Thursday, May 22, 2008

Little Talibans in Malaysia

It's stupid really. But thanks to the National Islamic Students Association of Malaysia, an unheard of group, we have made it to the international media for the wrong reason, again. The group has claimed that the school uniforms worn by our female students are too sexy, saying the blouse were too transparent and could lead to rape and pre-marital sex. What planet do these guys come from? These little Talibans are also claiming that these uniforms are a distraction. The Home Ministry also has their strange rules. Newspapers and magazines cannot have pictures of women in clevages, belly buttons or arm pits. But hey, you get plenty of these on MTV but that's because another ministry is handling TV stations! For a stronger perspective, hear it from Patrick Teoh.
But Mahaguru58 is fuming MAD at those who criticised the students. Here's his side, calling me and Karpal Singh infidels, obviously unable to argue his case well. The women PAS wing, as expected, is throwing their support for the association. The Islamist party also think it's too sexy for the students.


amoker said...

Thanks for putting this up because I was jumping when i read this today. It is even more ridiculous to suggest that the girls are using their uniform to entice man. It takes two to clap and again, why is it the fault of women when they are raped or assaulted?

I am a man and i can not take this ridiculous argument

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, women not wearing face veils are seducing all the lusty men in the streets as well. We should round up all the women n give them warnings about the dangers of not wearing face veils (i.e. they could be subjected to rapes, jeers, lusty thoughts by men). These women should be warned only the 1st 2 times, after that they should be publicly caned. There are so much we can learnt from Iran & Saudi Arabia.

Oh, we can also imposed curfew on women from 9pm to 7am in the morning, every day.

Perhaps we can start this exercise with the women in the UMNO first?

Anonymous said...

Dear WCK

How horrible and sad to hear from you with high and prestigious education, simply say Taliban and Stupid just for this simple resolvable issue. I beieve this is very lateral racialtic sice you helm as Cheif Editor

Imagine, what would you say if the thing come from other regiligion association or body.

Do ypou say Extremist or KLU Klax Klan or so and so.

Tulang Besi said...

Wong Chun Wai,

It's clear you're desperate. Using yuor normal "Taliban" line shows that you're desperate to show your anti Islam side.

Maybe u need to check this my latest article entitled about life in Taleban country:

For one, the President of Muslim Student Association is more credible to comment on the uniform issue, then u Wong.

Secondly, sexy and revealing clothes is something school girls should not be wearing. My own observation shows that the clothes are revealing and needs to be changed.

Thirdly, at least someone is trying to do something when the problem of teenage sex is getting more and more serious as we speak. Others liek Wong Chun Wai chooses to critisize without offering any solutions

Fourthly, if u read all guides to preventing rape, the advice is, among all, not to wear revealing clothes. What the president of PPI is advising is in line with that.

So, please, Wong Chun Wai, u need to exercise reason and logic when commenting.


Anonymous said...

Morons will remain as morons!

The restrictive clothing; oversized cloths and bandaged head suggest a CLOSED NARROW MIND and as tight as shithole! Their interpretation STINKS!

When will they ever learn?

Anonymous said...

Good point on inconsistencies. Things are fairly liberal for TV and movies. Very liberal on the Internet. But for newspapers, there are still many curbs when it comes to the female form.

Bangsa Cina Malaysia said...

jesus is Isa in arabic.
to christian he is the son of god.
to moslem he is a prophet {nabi )
both religion came from the holy land and agreed this person exist.
yet both are fighting and killing
in the name of god.
former MB of NS Md Isa and current
MB of Perlis Mat Isa uses the name
of Isa.
too bad majority of malaysians
do not realize this fact.

Anonymous said...

Chun Wai,

Instaed of labelling them as anti-Taliban, you should say why the blouse is okay. May it is because you think they are not transparent. Maybe you think that it is transparent but you think transparent is okay anyway. Tell me why.

Maybe they are right after all. Since the students already do not have freedom of choice over what they wear to school why don't we look at wtr the blouse is really transparent and if transparent, we should see wtr we should change the uniform.

By the way, I think the Bahasa translation of the student association's name could be Persatuan Kebangsaan Pelajar Islam Malaysia (PKPIM). They are not exactly unheard of. The English translation may have misled you.

p9bachok said...

you the one who is stupid. your brain cannot see this because your brain is black. try wash your brain with the help of muslim will be surprise

Anonymous said...

Why give them the time of day? Let these feral beings bay and bray if they must.

Dek Mat said...

what is more important is for us to actually identify the reasons for rape. it is all about chauvinism and a display of power towards the weaker sex/person.

We have to immediately address the education system in our country to put a halt to the mass production of students like in PKPIM.

Tulang Besi said...

See, the idea behind attacking Taleban and their policies are:

a. When people live like the Taleban, they turn backwards and reject progress

b. Idiots in the West thinks that the more women exposes themselves the more progressive they are

c. So, when u go the other way, that is covering up, you're hampering progress.

Seeing that most people are idiots and accept everything the West says, it's no surprise that we have idiots like FFT condeming the practice of covering up.

It turns out, progress is well and alive in Taleban country.

Check it out

Bangsa Cina Malaysia said...

adam dan mawa ( adam and eve )
mariam ( mary )
ibrahim ( abraham )
yusof ( joseph )
musa ( moses }
daud ( david }
yakob ( jacob )
isa ( jesus )
why all this hatred among each other. all malaysian should understand the above especially
those politicians from government and oppositions.

Anonymous said...

aiyoyoyo, nanti get hard-on in sarong then susah nak hide lah. i din even realise the shirts were so transparent. who has been studying, researchin, documenting the transparency of the shirts in detail? where are the empirical studies that show the translucent tshirts causes more hard-ons than boys in tight shorts?

haiyah, last time in school, the fun thing to do was to drench the girls in some event -- teacher's day or something -- so that can see the bra-mah.....


Anonymous said...

Hi Datuk,

The guys are way off tangent!

Next they may promounce that babies pampers and anak ku kiddies wear are too sexy as well-might ignite fantasies of rape and plunder in their infantile minds.

Well it takes all sorts to make the world.

Anonymous said...

New Malaysia is a typical anti muslim guy.Ur argument speak out of ur brain, not as a rational guy.

No wonder people like u is the most that anti Muslim in Malaysia.

what they suggest is none of ur business!

Anonymous said...

I think you are stupid not the association. Do you want your daughter wearing such thinly and transparent school uniform to school?. Sorry not my daughter. It's better to train them from young to dress properly. They are many bad hats out there and with that kind of revealing clothes anything can happen. Maybe not to girls with sexy uniform but to other easy target for some kind escapism.

KONAKON said...


Maybe these "little talibans" should mature a bit?Do they know and understand what they are saying? It was shocking that they could come with with that stupid idea.I thought that ideas like this could only come out from a perv's brain.But I was wrong.

The blouse is too transparent and it distracts them?It's their problem.Then I bet these pervs have payed a LOT of attention to notice it don't you think?LOL

Please, define "sexy" .It has nothing to do with it.

And no, Wong is not being anti islamic you morons.
Anti-islamic? What a cheap excuse.Let us pay attention to the issue and not other topics.

This proposal reminds me when they made a similar(stupid) idea to prohibit womens to go overseas alone.

Let us research the CAUSE and not jump in conclusions.

Too much religion and little attention to the country's economy and about the people.

One more step for Malaysia to be arab -__-*


Anonymous said...

Covered up things are mysterious, mysterious things are attractive, attractive things excite the imaginations of curious men...
Oh!Oh! Covering up might not help!
Maybe clearing those excited imaginations would....

Anonymous said...


Why Malaysia is emulating arab?The unsuccesful ones when we can emulate the succesful ones: S.Korea, S.pore, Taiwan or Japan?!

Why no one is thinking about this?

Anti-islamic?Like yuki says: WHAT A CHEAP EXCUSE!

Allow me

Let me propose Malaysians to wear those robes like in arab.Let us let our beard grow a lot those who shaves it must die.Let us impose MACHO MAN laws like arab.Let us marry at least 4 womens.Let us buy 14 million camels to serve as transport.Let us stop exporting to USA our 1st partner in trade because they are the west.Let us kill foreigners who come to our country.Let us destroy buddhist temples or anything related to buddhist religion such as destroying Buddha statues.Viva taliban!Taliban Vision 2020.Hurray!

These people are close minded people.A bunch of ignorants.

Each country is different, we can't emulate arab.But maybe in your dreams!

KONAKON said...

Let us prohibit the use of make ups because it makes them sexy.

Yes, let us also hide their faces because it is sexy too.

Let us cut their long hair because it is soo sexy.

No talking.Because voices can be sexy.

No lipsticks.No coloring your nails.All products that make you sexy must be burned.

I recommend the Taliban Suit where it doesn't expose your intimate parts.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

'sexy'-ness is in the eyes of the beholder....

pwcheng said...

It is a pity that as time progressed,the minds of some Malaysians regressed. Can we blame it on the education system: i) intake of students with such minuscule brains that in the first place should not have been there. ii) the infused etched thinking employed by our education system where critical thinking is conspicuously kept at bay OR is it a deliberate attempt to say something stupid to put oneself in the spotlight.

Anonymous said...

Now these KL Taliban wannabe has given new meaning to transparency. In fact I think they are supporting our new government drive to improve transparency.

Anonymous said...

Hey Tulang Besi, maybe that lady Munirah has a point after all.....
maybe due to the cost of living going up, and our ringgit don't buy much nowadays, we have to buy cheaper & thinner blouse materials for our school gals. It could also meant that we don't have much money to spare, hence the gals have to wear thread-bare blouse.

Anonymous said...

Mmmmm.....Munirah should refers to this BBC newslink

In essence: "Sex clothes anger Kenyan Muslims" which mentioned that the Kenya moslem prostitutes wear the "tudung / buibui" while plying the streets. Same as that in Iran as well.

So what say U?

Anonymous said...

I don't know why the readers' comments to Chun Wai's article has taken a racial and religious turn. The issue here was about the uniforms. Frankly if any of you ( whether you are Malay, Chinese, Indian or LL, or whether you are Muslims, Christians, Hindus, or LL, just do your home work a bit. Just go down to any supermarket or school uniform shops and shop for school uniforms. They are all "transparent" or "semi see-through". They are the only types available, because these are the cheap clothes that most Malaysian parents can afford due to the low income. And it is too costly to get tailor made uniforms with the fabric of their choice. And anyway, if you decide to make school uniforms for the kids with thick materials like linen or denim, the school kids will wilt in our hot and humid weather. So this so called "transparent" or "semi see-through" thin material is quite practical. It is cheap and comfortable. So let's not make a big fuss out of this. maybe the word "Taliban" was too strong, but the point is there and valid.

Anonymous said...

So sad. All that money spent(on scholarship) to educate, to progress, but what a waste. Come back with backward minds. This country will never progress with backward minds like this. So sad.

Anonymous said...

Guys, stop getting upset over arguments from those who get a hard-on from a whiff of women's perfume, etc.

Feel sorry for them for their desperation in using religion to mask their inadequacies as men.

Just tell these 'pious and religious men' to go check all the incest and rape cases. No need to say much but just ask them to check the charge sheet where it says 'religion'!

Sorry Chun Wai, I let these Taliban wannabes crawled under my skin today!

Anonymous said...

The government must register all those little Talibans and ban them for applying a passport for we can't be sure they can control themselve and what they start to rape foreigner once they see foreign women wearing sexy outfit?

Anonymous said...

Chun wai,
Maybe your thought said the uniform are not sexy... Look back, or maybe watched them... Especially the one who wear baju kurung.. Maybe you can read my blog.. what i've to say... And maybe you're not aware the environment of schooling nowadays...

MAHAGURU58 said...

Dear Brother Chun Wai,

May peace be upon you sir.

You take offense at my calling you and Karpal Kaffir?

Have you by any chance become a Muslim bro?

I for one was appreciating your efforts and also those of Karpal for being dedicated Islamophobes or rather let me put in in a nicer way @ dedicated critics of Islam and the Muslims!

As the Group Chief Editor of a national newspaper bro, you ought to be much more magnanimous than to resort to making uncalled for name callings and labellings of those students as 'Little Talibans', etc?

I am sure that you can show a bit more class than to engage in gutter journalism, sir?

You say that I can't argue my case well?

What do you call my lengthy explanation about the code of modesty that we Muslims are commanded by God almighty to abide to?

As a Malaysian citizen, Chun Wai, my advice to you would be to lay off insulting others just because you are of another faith?

It speaks volumes as to the person engaging in libel and backbiting that you sir unfortunately seem to have descended into?

Still, at the end of the day, whatever we say or express will be recorded and used to judge us in the Hereafter, so I just wish that you'd show a bit more understanding and compassion towards your fellow mankind in the future.

No one is perfect Chun Wai so please do not go around pontificating as if you are so?

Having said that, I still wish you would consider the fragile political and religious atmosphere we are having here in this multi faithed nation of ours before commenting insensitively like that upon other faith's way of life or norms.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Mr Wong Chun Wai,
What going on with you?
The kind of posts have started degrading and have now turned into a verbal brawl..
You have also encroached upon sensitive topics and making a mess out of discussing them, more so just parotting your dislike.
I am very dissapointed and now pretty disgusted with the way some things are being said in your blog and the kind of comments you are approving.
Now its just a waste of time reading this blog.

Now it makes me wonder, whether you are the 47 year old editor of the Star or just an 18 year old hot head wanna come out and argue on silly topics..

Anonymous said...

omg...this is so and my other friends are muslims. we're in a coed school(SBU) and we wear the pinafore. luckily the teachers dont seem to mind. however, some other schools don't allow so. BUt they can't just simply make up rules just like that cuz rules must be appoved by the gov......Hooray for SBU!