Thursday, March 26, 2009

No show by Mahathir Mohamad

Dr Mahathir Mohamad has not show up for the opening of the Umno general assembly despite saying earlier he would, The Star Online reported. His aide Sufi Yusoff was quoted as saying that he has decided to skip the function. Mahathir's snub has probably got to do with the defeat of his son, Mukhriz, last night. Despite being regarded as a front runner, Mukhriz finished third in the Umno Youth contest. He lost to Khairy Jamaluddin and Khir Toyo. Some Mukhriz's supporters took the defeat badly, staging a noisy protest at the PWTC but Mukhriz said he accepted the defeat, saying in all contests, there would be winners and defeats.


Anonymous said...

As usual Mahathir has shown his dark side as a sore loser. What hurt him most was not only the victory of Khairy whom he has openly called on the delegates to reject, but that his son Mukhriz was humiliated into 3rd place. Much as I dislike Khairy and his irresponsible racial taunts, I think it is good for him to go in and continue his father-in-law's unfinished battle with Najib. We are now waiting for the No 2 and No 3 fights in UMNO and let' hope Muhammad Taib will win against Muhyiddin to and that Najib's men will lose in the UMNO polls. Not that I love PAK Lah's people, but it is good to see a lice destroying a mosquito and eventually all bloodsuckers will self-destruct in the UMNO decaying tree

Anonymous said...

Dear Chun Wai

Can't wait for Tun's comments.
Wanted to see his body language at the assembly but alas no show.
He would have turned up if Mukhriz had won.
Congrats to my long-time pal Ijat
and Khairy, whom I never met.
It's not really a shocker. All are number two going for number one.
It's a re-affirmation that the wing members want them to carry on.
The shocker is the wide majority Ijat garnered.
It is rather obvious that Hishamuddin is for Khairy to take the baton from him.
Khairy needs the victory to prove that he can carry on without Pa in-law.
I think he just need to work on his image and he is on his way to higher strata.
He played a low profile during the marathon campaign choosing silence except on the Perak issue.
Mukhriz was the vocal one and in between made many gaffes which did not endear him to the youths.
The buggest mistake was to be blatantly forward in echoing the calls for Abdullah to resign.
Its like a son asking a father to step down and its a no-no in Malay culture.

Anonymous said...

This is great!

I was afraid Mukhriz Mahathir might win, this would actually help UMNO become stronger.

But by choosing Khairy, one of the causes for UMNO's defeat in the last election, this only makes things worse for UMNO.

What wonderful news!

I am now hoping that Mat Taib becomes the UMNO Deputy President. Then, UMNO's doomed fate is sealed.

Anonymous said...

Dr M,no face how to come lah:(

Anonymous said...

The old man will seek revenge. Ego is badly bruised. We should expect fireworks within UMNO.

Anonymous said...

Spoil sport.

Whatmeworry said...

He hoped to make a triumphant entrance and hold his son's hand up high but sorry lah, my fellow anak Nogori KJ won!

Anonymous said...

Whoa, so fast TV3 forgets Abdullah.
Its 1.30pm news bulletin lead story was police probing Fairus.
I love this TV station.
Always go with the flow. Always with winners.
If Abdullah decides to stay on, they can change their stance. No problem.

Anonymous said...

Dia tak boleh menerima hakikat anak dia kalah. Mahathir should admit the fact, not all UMNO and not all Malays support him. The problem with Mukhriz was that he was nothing more than a mouthpiece for his father. During the campaign he lacked his own political ideas - and whatever he said and done were not much different from his father.

Money politics started from Mahathir era - did he do anything to eradicate it? Or did he do anything to eradicate corruption among the ruling elite? What he does now is nothing more than cynical, selective condemnation of people he despise .... but outright praise for people he support. Mahathirism no longer has a place in Malays' hearts .. he must not forget that.

Anonymous said...

Try harder next time, Mukhriz & Toyo....usaha lagi...

Khairy + Mat Taib = The best combination for Umno.

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...


There's bound to be no show
When the going is far too slow
With final result coming as a blow
Where else can one's ego further grow?

(C)Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 260309
Thur. 26th Mar. 2009.

Anonymous said...

Tahniah KJ Pls be humble and moderate in your undertakings and you will be respected by all Malaysians Congratulations KJ.

Anonymous said...

God is great. All the time Mahathir has been badmouthing pak lah to cause him to go earlier.
now the son in law beat his son in bid for umno youth. what a great setback. God is really Great!!!