Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A leaner Cabinet on the way

A smaller and leaner Cabinet can be expected when the new PM Najib Razak unveil his line-up. There are at present 32 Cabinet Ministers and 27 Ministries, which is certainly excessive for a small country like Malaysiia. This does not include the huge number of deputy ministers.

This time, several ministeries with duplicating functions are expected to be merged or abolished. There is talk that the Higher Education and Education Ministeries will be just one. Culture may go under the Tourism Ministry again. Some of the ministries relating to information technology could possibly be affected too.

We can also expect a lesser number of Ministers in the PM's Department. This is the indication that is coming out from Putrajaya over the past one week. Those who lost in the Umno elections or are caught up in controversies are also expected to be dropped from the Cabinet.

It is certain that there would be an increase in the number of ministers from Sabah and Sarawak. Shafie Apdal, a newly crowned vice-president, is said to be slotted for the Rural Development Ministry. It would be appropriate post for the Sabahan. The ministry is currently held by Muhammad Muhammad Taib. There are also speculations that certain ministeries held by various BN component parties could be swapped.


Anonymous said...

What's d difference smaller or bigger cabinet to d public delivery service?Once upon a time it was big, then small than big than small but delivery system no bout Mustapha mohamad as d Edu. Minister?...cant think of anyone better...Tikam batu

Anonymous said...

Horay to the new PM if he were to reduce the number of minister in his new line up. The new PM need to pick people with integrity, hardworking and acceptable to the public. Those who loss in the UMNO election should not be left out because some are veru credible vis-a-vis the winners may not be a good candididate for a ministerial post. Thus Najib need to find the balnce between old n new, and those who win n lost.

Anonymous said...

Definitely wont agree to minister position for Samy Vellu and Koh Tsu Koon. They are rejects and should not be considered in the first place.

Anonymous said...

Hope our new PM and cabinet really work hard for the people and the nation bear in mind no personal agenda or glory.Discard corrupt practices and misuse of power and everyone follow the laws of the nation and have respect for all communities in Malaysia. My wish for the government is to discard the race status and we are proud to be Malaysians first and to be treated fairly and equally no special treatment required. Malaysia Bahagia dan Maju.

Idzan Ismail said...

Morning Chun Wai
Is the swearing in tomorrow or Monday??
We have a bloated cabinet which must be trimmed down.
A small workable cabinet is the answer.
Imagine 32 ministers for such a small country just to accomodate and reward people.
Ketua Pemuda and Ketua Puteri should not be in the Cabinet.
Let them focus on revamping the wing to attract the young to join the party.
Since economy is the thrust, Najib should rope in able technocrats to the cabinet.
Appoint able people like KuLi and Rafidah to lead committes to steer the economy.
In the party structure, Tengku Adnan must go.
Let Mat Taib be the secrertary general and Ali Rustam the Umno Informaton chief.

Vesu said...

hopefully Syed Hamid Albar is oUT