Thursday, March 26, 2009

Azalina and Shahrir lose supreme council posts

Azalina Othman and Shahrir Samad were the big names who lost in their bid to keep their supreme council seats. Deputy Human Resource Minister Noraini Ahmad lost in the race for the 25 elected supreme council seats. The four Mentris Besar who lost were Adnan Yaakob, Mohd Hasan, Ghani Othman and Isa Sabu.


Anonymous said...

Yes. No upset
Good results
Go Malayia.
Azalina expected
But sharir why?

Anonymous said...

And why are the four MB casualties?.
And the likes of Lajim Ukin and Bung Mokhtar can get in.
I understand the Sabah factor especially they gave good BN return in the polls.
But why too many?
I am happy that Noraeshah Mohamed is the only sole women winner.

ChengHo said...

Najib get what he want.....that inc KJ.....

Anonymous said...

Its time to start betting ... who would be dropped and who would be maintained?

Azalina ........ OUT
Mike Tyson ..... OUT
Shahril ........ OUT

But I think they will maintain the losing MBs until the next election.

- Haji Dollah Gondong

Anonymous said...

selamat tinggal Pak Lah.
next time remember, jangan salah ajak orang masuk kereta. bukan semua orang kita boleh percaya.

Anonymous said...

Do you know how much each one of them have 'paid' to the delegates to vote for them ! The truth is money is everything in UMNO.

Parvinder Kler said...

Why too many Sabahans not ok? Only west m'sians can rule ah? Typical imperialist attitude that turns East M'sians off. Last time got many from Johor and so forth were you complaining? Look at the cabinet and the bananas thrown to East M'sians. If UMNO does not reward Sabah UMNO, then they will get kicked in the teeth next time round -I'm hoping that'll still happen anyway! UMNo out of Sabah!

Odette said...

Why Shahrir? This is really sad news!