. In a civilised country, whereby professionals (not corrupt politicians) are in power, this issue would not happen. But in bolehland, the govt is corrupt, the police too, and the men with the guns & bullets defend & protect the criminals. Terbalek? Yes. Gosh, some of my friends are migrating as I speak. Cannot tahan already.

Anonymous said...

The behaviour of the police is atrocious. In a free and democratic society, where the rule of law is followed, the IGP and the police officers involved in hurting innocent people, would have to resign, and even charged in court. But here in Malaysis, they all go scott free because the bad behaviour is condoned by the BN government. We need a new government. It is time for change.

Anonymous said...

The cynical joke going about town is that PDRM is actually PRDM, which stands for "Polis Raja Di Malaysia". They can do what they wish, beat you up, imprison you with no charge, cold you, bully you, trample on you, and allow real big crooks to run around free because PRDM has the power to do so, because the BN government gives them the free rein to do so. If you want to have a responsible polis force, youhave to first change their masters. The BN government has to go.

Anonymous said...

The people of Cheras Mahkota aint no saints either. Many took the law into their own hands, and I believe some acted like thugs. Frankly some deserved to be beaten up. Violence begets violence. Of course, police acted brutally but then can you blame them when residents provoked them?

Anonymous said...

People are allowed to use force to defend their property rights if there is no government or the government fails to do so. This Grand Saga-UMNO-MCA et al group had no respect for the property rights (of free access) when they erected that barrier. If you come into my house and block my door, you may (but not definitely) get a black eye or two if you hinder my access after I ask you nicely to move. That's the law. Now ask the Menteri where was the BN Govt all this while... I bet you will get no honest answer. But we all know what they did. These 2 years are the last chance for BN to redeem itself. They better do it now and get rid of all the leeches in their midst. (Robert).