Friday, May 2, 2008

It's hot in Perak too!

In a dramatic event, Perak Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin has been ordered by the Sultan of Perak to reinstate state religious department director Datuk Jamry Sury. Royal consent was not obtained for the sacking. Earlier, at 11am, Nizar was summoned to the palace. The palace has also issued a statement on the decision.


Anonymous said...

let Nizar spill the beans on this fella. then they might have second thou about appointing him again.

Ok.. Nizar, pls tell it to thelma..

CHI said...

Ok chun wai ko, welcome to blogging bro.

Donplaypuks® said...

This is the 1st and last time I will be making a contribution to your blog. Not that I am anyobody famous; no, I'm just an ordinary guy.

My personal opinion of you is that you are a disgrace to the profession of journalism for your warning (threat) to M'sians to 'vote wisely' before the GE. There was an implied threat that if we did not vote BN, that another Apocalypse was in the making.

Your right to blog is not in dispute. But, your postingd here are not original and can be found in most of pioneer bloggers' websites.

Unless you have something original, you are wasting space!

allen ng said...

The Menteri Besar is just first timer ruling the state and I bet it is his prerogative to sack that chap who was trying to be funny with him.But alas! the Sultan has the final say and I bet he has to follow his instruction or else trouble would be brewing later.

Anonymous said...


Missing out on the protocol doesnt mean Nizar made a bad decision,

Surely he must have reached the stage , Cant tahan anymore then need to sack as last resort. Keep it up Nizar, more to come!!

Pak Zawi said...

Let us all know the reason why the MB decided to sack this guy. I smell something fishy going on that made the MB took the decision which proved to be unpopular with the Sultan.

Anonymous said...

Whne you say 'its hot in Perak too" it means somewhere else has been hot. Where? Why?

By the way, you are only reporting an outcome. Do you not want to tell the circumstances that led to such situation?

No, do not start from the fact that the royalty told the MB to do so.

If you have the 'ability' try to get the MB interviewed on why the decision to remove the person was made. And if you think it needs to be balanced, try interview the guy who was asked to leave.

That is the kind of 'fair' reporting we like to see - if you want to be impactful as a concerned citizen who wishes to contribute towards letting us know the two sides of the story.

Leave us to make our own decisions and conclusions.

Do not try to influence us with your pro-BN arguements.

Will you?

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

just because DS Nizar is a PAS man, this stupid jamry fella refuses to work with the state government. so what do you expect the MB to do? shower him with praises and let him keep his job? this guy's a joke. the MSM in the mean time, why cant they get to the main issue instead of shooting the MB down? typical la these people, spin and spin some more, especially TV3.

*welcome to the cyberworld, dato'.

Anonymous said...

I can't help but agreed with "donplaypuks". This my 1st and last posting here. I don't to waste my time here. Bye

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Wong, as a fellow journalist and blogger, I'd like to say welcome to the net. But I think I speak for most of us when I say that we want to read what you THINK rather than what you report. The latter is unoriginal, as a previous commenter pointed out.

You are a powerful man in the in the media, and I'm sure you know well enough how to use your brains rather than follow blindly when writing.

This is your avenue to be frank and show us what you've got inside, once all your limitations in print media are taken away.

It's good that we get breaking news from you, but isn't that what media is for too? We want to see some honest to goodness opinion here too.

Anonymous said...

nizar made a very bad decision. just admit it. Sultan has to correct him. if not in future he will do the same.

Anonymous said...

Let's give the people's choice their chance to improve!

The other is a interested (looser) party & has no moral ground to pass judgements.

Carry on . Learn the ropes. DYMMs will be fair & just.

Unknown said...

Something is fishy here.

I can understand that the MB is new so at times he may "langgar" the state constitution.

What about the state secretary ?
Why didn't he alert the MB that it is the prerogative of the Sultan in all matters pertaining to Islam in the state ?

Strange ... if the SS didn't do his job well, he should be the one replaced.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the blogging world.
Every blogger worth listening to.
Even the dull ones.
They have a story to tell.
Who knows, it may benefit.
To each his own.

Bunda said...

Dear WCW,

You are still writing like a reporter. Bloggin is a different animal altogether.

We would like to know your OPINION and THOUGHTS on the matter. If you have nothing ORIGINAL to add to the report, why bother BLOGGING at all?

Anonymous said...

Having a blog tantamounts to also expressing one true feelings about the current issues even if it angers those in the corridors of power. Good luck

Anonymous said...

It would be quite difficult to be a blogger while working within the politically controlled MSM. Dong your think??

Anonymous said...

It's hot in Perak, but what do you think?

I am afraid I have to agree with some of the comments posted here. What is the point of just reporting fact here without your own personal opinion or input? Not afraid of having some cops knocking at your door, are you? Only sedition charges, you can handle that, can’t you? What is the difference between your blog and those Star and NST online news? Nothing!! Just totally crap and rubbish! As a blogger, one expects you to publish your own opinion. Without that I don’t see any relevant to your site. Just wasting my download!! Sorry, no jual murah for me! Malaysia Today is much more interesting! Bye-bye- - -

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the blogosphere, but like what some others said before me it's a place for expressing your thoughts and opinions; not dryly reporting what has already been published in the MSM. What's the point of having a blog otherwise? Are you merely jumping on the bandwagon of the recent blog explosion? Come to think of it, it does lack originality and smacks of cheap publicity. Don't feel bad, the other BN bloggers fall in the same category of lies, spins, and generally immature finger-pointing.

I agree with donplaypuks, you're a disgrace to the journalist profession with your not-so-thinly-veiled threat to vote BN or be damned.

Unless theStar manages to get its balls back from the grip of political parties and be a true independent media, it will only serve as a source of amusement.

Rockybru said...

Hey old bro!

Let me welcome you to blog-world. I know it was not an easy decision to make. It will be harder to be a blogger while you are still a practicing journalist with a mainstream media.

I have spoken to several journalists from The Star as well well as from NST, Utusan, Sinar, etc. They are quite excited with the prospect of blogging as journalists.

Short cut to Press Freedom, bro? We'll find out.

Anonymous said...

aiyoh wong chun wai you christian kan?
why you then write so many lies?
its sad to have someone who claim to be born again writing nonsense on your BN -MCA paper when everything that came out from march 8th was the total opposite of what was reported..
good la you blog, we then can tell you how we all feel about you.
you are a disgrace to journalism.
heck, even jeremy clarkson, although rude and vulgar is much more respected by me cause you are nothing but a turncoat coward.

donplaypuks said it correctly, your veiled threats just before the election on your column was THE ONE REASON MANY INCLUDING MYSELF KNEW VERY WELL TO VOTE OPPOSITIONS.

and for that sweet article, thank you for denying the barang naik 2/3majority. maybe you doing reverse psychology, no?

Anonymous said...

Don't give us what we already know. Give us what we don't know!
Since you are now writing on your own free will and not bound to kowtow to the big shots who employ you, please take off that mask and be more human.
Let's see the better side of you..

Anonymous said...

Wong, I just want to ask you a simple question. Do you have the guts to tell your political masters the truth? If you are scared, dont blog, just stick to the safety of your bunker in the Star.

Anonymous said...

it would not be false to state that mainstream media is an instutionalised shackled industry. having said that the fault cannot be wholly put on the goverment. for instance the star newspaper assisted such concubine captivity when it exchange Tunku Abdul Rahman and Dr Tan Chee Koon for its credibility.

it would take more than ad-hoc implants and "so-called" open pieces. malaysians since october 2007 have come through monsoon winds of change, and it would not easily embrace a paper or system that has construed and eclipsed their right to the whole story.

so Wong, welcome to the world of blogging. may it stir an conscience seared by instutionalised rigging towards courage and a new spirit

sinnersaint:saintsinner said...

I disagree with donplaypuks and alan, the hollier than thou BS must be shed, i'm certain all of us have one time or another had to stoop to "higher powers" ie our master who pays/paid us, some of us might have even sold our "souls" to them lol

So, why shld Wong Chui Wai be treated differently, he's just like any one of us, paid to do a job and he might have crossed the "decency" line, havent we done that in our past... i'm no supporter of any but will defend nonsense ie both yr comments does not reflect an individuals right to express.....

Liberty is for ALL, bloggers arent special creatures, everyone has the right to blog and express.

So, please refrain from insulting each other, the space belong to all.


Wee Choo Keong said...

Wrelcome to the blogging club! It was great to learn that you have started blogging. It is hoped that you will also push for real press freedom through your blog as well as the Star. I know that it is not going to be easy but we must all try.

All the best bro!

Anonymous said...

Datuk Wong,

Can you comment this?

Did the STAR copy cat Rocky Bru’s story?
Oh, dear.

Wong Chun Wai says in his ON THE BEAT column (Page 29, Sunday STAR, today): “Bloggers are no longer just posting their comments but are also breaking news on their blogs”.

But Datuk, looks like the STAR has copied an exclusive on Rocky Bru’s blog but did not give him any acknowledgement. Is this a habit or has it become a policy? - To copy a story when bloggers break it and then to work on it, and later pretend as if it is their own story?

I think it’s cheap lah.

Anonymous said...

Nizam could have sacked the incvumbent owing to the latter's recalcitranty and arrogant attitude in failing to realise he is serving a different political master now. Yeah, before the new MB decides to sack this stubborn fella, where the heck was the state secretary. Should not he advise the MB to better check with the palace first before making any hasty decision. A case of treachery by the SS to make the new MB look stupid in the eyes of us rakyat? We aint blind. We can forgive the new MB but we cannot forgive the SS and the sleigh of hand the MSM is trying to spin on the issue. These 2 bozos probably are lackey-boys of the wretched UMNO/BN regime just like you, Mr. Wong Chun Wai.

People like you are still in denial, shocked and stupefied by the sudden defeat post-GE2008.

Anonymous said...

Dear Datuk Wong,

I can see many of the commenters here agree with me that your posts are rather dry.

Among the few that defended you is sinnersaint9. It's quite strange that his blogger profile is private just like some of the commenters on Khir Toyo's blog.

I disagree with sinnersaint9 that "all of us have one time or another had to stoop to 'higher powers' ie our master who pays/paid us" and crossed the "decency" line. This is the same argument for criminals who say that "I've no choice but to cari makan by stealing, robbing, pimping, etc."

But it must be hard for after all, is this blog supposed to express your personal views or just simply another public relations exercise?

You've hardly said anything that you've not said before or in your articles in the Star.

We want to know your views on the Altantuya case, not just reporting the Raja Petra's arrest and bodeking other bloggers by linking them.

Blogosphere is quite different from the local media. Here, even if you bodek but your blog is boring or doesn't add any value. It will be ignored.

But I believe you are a man who can adapt to the drastically changed political landscape. Now, you just need to grow a spine.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, to add, there is nothing new about your "New Malaysia" blog. Maybe to you the act of blogging itself seems so groundbreaking but it hardly caused a ripple in Malaysian blogosphere.

Perhaps, the Star's online editor or Veera would be better bloggers due to their superior language skills. If words are not your strong points, then pictures or video may help add colour to this bland blog.

God bless.

Anonymous said...

Dear dato,

I am KL born,in my 40's having seen the great days of the NST, MM and Star. A lot of us knew the 5 great Prime Ministers before Pak Lah and what mirrored their great administration in each of their own ways was a clean, vocal and caring press. Sadly since Pak Lah took over especially, the NST, MM and Star have all become political mouthpieceof Putrajay and left the people no choice but to abstain from giving any credibility to the mainstreammedia.
Change this dato, the Star used to be to brave and independant paper! let us go back to what made this nation great make our children proud to be Malaysians. Let us wave the flag at football games, sing the national anthem loudly, have freinds of all races come over for lunch, dinner, deepavali, raya, CNY and let us all mix as one like we used to in the good old '60's ,70's & 80's.

Let us trust our leaders in government and talk of malaysia in a real sense of pride to our neighbours in singapore like we used to when we malaysians KNEW and believed that we were better in every ways then them in a friendly but Abang and adik soret of way.

The press MUST do its part and you Dato can make the change.

Anonymous said...

Nothing to read here. Same like reading the Star. "New Malaysia"? What's new? Are you a part of nurturing a freer, more democratic, more equal, more balanced Malaysian society? You are nothing but a voice of BN and puppet of UMNO.

Anonymous said...

Now that you are blogging, I guess you will hear quite a bit of the other side as regards what you stand for.

As of now, I am dissappointed with what you have written on the election but I do uphold the fact that you are entitled to your views.

Blogshpere is freedom for the oppressed. Now oppressed have a voice.

Anonymous said...

Kesian sekali bila tengok bro. kena batai. Tak apalah, jangan putus asa, masih ramai yang sokong bro termasuk saya.

Kalau takut ombak, janganlah berumah di tepi pantai. Begitulah setelah memberanikan diri untuk blog, hadapilah keadaan ini penuh tabah dan sabar. Saya tahu bro. pun dah lama fikir dengan masak sebelum mengambil keputusan menjadi blogger seperti sekarang.

Memang ramai yang tidak suka MCA, dan bila tak suka MCA, maka tak sukalah Star, dan bila tak suka Star, maka dengan sendirinya tak sukalah Ketua Editornya. Itulah situasi yang dihadapi oleh Bro.

Saya percaya terdapat segelintir manusia yang suka batai orang. Bila sudah batai, hatinya pun puas dan akan rasa seronok kerana dapat lepaskan geram ke atas orang yang dimusuhinya. Inilah yang telah berlaku dalam sebahagian komen yang diterima.

Bro perlu sedar kita tidak akan memuaskan hati semua orang walaupun kita telah melakukan yang terbaik. Harap janganlah ambil hati sangat kerana memang selama ini ramai musuh sudah lama tunggu untuk batai Bro secara habis-habisan.

Saya percaya orang-orang yang batai Bro adalah orang yang jarang membaca tulisan Bro. Jika diikuti dengan mendalam, saya percaya tulisan Bro lebih mementingkan perpaduan kaum, menolak penyelewengan dan penyalahgunaan kuasa pemimpin BN, kerap mendedahkan sikap angkuh pemimpin BN, menegakkan keadilan tanpa sengaja menonjolkan kebaikan tokoh-tokoh MCA.

Saya turut kesal terdapat segelintir pengirim yang sengaja menggunakan kepercayaan agama untuk mengutuk Bro. Saya harap budaya ini tidak diteruskan kerana kita memang harapkan 'New Malaysia' agar menjadi kenyataan.

Akhir sekali, saya harap Bro boleh meluangkan masa dengan membalas walaupun bukan semua, tulisan-tulisan yang dihantarkan kepada Bro. Saya percaya ramai akan rasa gembira dan tertunggu-tunggu jawapan daripada Bro. Say Hello pun tak kisah lah, janji Bro membalasnya.

Maaf saya hanya panggil saudara sebagai Bro sahaja kerana sejak dapat gelaran Datuk, saya masih belum jumpa Bro sampai hari ini. Mungkin satu hari nanti, saya dapat berjumpa dan memanggil Bro dengan Datuk buat pertama kalinya, sejak hampir 20 tahun kita tidak bertemu.

Take care. May God bless you and your family.

sinnersaint:saintsinner said...

Miss Jed Yoong,


read carefully, what i've posted, than you'll probably realise that i'm not a BN croonie or running dog ke ke ke. I disapprove anyone dictating who should or shouldnt blog.

Hence, "we all bla bla bla". I've congratulated you on yr pix prior to election, how can i be a stooooooge la.

Now, how many of those who blog want their identity be known, some for work or business reasons might want to reveal their true NAMA. I've been called ULTRA by some Chief Editors/Grp Editors jurnos etc etc, so how can i be some killer, rapist or murderer ke ke ke

Take it easy, its a free world and like how you and others out there freely post, one must learn to accept other view points, which differ, after all FLEEEDOM mah

Thank You, Take It Easy

PRAY,IT WORKS. joe's blog said...

YES, mr. blogger, welcome to cyberspace. Breathe the air. IT is cleaner than the malaysian one. WE intend to keep it that way. FREEDOM with responsibility. A phrase long out of fashion. OUR freedom here includes integrity, transparency..the fundamentals, man. And also maybe some fun. BE with us, be at peace.