Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Tension building up in Perak

Surely a first, not only in Malaysia, but in the world, as the Speaker V Sivakumar puts on his official robe to preside over the assembly sitting held under the shade of a raintree.

The tension is building up between supporters of the Barisan Nasional and Pakatan Rakyat, where at least three scuffles are said to have broken out, following the showdown between the two sides this morning. Speaker V. Sivakumar convened an emergency meeting of the state assembly under the shade of a raintree, just a short distance away from the state secretariat.

The meeting reportedly ended after the PR assemblymen agreed to motions to declare support for Nizar as Mentri Besar and for the assembly to be dissolved. Nizar also said he will seek an audience with Sultan Azlan Shah to ask for the dissolution of the assembly. The validity of the state assembly meeting called by the Speaker is being challenged by the Barisan Nasional.

At the High Court this morning, the Barisan scored a pyschological victory when the lawyers assembled by Pakatan were denied the right to appear on behalf of the Speaker after the Judicial Commissioner Ridwan Ibrahim ruled that the Speaker should be represented by the state legal advisor or someone appointed by him.

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malayamuda said...

why the hell is UMNO so scared to call for fresh elections ?

Anonymous said...

Help bring about a really New Malaysia

Anonymous said...

It is such an obvious pity that the legal contortions the UMNO is going through,show that the party has reached a stage that it is afraid to face the rakyat!

Anonymous said...

what the hell we need an election for, because of PR crybabies tantrums? get real..


Anonymous said...

The only way to put this constitutional crisis to a rest is to call for a fresh election. Let the voters decide once and for all. And it's timely that during this fresh elections, the Govt pass an anti-hopping law to ensure that there's no further disruptions to who rules the state.

We have to put the nation's political unrest to a stop so that we can start focussing on managing our economy. Otherwise, will fall deeper into the pit and ultimately, it is the rakyat that suffers.

Anas Zubedy did a great job by calling for peace but I don't think anyone is heeding his call for unity.

I don't think the end is any nearer looking at how things are being managed currently.

I thought the wildfire in Australia was bad but sadly, we ourselves are caught in a wilder fire which none of us know how to put out. It's spinning out of control. And no one seemed bothered to look at the big picture. Everyone is out to look after their own backs only.

Anonymous said...

The only way out now is going back to the people of Perak and letting them exercise their constitutional rights to vote for a govt of their choice. This way, it will be deem a fair fight by all.

This stalemate is not going to help the rakyat. We therefore hope HRH will allow his subjects the right to decide who to rule the state.

Because by depriving them the rights, things will not settle down in Perak.

Anonymous said...

Call for a fresh election lah for goodness sake! Please let the rakyat decide TUANNKU.

Anonymous said...

When there are bad guys and good guys in the movie/drama, as an audiance which side are you with?

Obviously BN particularly Umno is a bad and ugly guy.


Anonymous said...

We voted for change democratically but we were robbed of this change undemocratically.

Let the rakyat decide. Let the rakyat poll for their chosen leaders to lead the state.


Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Let justice be served...disolve the state assembly. Otherwise, there'll be more problems.

amoker said...

The same legal chap who is representing Zamry in KL's case? The Commisioner would be joking to think that it is the best solution

Anonymous said...

Ini semua macam kartun.Politik Malaysia sudah jadi macam tayangan kartun. Malu kita nak dengar dan lihat. Dalam isu Perak, diharap kuasa diberikan kepada RAKYAT untuk memilih siapa mereka mahu.

xentria said...

the world is going crazy, climate has gone haywire, economy is at its worst in history and we, malaysians are fighting each other to death...

Anonymous said...


You can't betray your bias for the BN in whatever you say...instead of saying BN scored psychological victory, you should have said that the judicial commissioner was wrong in suggesting that Speaker Sivakumar cannot appoint private lawyers because they have no locus standi.You need not have to be a lawyer to know that the state legal advisor cannot represent the Speaker as suggested by the judicial commissioner, because that running dog (judicial commissioner) is also representing "MB Zambri". Just ask yourself: how can the same lawyer represent 2 people fighting each other in court. It appears this judicial commissioner ridwan is so pro-UMNO with blind hatred for MB Nizar that he does not even bother to check his facts. Shame on him, and shame on you too WCW, for not pointing this out!

Anonymous said...

Corruption, Hopping, Porn, Attack on Old Man in WheelChair. We thought we had seen a new low in Malaysian politics. Yet today we see the record being broken yet again. Today democracy was crusged and trampled upon in the most crude and blatant way. What new low is next?

Anonymous said...

Looks like UMNO is afraid of the people, and yet they go around singing the people support them.

If UMNO has no guts to face the electorate..UMNO has no right to rule.

Anonymous said...

WHAT IF the outcome of the hypothetical Perak state elections is 30 PR ADUN and 29 BN ADUN, therefore allowing NIZAR to form the state govt?
Wouldn't that be just the same stalemate as now, with just one happy hopper to destroy the delicate balance in the state assembly? What then? Go for another state elections? When will the bickering end?

The Sultan has probably simulated all possible outcomes and perhaps thought that a dissolution of the state assembly and calling statewide elections will result in a similar outcome as we have today.
Dissolution will only happen if the Sultan has no other means necessary to sustain a stable govt (PR or BN) in Perak.
Having said that, both parties are equally responsible for the current predicament. That is because democratically, none have a stable footing in the state assembly.
Fresh state elections still result in an unstable state assembly which will bring us back again to this point sometime next year.

What then?

Anonymous said...

I wished anti-party hopping law was enacted last year. At least ANWAR wouldn't have stolen NASARUDDIN from UMNO and the current debacle in Perak wouldn't have started. And the people of Perak would at the very least, have a working government.

But then, if we had such a law last year, then ANWAR wouldn't have declared to take over PARLIAMENT IN 916 after the March GE.

So can we FLIP - and say it's okay when ANWAR wants to take control of Parliament ?
And FLOP - and say no to hopping when BN suddenly have the numbers to form the Perak state goverment?

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...


Why should there be any tension
If people are satisfied with their pension
But there are still important matters to contend
When issues are not what they are originally to intend

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 030309
Tue. 3rd Mar. 2009.

Unknown said...

Dear Wong,

I am interested to buy the rain tree under which the emergency state assembly meeting was held this morning. Is it for sale?

If i can buy it, I would transport it down to my hometown and plant it in my garden and name it TREE OF DEMOCRACY.

This tree is too precious to be left in the vicinity of the state secretariat.

For all you know, the authorities might obtain a court injunction to forbid any PR politicians within 50 metres from it. No joke, man!!!

Anonymous said...

I am really sick. My dislike for BN has risen to hate level.

Watch out the next election. If there is one. With the atmosphere so sulfurous and poisonous, I dont think they will hold any by elections or election. I think something bad will happen soon so that the coming by-elections will not be held.

Tunku Abdul Rahman, Tun Razak, Tun Hussien Onn and all these people are turning in their graves.

Anonymous said...

What would you do to help bring about a really New Malaysia?

Anonymous said...

Barisan National in Perak is shameful and by locking the legislative Assembly denying the speaker and elected representatives to exercise their rights would ultimately anger the rakyat in Perak.I don't understand why BN is so scared of dissolving the Assembly - letting the people to decide who is the legitimate government once and for all rather than dragging and hurting the economy in Perak.

ChengHo said...

Sound like a movie from vanavil astro channel..

George Tan said...

The name's V Sivakumar, not N Sivakumar

ChengHo said...

The FED and AAB too weak to react
Ghani P AG Chamber's also incompetent,appoint Ambiga as the AG
The scene was like a movie from vanaavil channel astro..

Anonymous said...

I'm a Perakian. I voted for change.
As such, it must return back to the voters to cast their vote.
The strike and counter-strike between them make me sick.

Just call for SNAP ELECTION.

By the way, isnt that a democracy is all about the government of the people, by the people, for the people.

A True Perakian

Anonymous said...

So sad for my dear country Malaysia..seems like there is no more law and order in this country. Very soon we will be another Zimbabwe...look at how the ringgot has depreciated and I wouldn't be surprised if it goes to USD1=RM4 very soon. We are now the laughing stock of the world and no wonder Robert Mugabe is so fond of Malaysia!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Dear Chun Wai
This is the very same tree at the State Secretariat carpark where I and siblings wait for dad to take us home from school decades ago.
We usually have chendol, ice-cream, rojak and mee goreng mamak there.
And the so-called Perak legislators have a Dewan Undangan meeting there.
What a joke. An abomination.
The august House has lost its dignity and honour.
It has become like TV3's Jom Heboh, a show of settling a score among the no-shame politicians.
What are they proving?
Wearing robes and suits in the hot sun and achieving nothing but sweat and shame.
They have to accept that they are no longer the government and no longer has a state assembly to convene.
How can you run a government when the government officers to carry out the orders does not recognised you.
And Jocelyn's usually beautiful write-up tickles me with her punchline conclusion: "The people are looking to the Perak palace for a wise solution."
His Highness has already made a decision and there is no way he will retract it.
The most he will do is agree to meet Nizar and his men as Nizar requested and tell them to stop this stupidity.
Perakians can only wait for a court decision if there will be a state-election.

The Dinos said...

All these ongoing political scuffles in Perak are the end result of one decision - the king's decision - whose decision is solely based on the number-count of jumping frogs and obvious BN's fanning behind the scene. (Blind also can see).

In Chinese, we have a proverb "Tiu Phut Lei Khan", Literally translated, it means "stir up unnecessary in-fighting between human being" and it is a bad sin that carries the highest degree of bad karma.

Dear Sultan of Perak, i plead to you to just let the Perakian decide with a fair election lah....sigh...

Anonymous said...

This is like

Kids Playing Sand Castle.

Anonymous said...

Instead of going after corruption cases, MACC now is spending time questioning the Perak Speaker. DS, how can we even begin to show any sliver of respect to MACC??? I think you best find a way to wriggle out of the MACC committee. Don't even get involved with that stupid institution. We expect nothing good to come out of that lame duck MACC.

Odette said...

It's a mess.... The fair way to do it would be to undo the mess and dissolve the state assembly and have fresh elections. Anti hopping laws are a MUST. IT would being back accountability to the wakil rakyats who should be loyal to the needs of their constituents and not to the the lure or other enticements monetary or otherwise. No doubt the Sultan made a decision but I can safely say from reading the blogs and news that the decision was a very unpopular one esp. considering BN's dirty tactics. So, let's be fair and do it the democratic way. In any case, the prolonged battle is a waste of taxpayers money already! This debacle has gone on long enough!

Anonymous said...

To anonymous 6 pm

Anwar sought to have a vote of no-confidence in the Dewan Rakyat but the motion was turned down by the Speaker.

In the Perak imbroglio, no such motion was even put forward and yet, there is a new (but not quite recognised) leadership in the Perak DUN.

The difference ?

One sought to do it legitamately with due process. The other was done without.

If you are a law abiding person, which would you prefer to happen ?

Anonymous said...

Datuk Wong, why not highlight the disrespect for separation of powers among legislative, executive and judiciary by the police and the judge? Please do not only report the news. Please blog and give your opinions.