Sunday, May 18, 2008

Dr M also plays the racial card

Even Dr Mahathir Mohamad cannot resist playing the racial card when he faced the Umno crowd. It was all about the perceived threat, mostly imagined, that the Malays were losing their rights to non-Malays.Umno seems to believe that one way of winning back the Malay votes is to re-emphasise its role as the protector of Malay rights. But the results of the last polls showed that it did not hurt PKR a bit even with Anwar Ibrahim saying the NEP has become irrelevant. The MCA has now talked about adopting a multi-racial approach with some even thinking that in the long run, the party has to evolved into a totally different structure. The Chinese community is shrinking, that's a reality. But Umno has not shown enough willingness to adapt and change when Malaysians have changed. There is no more future for communal politics.


Anonymous said...

TDM knew he is in trouble, he is trying to play racial card to divert attention and seek Malays support to escape from his wrongdoing. This tactic worked during his tenure as PM and now he is playing it again.

jenn v ariela said...

Let the titans fights among themselves in court..this is the way it shuould be if they want to proof themselves are clean. It is actually a good start then the next will follow up for Najib if he want to prove his capability. GOOD START!

Secondly, Tun M is playing with is silly racial card in Johor just will cause more defects to the nation. See chedet dot come about his “Ketuanan Melayu” recent agenda. What is he up to?? Create another chaos?? This is already century 2000.

Hopes that the younger generations of Malays are mature enough with their mentality thinking. The real enemy is other’s countries like US and British not within Malaysia. History is history and we do not live in the past. What is the true meaning of Merdeka? It is the unity among our nations, no point reading the past and reciting the past all the time and it serves no purpose at all….

Malaysia is constantly moving ahead with global challenges why kill among ourselves in our own country??? It is absolutely insane and his statements makes loses for his own supports. It is the silliest thing he spoke in Johor. It HURTS FEELINGS of all the Non-Malays after 50 years of Independency. If Malays want a better future the “RACIST ” issue must be ABOLISH IMMEDIATELY. Prove that Malay are mature and not silly. Do not forget the contributions and sacrifices of all Non-Malays in this country!!!

Sorry and sad to say Tun have made his big mistakes again.

PR must WIN! Many have totally lost hope this time because the goverment and the former ministers have totally ignorance of the Non-Malays!

It is time for all Non-Malays to unite and WAKE UP! Perpaduan and equal is all we want and fighting for. The mission is not ended yet.
Please don’t wait and do nothing for our future generations.

We want a brighter future and not living in the past! Even PAS knows how to respect and appreciate the non-malays contributions, sacrifices and hard work. We non-malays are NOT “Buruh” and owes nothing. We deserves to live in equal and in harmony!

CHee XtheMan said...

Tun, Pls low down your tune !! I'm a non-malay, but i did respect you as a person and as leader. However, the latest remarks that from you said Malay is losing and Non malay is taking over the country it is totally incorrect.
I guess what you trying to say it is "Umno Malay losing power".

After march 8, Is malay losing the power ? The following are the example:-

1. In Perak, DAP win big there. By right MB of Perak should be from DAP not from PAS However, It is because on malay ruler stated MB must be muslim and Malay. DAP accepted and life move on. Where is the malay right lost here ? NO, It is UMNO MALAY LOSING POWER.

2. Pas win big in Kedah, MB is still Malay ? IS malay losing power ? NO, It is UMNO MALAY LOSING POWER.

3. Selangor PKR won big, MB is still Malay. IS malay losing power ? NO, It is UMNO MALAY LOSING POWER.

4. DAP won big in Penang, Dap still respected Malay right and LGE is wants PAS to play a part as wellin Penang. Malay right stil respected in Penang and what again It is UMNO MALAY LOSING POWER.

5. Kelantan still as before. It is UMNO MALAY LOSING POWER


K_rAm said...

It is the most desperate thing Dr M can do,knowing the fact that he is now a tiger without teeth.It is a contradictory statement for a man who coined up the phrase "Bangsa Malaysia".

He is using the Malays to achieve what he wants-get rid of Pak Lah.Knowing that his position is in grave danger after the release of the royal commission report,he resorted to his last option-the racial card.

He even used the HINDRAF report to cause tension between Malays and other races,claiming that the rights of the Malays are dwindling and the Malays are being marginalised.

If we Malaysians still remember,Dr M used to strongly criticise Singapore mentor,Lee Kuan Yew for stating that the Chinese and Indians in Malaysia are being marginalised.But what did Dr M do today??From here,we can draw a conclusion that Dr M is a man of two-faced,a walking-time bomb who can trigger racial inharmony anytime and anywhere,the most hazardous politician ever exists in Malaysia.

Dr M even thinks so greatly of himself that he is prepared to give 100 tips to remove Pak Lah.I am eager to see whether he can achieve this.

ISA had most of the time being misused.Now,it is the most precise moment to invoke the ISA against Dr M due to his racial statement which can potentially repeat the tragic event of 13th May 1969.His statement poses a threat to all Malaysians who live peacefully and harmoniously.

The PM,Pak Lah should seriously consider taking actions against Dr M even if he has immunity.As we know,NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW.

Ah Chin said...

Malaysian politicians are so predictable. They hold only one card to their chests, but everyone knows what it is. When all means they try fail to achieve the ends, out they pull the card.

This old pain in the neck played the racial card during the Tunku's times and it finally gained him the most powerful position in the country. Now that he is history and wants to make a comeback, he again resorts to the old tactics, no doubt hoping that those gullible UMNO goons will fall to his trap and jump on his bandwagon. Now that he has pulled out his last card, let us see if he can achieve the end again. Woe betide this country if he does. When in power, he put in place many policies to safeguard his position and these policies have now come home to roost on him. Now he goes around to discredit these policies because they obstacles to his barefaced agenda. Can't fault him because the skin of every politician is thicker than the rawhide.

One does not have to be a wiz-kid to see that TDM does what he is doing now merely because of hurt ego. His oversized ego has to be appeased first. The well-being of the country takes second place.

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...

Practically every leader plays the racial card
To show proof for this just ask any informed bard
This has often been the scenario that's regularly shown
Whether or not the political mask has been fully blown

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 180508
Sun. 18th May 2008.

Anonymous said...


Assalamulaikum dan salam sejahtera kepada Tun Mahathir yang kami kasihi dan sanjungi selama ini.

Kami terpaksa mengunakkan ayat " sanjungi selami ini" apabila terbaca dan terpanggil untuk menulis surat terbuka ini - melihat kepada kenyataan Tun yang di akhbar STAR hari ini bertajuk - Dr M: Malays losing grip on political power dimana Tun mempertikaikan kesetiaan kaum bukan melayu terhadap kaum melayu.Satu kenyataan yang cukup berbahaya yang boleh mengundang pelbagai persepsi - mainkan api perkauman di negara ini.

Kami sebagai warga melayu di negara ini , selamai ini amat terkejut dengan kenyataan tersebut kerana apakah Tun sudah lupa bagaimana beliau dapat memerintah Malaysia yang juga di ibaratkan sebagai Swarna bumi tanpa bantuan kaum - kaum lain khususnya BN selama 22 tahun beliau jadi PM ? Beliau sendiri melaungkan semangat perpaduan kaum di Malaysia - merupakan satu contoh yang terbaik yang perlu dicontohi oleh negara - negara yang lain di banyak majlis dan ucapan - ucapanya di dalam dinegeri dan juga luar negara.

Beliau sendiri mengakui konsep BN merupakan satu gabungan yang terbaik di prasada antarabangsa.Sekiranya pemimpin seperti Tun sendiri telah menikmati segala kemewahan, kebahagian, kesejahteraan hasil daripada semangat perpaduan kaum yang kukuh selama 22 tahun dan kini Tun sendiri mengambarkan bahawa orang bukan melayu tidak lagi menghormati kaum - kaum lain di negara ini - memang sukar diterima.Kami harap pemimpin ulung seperti Tun janganlah bertindak sebagai pemimpin mentaliti kelas ke 3.Jangan pulak nak bersandiwara dan menunjukkan amalan " Pemimpin Syok Sendiri".Yang paling penting jangan sekali - kali cuba untuk menguris hati kaum - kaum lain dengan kenytaan yang tak berasas kerana ianya boleh mengundang kepada satu lagi insiden Mei 13.Adakah Tun mahu melihat kaum melayu dan bukan melayu bercakaran antara satu sama lain? Inikah niat Tun M?

Masyarakat melayu dan bukan melayu, kini memang akrab antara satu sama lain di dalam bidang perniagaan, politik ataupun bidang lain.Kami boleh duduk bersila , makan bersama, minum kopi bersama, sembang bersama, kunjung mengunjung bersama antara satu sama lain secara bersama - banyak lagi kami bersama.

Janganlah Tun ingin melihat malapetaka diantara kami.Kami tahu keakrapan kami.

Tun mesti ingat bahawa Tsunami politik 8 March adalah satu perkara yang perlu dilihat dalam satu konteks yang begitu luas oleh semua pihak khususnya parti parti komponen BN.Keputusan PRU baru n- baru ini bolehlah dianggap satu kejutan untuk pembaharuan dalam banyak perkara.

Rakyat telah memberikan mesej - kita boleh katakan satu bentuk amaran kepada BN untuk memperbetulkan keadaan. Kini terpulanglah kepada BN dan anggota komponenya untuk bertindak dan memperbetulkan keadaan.Sekiranya keadaan tidak berubah BN tahu apakah implikasinya.Jangan kita kaitkan dengan unsur - unsur perkauman di sini.

Tun jangan lupa apa yang berlaku pada tahun 1987- apabila beliau sendiri ditekan untuk berhenti.Apakah berlaku pada waktu itu? Jangan kita nak pijak orang apabila mereka susah.Itu bukan adat kaum melayu dan juga bukan adat kaum bukan melayu.Kita perlu berpegang kepada prinsip kesopanan dan kesusilaan - sepertimana rukun ke 5 di Rukunegara selanjang masa.Inilah prinsip Malaysia Boleh.

Jangan kita menjadi seorang pemimpin yang ghairah sampai kita lupa apa yang kita ingin bercakap kerana ianya boleh mencetuskan satu fenomena yang kurang sihat dan kurang baik.

Kita perlu mempunyai semangat kesyukuran , kerana sebelum ini semasa pemerintahan Tun - semua bangsa telah memberikan kerjasama yang begitu baik kepada Tun selama 22 tahun sehingga ada yang mencetuskan air mata apabila Tun bersara.Kami harap Tun pula tidak bersikap seperti MELAYU MUDAH LUPA , sepertimana yang Tun meluangkan selama ini.

Kami harap Tun dapat melahirkan rencana - rencana yang lebih rasional serta berfaedah di dalam blognya dan bukanya rencara yang boleh mengundang kepada kemarahan kaum - kaum lain. Jangan hancurkan kebahagian yang sedia ada kerana kami mahu Malaysia yang aman dan makmur.

Sekiranya komen kami menguris perasaan Tun , kami ingin minta maaf kerana apa yang kami utarakan satu cetusan hati ..dari hati ke hati kerana kami sayangkan semua kaum.


Anonymous said...

Kenyataan Tun M memang cukup bahaya.Saya harap pihak berkuasa dapat menelti isi kanduganya kerana ianya boleh menyebabkan banyak implikasi.Ianya perlu di pantau.

Anonymous said...

Saya amat terkejut apabila menerima sma daripada seorang kawan mengenai kenyataan Tun.Apakah niat sebenar Tun? Apakah beliau ingin melihat insiden Mei 13 ? Kami merayu kepada Tun jangan merosakkan semangat perpaduan kaum yang terpelihara sehingga hari ini.Tun mesti tarik balik kenytaan tersebut!

PRAY,IT WORKS. joe's blog said...

Mahathir IS a has been. He IS no longer relevant, out of touch. He lives in the thoughts of his good, strong govt. that could do NO wrong. He will rue his long life and old age seeing the SH'T he made ooze out of malaysia.

Anonymous said...

WCW, it is not enough to just write that TDM also play the racial card. You should be condeming this, and should get ANGRY.

TDM is inciting the malays againt the others, and this is highly seditoius. Why isnt the AG, PM, taking action???
All PR component parties should march to the polis stations in each state and make police reports, and then we shall see if the Polis/AG will act immediately.
We can have 1000s of reports.. lets do it NOW

Anonymous said...

Malaysia should restrict a Prime Minister to a maximum of two terms in office to avoid one person destroying the country.
Mr Wong, i would like to see you share your knowledge about money politics and corruption. It may be easier to change a government than to stem out corruption once it becomes a way of life.

Anonymous said...

Should charge him under Seditions Act for inciting racial hatred!

Anonymous said...

Some politicians have been kicking the dust due to self imposed fear about losing rights by a certain community. There is no need to periodically create fear [ for political gains ]regarding this issue. Everyone has agreed and respect the basic tenets enshrined in the constitution. We earnestly hope our beloved leaders will stop harping on the issue and continue to work to overcome the food crisis faced by the lower income group of our beloved country.

Ah Beng Crosby said...

Tun Dr.M is on self destruct mode. He played dirty when he testified during the Lingamgate inquiry and now he played even dirtier.

For this I will remember him as a racist pig!

Anonymous said...

Desperate men will grap at anything to stay alive. In sinking situations like this, the true nature of the persons are revealed. Now, we all know what type of person mahathir really is. Those who think he is great, well, thank God is still in Malaysia's side.

amoker said...

Indeed, i was peeved when i read what he said about ketuanan. Can they use "keistimewaan" instead of 'ketuanan'? I have no masters except God.

But he was looking for their support to topple AAB, and is very myopically racial.

Anonymous said...

To me, the equation of Umno=Malay is no longer valid. Umno can come and go but Malay is forever there.

Let me ask Malay brothers and sisters, is Umno a big deal to all of you? Do you think Malay is a progressive race?

It was really not fair and unreasonable to play racial card here. If Ong Ka Ting ask for more Chinese schools, very likely those in UMNO will protest that Ong Ka Ting is a racist. So, can we regard TDM a racist here?

Please wake up and look at problem per se and not from the viewpoint of skin colour.

JinChrist said...

pls don't lower yourself to such a racist. I like to remember u as a great statesman not RACIST Bigot.

Anonymous said...

Mayday Mayday!! Dr M has switched over to desperate mode. What an inconsiderate and lowdown tactic!! As if the people in UMNO must feed on the non-Malay blood to survive, he is playing the racial card again. Very un-muhibbah!!

He has many cards under his sleeve and like a cheat would draw out one or two according to the game. Recent one against Anwar was a Jewish card...what next??

Anonymous said...

I pity the Malays. They are forever in a dilemma. Their leaders tipu them, and then steal their money by pandering to their ignorance. I hope some days the Malay people will wake up and not be in any more dilemma. If they would just open their hearts to fellow Malaysians and listen to their wider views about this country and the world.