Tuesday, March 24, 2009

High fever at PWTC but delegates keep mum

The campaigning at the PWTC has reached feverish pitch tonight. But there is no clear indication who the delegates would choose. At the vice-president level, the three favourites, among the media, are Zahid Hamidi, Shafie Apdal and Khaled Nordin but the delegates may prove the media wrong. At the Youth level, the fight is likely to be between Mukhriz Mahathir and Khir Toyo. For Wanita, no one dares to predict the fight between Rafidah Aziz and Shahrizat Jalil. But there has been various interpretations to the speech by Najib Tun Razak tonight. When he singled out the leaders of the Youth and Wanita wings, some took it to mean that it was a subtle endorsement of the leaders.


Anonymous said...

Does it really matter who becomes what? If one put his hand into a snake hole and what ever your pull out it will be a snake...only which one is more poisonous.
The delegates are keeping mum because their mouths are stuffed with RM notes!

Anonymous said...

Dear Chun Wai

Given the economic downturn, Umno go to the polls today bearing in mind ability of the candidates over likeability.
I willl not wager a bet on the deputy presidency since it's rather fluid
Much hinges on the votes swing of Ali's supporters.
Since this is a cyber world where fantasies are allowed, I like to play the game of if I am the delegate.
I will like to see Muhyiddin as DPM and possibly Finance Minister.
I will be happy if Rafidah is given her last hurrah by retaining the Wanita Chief post.
Najib can return her to her old ministerial post or even create a new ministry- Economics Minister.
For Vice-Presidents, I agree Zahid, Khalid Nordin and Shafie Afdhal will be the pick.
Zahid on popularity, Khalid a newbie with potential and Shafie on Sabah quota.
Umno will want to be seen not parochial but magnanimous to embrace East Malaysia in its first ever bid to the policy-making body.
As for Pemuda boss, I want it to be either Mukhriz or Khairy, Khairy's perceived image problem notwithstanding.
Both being able, educated and in the early 30s are in-synch with the young they head.
Khir Toyo should be punished for not delivering the much-coveted Selangor state to BN.
He is such a sore loser and loves picking a fight with the PKR state government.
Umno can't ill-afford a controversial figure who goes against Najib's aim of a people-friendly Umno.
The Umno supreme council as usual will see a shoo-in of most of the ministers and MBs.
For the wanita reps, the choice should be Noraesah who is economics savvy.
The other one will be a toss-up between Halimah Saddique and Raja Ropiah, depending on who is crowned queen of the wing.