Monday, May 19, 2008

Breaking news! Dr M quits Umno

Updates: 4.17pm - Ku Li says he is staying back to fight Pak Lah
Updates: 3.54pm - Former Umno sec-gen Tan Sri Sanusi Junid has quit too.

Dr Mahathir Mohamad has announced he has quit Umno and has asked other party members to follow suit. The former premier stunned his listeners at a gathering in Kedah today, where Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah is scheduled to speak at a another function next. Dr Mahathir's dramatic decision is regarded as the latest move by him to pressure Abdullah Ahmad to step down as Umno president and Prime Minister. The announcement came a day after Dr Mahathir told Umno members in Johor that they should Pak Lah straight in his face that he should quit. Dr Mahathir, who headed Umno for 22 years, said he would only return to Umno after Pak Lah has quit. But he has also told his listeners not to join another party. His loyalists particularly the veterans could joined in. Just hours after his announcement, former Kedah MB Tan Sri Sanusi Junid said he would followed suit. Other veterans said they were shocked. But minister Datuk Seri Zahid Hamidi welcome the decision while Datuk Mukhriz Mahathir declined to comment on his move. Stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

Dr M quitting UMNO achieves nothing. Telling his supporters to quit and 'not join another party' is like leading your flock into the wilderness.

phillix-starscreamer said...

I agree with anonymous at 2.02. One who believe in the party will stay on and fight for what's right. If Tun M's heart is truly for the party, then quitting it as a sign of no confidence in Pak Lah is just like a child's selfish act of not talking to his mother because she refused him candy.

Anonymous said...

About time!

Anonymous said...

Umno is in the brink of kucar kacir, with or without TDM, makes no different.

TDM, I guess, is worried to face Umno member especially he was involved in Lingam scandal.

lanaibeach said...

Dr M resigned from UMNO(baru)
The party he founded in 1987

Now he comes full circle
Following the footsteps of Dato Onn Jaafar
He left when his party officials didn’t agree
His proposals to allow other races to join the party

Will Dr M resignation signal an after shock?
Currently it is left to be seen
What will be the political outlook of UMNO?
Dying slowly or just don’t care any more?

The MPs who love this country
They should know what to do
Pakatan Rakyat on the swing
This is the party the people hoped for
Go join and make it a new dawn
It isn’t about ethics; it isn’t about fraud
It is for the country and her developments

Dare to go and win
The country and her needs
Don’t get blinded by personal glory
And the wealth you think you will get

Dr M signals his grievances
True or false the UMNO leaders judge
Will other UMNO members follow?
The party now going down….

Anonymous said...

Though this is not the venue to talk about "The Star” I would like caution about this one man's ill intention so that you could play a responsible role as head of a MSM.
Quitting UMNO or any parties is his individual right. However his reason according to star is that he had lost confidence in Pak Lah’s leadership because Malays are losing their Malay rights and non-Malays are demanding more. Could we smell something here? I find he is trying to mislead Malays to go against non-Malays; he is trying to create unrest. All that because he wants to distract the attention of public and the world from Lingam's Tape scandal while also attempting to bring down the PM. Whatever reasons he may have, his approach is wrong especially as former PM of Malaysia.
Newspapers like Star under current situation must help Malaysians to understand the actual situation and intention so that we could preserve unity and harmony in this country. Importantly Mahathir must be condemned if he tries to play racial or divide Malaysians.

Anonymous said...

Good news, this. A pain in the proverbial behind has left on his own accord.

Will this mean that more Malays will want to join UMNO?

Anonymous said...


Tunku and Tun Hussien left the UMNO mahathir created, because they had total disdain for what mahathir was doing. mahathir is now leaving the party he has created himself, because he could not get his way.

He hopes others will follow his example. It would be good to see how much of a support he has in UMNO. AAB now has the opportunity to put mahathir to rest for good, at least in UMNO.

mahathir’s arrogance knows no bound. This arrogance is a result of his bloated self-confidence in himself. He has convinced himself that he can do no wrong and his logic supasses all others’.

The logic and confidence which are built with no moral and spiritual foundation are now tumbling down. Malaysia is on the path of recovery from 2 decades of decadence. There is hope for Malaysia yet. Just imagine what people’s unity can do!

Ah Beng Crosby said...

Good ridance. After playing the racial card and becoming a racist, old man quits UMNO is a welcome news. If he just keep his big mouth shut up, no one will know he is getting senile.

My unsolicited advice to the old man is go away, you have done your damage, now go away.

Anonymous said...

Well, let him join MIC. That's his real place. He is playing into the hands of Anwar who has laid many traps to Ameno (UMNO) and Bee Ann (BN). Time to move on.

phillix-starscreamer said...

I agree with Anonymous who said this:

I find he is trying to mislead Malays to go against non-Malays; he is trying to create unrest. All that because he wants to distract the attention of public and the world from Lingam's Tape scandal while also attempting to bring down the PM. Whatever reasons he may have, his approach is wrong especially as former PM of Malaysia.

I'm not sure abot what his plans are or what his strategy will entail, but it is not that simple. People, please open your eyes.

Anonymous said...

Could this be another devious, calculative move by a devious mind?
Could mahathir do this as a pre-emptive move? Could he have got wind of AAB wanting to take him to court on the Lingam’s tapes affair? He is doing this as a distraction and to dis-stabilise the government so that he can get off scot-free

Anonymous said...

no love lost for Dr. M.

another mugabe in the making.

Should have spent more time on his memoir.

some people just dont know when to stop.

should have take cue from ling leong sik and lim ah lek.

Unknown said...

Chun Wai,

Dr M is finally getting very personal. However, I do not expect mass resignations fr UMNO. What do you think? What will happen if UMNO splits?

Anonymous said...

AAB thinks he is unshakable.

UMNO top leaders have too much personal interest.

The grass-roots already express their disgust in the last election and nothing is done.

This is the next step to put pressure to AAB. He has warned AAB but AAB thinks otherwise.

After 12th GE, the public has not gain any or further confidence with AAB.

Even some of the recently elected Deputy Minister quit their post. So it is not so strange to quit.

Now, the grass-roots has no personal interest to protect. There will be mass quitting by the regular UMNO member. AAB cannot ignore this!!!

The last time DrM made his noise, UMNO member and the public did vote against AAB. 2/3 majority is lost.

This time, mahathir really shook the floor.

And this has got nothing to do with Lingam's tape.
Quitting or not quitting, a case is still a case.

And this case has no real case. Just Anwar's blackmailing Lingam, and AAB spin doctors spinning our attention from AAB deficiencies.

It will probably be dismissed if taken to court.

Quitting UMNO does not mean Mahathir is Quitting!

As usual, he is just doing something that most of us think unthinkable.

Opponents shocked and he is already steps ahead.

Do not underestimate his actions. He has the support of grass-root UMNO. The grass root will make UMNO strong again.


Assalamulaikum dan salam sejahtera kepada semua.
Wilayahkini terpanggil untuk memberikan komen mengenai tindakan Tun Dr.Mahathir yang telah keluar dari UMNO berkuatkuasa semalam.Kami amat terkejut apabila menerima sms mengenai berita tersebut semalam TETAPI kami tidak dapat menerima alasanya yang mengatakan disebabkan Pak Lah beliau berhenti.Satu alasan yang cukup peribadi daripada seorang pemimpin yang ulung.
Kenyataan Tun Mahathir- bersifat ugutan yang terbuka bukan sahaja kepada Pak Lah sebagai Perdana Menteri tetapi juga kepada kaum - kaum lain di negara ini termasuk BN yang telah lama begitu setia bersama UMNO selama ini kerana UMNO lah tunjang utama kekuatan BN.

Tun Mahathir, mempunyai hak untuk keluar dari UMNO tetapi beliau tidak sama sekali mempunyai hak untuk ugut sesiapa termasuk Perdana Menteri.Tun Mahatir, perlu ingat bukan sahaja UMNO, malah semua lapisan masyarakat telah memberikan sokongan yang padu dalam bentuk kerjasama, komitmen dan sebagainya kepada Tun Mahathir untuk memerintah negara dan parti- kalau tidak sudah tentunya Tun juga tidak dapat memerintah negara ini dalam keadaan selamat dan sejahtera.Kita semua bersama Tun dalam keadaan susah dan senang.

Apabila Tun bersara pada tahun 2003 dan menyerahkan kuasa kepimpinan negara kepada Pak Lah , rakyat memang merasakan kehilangan Tun.Kita amat sanjung tinggi perkhidmatan cemerlang Tun selama 22 tahun untuk Malaysia tanpa mengira agama dan kaum.

Kami sangat berharap Tun dapat menjadi seorang pemimpin yang lebih relevan selepas bersara tetapi tindakan Tun menentang dan mengkritik kepimpinan negara selepas bersara telah memberikan banyak implikasi dan kami berpendapat salah satu faktor kekalahan teruk BN pada PRU baru - baru ini juga disebabkan perbuatan dan perwatakan Tun sendiri.

Hari ini Tun bercakap mengenai ahli - ahli UMNO takut untuk menegakkan keadilan dan takut untuk bercakap.Satu kenytaan yang langsung tidak masuk akal kerana di zaman Tun dulu lah ahli - ahli UMNO bagaikan berada di penjara kerana tidak ada dasar keterbukaan.Semua di control oleh Tun sendiri.

Kita jangan lupa insiden 1998 apabila Timbalan Presiden Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim dipecat daripada UMNO.Orang - orang UMNO marah kerana mereka tidak mendapat justifikasi yang sepatutnya dan ada yang menyifatkanya ianya sebagai konspirasi politik.Hanya tuhan yang tahu apakah isu yang sebenarnya.Pada ketika itu, walapun orang - orang UMNO marah tetapi mereka tidak menderhaka kepada parti dan Tun sebagai Presiden ketika itu.Mereka menyokong kuat Tun kerana mereka sayangkan UMNO dan pucuk pimpinan.

Ketika isu pemecatan Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim , UMNO dikatakan akan hancur tetapi ahli - ahli UMNO berpegang teguh kepada satu pegangan iaitu kesetiaan kepada pemimpin dan parti.Mereka sokong kepimpinan tertinggi parti dalam masa susah dan senang.

Tun perlu berfikir secara rasional dan bukan secara emosional dan jangan sesekali buat tuduhan yang melulu sampai boleh memecahbelahkan perpaduan melayu yang utuh selama ini.

Kami memang sangat hampa dengan tuduhan Tun kerana kita tidak boleh menyalahkan Pak Lah sahaja kerana , Tun juga perlu bertanggugjawab kerana beliau juga telah mentadbir negara ini selama 22 tahun dan Pak Lah baru jadi PM selama 4 tahun.Banyak perbezaan dan perbandingan.

UMNO tidak sigkirkan Tun.Tun yang mengambil langkah keluar parti dan menikam dari belakang.Inilah DIKATAKAN CONTOH TERBAIK MELAYU MUDAH LUPA?

Kami harap Tun jangan jadikan parti dan ahli - ahli parti sebagai mangsa untuk kepentingan diri sendiri.Kita perlu bersikap terbuka.Jangan pula mempelawa orang ramai untuk keluar dari bersamanya kerana ianya jelas mengambarkan tidakan pentingkan diri sendiri.



Anonymous said...

Dear Chun Wai,
Comments from Wilahya Kini of 20th May says alot of the Malay mindset on the UMNO perspective. To this day, Malays have grown and nourished on UMNO while PAS is their spiritual saviour. 50+ years is pretty long time and "policies" have taken root.

What frightened me now is the fact that the Malays who are in power are fighting among themselves to stay on top. In this process, they are again raising the racial issue and are putting fears into the minds of the Malay masses that their rights and religion would be eroded. It will take just ONE CRAZY politician and the street will be awash with non Malay blood again.

I am among one of the majority of non Malay Malaysian who slog like mad daily to keep my family going. To me security and justice are important but many a times we read and have seen how crimes are committed but are lacking in protection. I shudder to think if the masses were to run amok.

Do we need to test out if the Rukun Negara and the spirit of Muhibbah still lives among every Malaysian?

Be it UMNO PR PAS or DAP whoever can truly and fairly roll out policies for the benefits of every Malaysians and to strenghten the country would be good for our future.

Havent we Malaysian grown 50+ years wiser? Hmmmm we are still struggling with anti-litter, uncollected rubbish etc etc while our neighbours are moving way ahead.