Friday, March 6, 2009

Political secretary arrested by MACC

The word in the grapevine is that a political secretary of a Cabinet Minister has been arrested by the Malaysian Anti Corruption Commission for graft. So far, the press reports have identified the person only as a senior aide of the minister. But the senior aide is said to be a political secretary. Money amounting RM70,000 was found on him with the MACC investigating whether it was used for the coming Umno elections. The boss of the aide is believed to be contesting a supreme council seat. The arrest has created a buzz in the party with speculations that more would be arrested in the weeks to come. Umno contenders are entering the last lap of the party polls, where the stakes are high. Money politics, as Umno leaders, like to call corruption has long been a problem in the party. Its leaders have openly acknowledged the disease but has failed to tackle it. Lip service instead has been the order of the day and no one, wo wants to get elected, dare to speak up. The party itself has received up to 900 reports on various allegations of irregularities. Malaysians would certainly want to see some big sharks being caught before the party polls. The question is whether the MACC can deliver us these political jaws?


K L said...

I thought they only catch cats and cows! Dinosaurs don't exist anymore, maybe small fishes !

amoker said...

Ahmad of MACC said in no uncertain term that there is no case for corruptions for UMNO to answer. He is so certain that the 900 cases have been investigated and UMNO is clean ... all within 2 weeks of his work. And do wonder why he did not appear to the press to give out the name of this aide?

Unknown said...

Dear Wong,

The newly minted MACC's image in the eyes of the public is very negative.

This is the bare fact. It's sad but true.

The lack of transparency in its investigations, operations, perceived double standards in persecutions, etc, has cause the public to have a very negative image of the MACC.

I believe the public is of the view that MACC is bias and practise selective prosecutions and is beholden to the BN govt. and UMNO in particular.

It has been said that hundreds of reports have been lodged against govt. leaders with the MACC, but the conclusion of all these reports is that after an undue long period of time, the standard reply is there is lack of evidence and NFA. Whether there is a real lack of evidence i really don't know.

I am hoping against hope that there will be bold and righteous men of great integrity on the various panels in the MACC who will have the guts to boldly speak up to improve the whole operations, functions, etc of the MACC. If there is any cover up , expose it. God is on your side.

My fervent prayer is that these appointed iminent persons on the various panels will do their job well without fear or favour.

Let us come down hard on corruption once and for all.

This is a blessed country.



Anonymous said...

You bet MACC will not do anything apart from all the buzz. Not a secret anymore who is who, simply put visit Malaysia 2009, so just wait how it will unfold.
As this guy is also an acquaintance to a would be very powerful person to be, my reading is, if he got stuck it is just too bad for him and that is his political lesson.

Anonymous said...

Ahhh... our prophesy is fulfilled again. Another ikan bilis caught. The moral of the story is that in Malaysia, if you wanna be corrupt, do it big and you won't get caught. If you do it small, you may be made a sacrificial lamb.

Anonymous said...

MACC was born a kangaroo, and it will live as a kangaroo, and die a kangaroo. Are we being unfairly cynical? Why shouldn't we. MACC has got off on a bad start, just like we predicted. Macc has gone after the opposition members over very trivial and frivolous issues that did not even smell of any corruption. But the big glaring abuses which implicated BN people have being totally ignored. And now it is going after a small fish in UMNO just for show. Hello MACC, we want the real mojo! We want to see blood on those cases involving millions, tens of millions, hundreds of millions, billions. Those huge big dirty contracts. Com'on MACC, don't give us those small fishes. We are not stupid.

Anonymous said...

NO, MACC did not disappoint me, because I had a VERY LOW expectation of MACC,and they lived up to my very lowly expectation of them. If they had come in charging like a tiger, then I would have to visit a shrink to see if I am imagining things.

Anonymous said...

Of course UMNO is clean. Your PM and DPM already told you so. Do you want to challenge them? MACC has already told you UMNO is clean. You are very impolite to challenge them. And MACC is very certain that UMNO is clean, because MACC's boss already told them UMNO is clean. Instead of focussing on UMNO and the government, can you guys just pay attention to that big important case where some cows were given to some rakyat for that religious festival? ISn't that cow more important than the hundreds of millions of controversial money?

Anonymous said...

Why go after the small fish wheras the big one runs scot free? Corruption is blood and vessel of UMNO and this is no longer an open secret. These goons are good an acting. One day they march in the streets, claiming that they champion the people. The next day they bride almost anything that move in order to remain in power. In the next election UMNO will be history.

Anonymous said...

MACC = Mana Ada Corruption Commission.

Always no corruption in BN related affairs.

Now wonder, it has such disrepute. We need a new agency. Shut down MACC.

Odette said...

Thanks for running some good articles in the Star today on money politics. Realization by UMNO members would be the only way to save the race. Can't we learn that respect can only be earned by hard work, blood and sweat? Through centuries, it has always been true that the fittest survive - THAT is reality. However "quote unquote" even UMNO leaders especially those standing for key positions seem to prefer the "senang cari makan" attitude. This is the rotten attitude that only serves to fuel more and more corruption and misuse of resources in Malaysia. When will it all end?.....I seriously don't know. If it does not stop at the top, how will it ever stop?

Anonymous said...

Check out that jeff ooi got to say about this.