Sunday, May 4, 2008

Nazri, keep an open mind

Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Datuk Seri Mohd Nazri Aziz has said his piece against the abolishment of the Printing Presses and Publications Act. In short, over my dead body. He told The Star that he would have to be defeated in the elections and let the new government repeal the Act. Nazri is entitled to his opinion and the reasons for it but he must learn to trust Malaysians more. If the Malaysian media crosses the line, there is always the Sedition Act and the Internal Securty Act. There is no reason why the media would misuse their position if the act is repealed. By shackling the media through various laws, Malaysians would only turn to other medium where is a greater room for dissension and expression. Politicians should not be afraid of criticism. We hope Nazri would keep an open-mind on this. But other politicians have adopted a more reasonable position including calling for a waiver of the annual printing permit requirement as a first step towards the end of the PPPA.


Anonymous said...

Nazri to keep an "open mind"?

Does he have one to speak of?

He never fails to amuse the world.

Anonymous said...

Exactly. This Nazri never fails to amuse us. He only able to keep himself "quiet" for less than 60 days after the "tsunami". Now he's back on it again.

Here are some of the things he said recently that I can recall:

"Just because they are ministers, it doesn't mean they know everything. Not all ministers are clever" when asked to comment on those asking Abdullah to step down.

Nazri Abdul Aziz said Perak Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin was "still raw" and did not understand the constitution when he ordered the immediate transfer of Perak Islamic Religious Department (Jaip) director, Datuk Jamry Sury.

I bet there will be more to come as the recent "tsunami" traumatic experiences gradually fading away from Malaysians "mudah lupa" mind.

Anonymous said...

Normally we tell a fool to go get lost and fly a kite. In this particular instance, can we just tell this Nazri guy to go climb a lamp post and throw a torch. He was famous for standing atop a gate-post of the Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall threatening to burn down the premises during one rouwdy and racist Umno Youth rally.

Yeah, he never cease to amaze us with his stupidity.

Anonymous said...

Nazri is a liability to UMNO and BN. He is a bankrupted politician.

we took his challenges seriously about exercising my right at the ballot box. My family, friends, cronies, enemies and I voted against him and BN.

Now, i am taking up his challeges again. if it take us to change the gov of the day to abolish OSA, ISA etc.

Thanks to arrogance a## like Nazri, Dube, just wait, next election will be tsunami around 2.

Anonymous said...

Nazri Abdul Aziz has been known to run off at the mouth without stopping to think about it.

Does anyone still remember this gem quoted from a CNN article?

Malaysian law minister Nazri Abdul Aziz denied the allegations, accusing Human Rights Watch of discrediting the elections because "they know the National Front will win."

"To me, Human Rights Watch is biased. They are not important at all. It's only their opinion," he told The Associated Press.

Still, everyone has their opinion and he is certainly entitled to his. I just don't take stock of any of his inane utterances and treat them for the amusement that they are.

I certainly will make my vote where it counts come the next GE and let the new Government decide.

Anonymous said...

Oh...speaking out against your masters? About time...

Anonymous said...

"Oh...speaking out against your masters? About time..." - Frus Man

I think so too!
Not scared of being sacked?

Anonymous said...

In short what Dato Seri Nazri is telling is, this may be his last term and he doesn't give a hoot. If he is going down, he is going to pull BN down also.

Many moderates pleaded for sanity to prevail but leaders like Khir Toyo and Ali Rustum never bothered. I thought the verdict of the rakyat in the recently concluded elections would have taught the UMNO guys some good lessons. No, it has not.Looks like the forming of the next government has been easily worked out by these inconsiderate politicians.