Sunday, March 29, 2009

Next change: What to expect from Najib as PM

With Najib Tun Razak now as the Umno president, the motion is set for him to be the next Prime Minister. Abdullah Ahmad Badawi would resign on April 2 to pave the way for the leadership hand over. Once Najib is sworn in as PM, probably on April 3, we can expect Najib to make a national address where is expected to chart his directions for the country. The expected appearance on national television is unprecedented and would give us a clearer idea of his National Agenda. We will also hear more of his One Malaysia plan. The next task after that would be the unveiling of the new Cabinet where many new faces are expected to make their debut. Read On The Beat for rest of story.


Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...


What do we want to expect
When seen from every aspect
Who will get the due respect
Which can stand any full inspect?

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 290309
Sun. 29th Mar. 2009.

Idzan Ismail said...

Dear Chun Wai

You said it all in On The Beat. Can't agree more.
It's time Najib rid the Cabinet of deadwood, drift wood, passengers and those who overstayed.
Time to trim down the bloated cabintt.
Abdullah inherited the ministers from Mahathir. He did not want to rock the boat.
Najib got the carte blanche from Abdullah.
He should use it to prove his change mantra.
Obama was derided for his change promise when he recycled Clinton's men to his cabinet.
Hope Najib won't be similarly criticised.

Anonymous said...

Datuk wong. I agree with what you wrote in On the Beat. But, can Najib do what you said. He has a recalcitrant party that is encrusted in fecal matters. The party could break him before he is allowed to make the changes. Can he be ruthless enough to slay his comrades in arm.
That is the question.

Anonymous said...

Incoming PM says he wants actions we the Raayat Malaysia waiting for positive and not negative actions hope he and the people's government is not biased and treat all Malaysians fairly and equally irrespective of ethnic background than only united Malaysians stand a chance together to make a better place to live in. Do not be greedy and corrupt and all ends well for the nation so get the best and efficient people to run the nation based on merit we need that you know. Anyway congratulations to you and and your incoming cabinet. Syabas. Malaysia Berjaya.