Thursday, March 5, 2009

Malaysian condom makers doing well during stiff times

The American pornography industry wants a bail out like the financial and car industries, claiming they too serve Americans and is part of the vital US exports. It's a multi-million dollar industry, they said. Sex experts in Europe, meanwhile, claimed that there is a strong decline in sex as people grapple with the depressive economic crunch. But The Star Business has reported that condom sales have gone up! Takaso Resources Snd Bhd managing director Francis Tee was quoted as saying that people were unwilling to forego the pleasure of having sex but unwilling to shoulder additional commitments such as having children, which would blow the budget. The story was appropriately titled "Things looking up for condom makers during stiff times."


Anonymous said...

If one, not of his own doing, cannot solve the misery faced, is'nt it better to cast his frustrations and stress into a waste moves on.

Anonymous said...

I don't believe what Francis Tee is saying is true. In difficult financial times, the urge for sex is greatly diminished.

Anonymous said...

When times are hard, men are more likely to become like tofu, rather than cucumber, to also quote terms used in a recent Star article.

Anonymous said...

Actually it is not surprising. When the executives are running around busy working long hours, they spend very little time with their partners, and are pretty much "married" to their company! More free time, more time for sex, and more condoms are used. And if you have less money to spend going out for expensive entertainment, you have more time for sex! Cheap and Good! That was reflected in a survey done in UK.

Anonymous said...

good one lah francis.

even in the worse of times, sex is a must.

well, duit dah tak leh nak buat, so apa lagi...main le.

it's also relaxing and it stimulates your brain into thinking of other creative ways to make money.

if the american porn industry wants a bailout i say they deserve it. they certainly do produce better products that the american car manufacturers.

Lolyco said...

We can see still see some 'bullish' behaviour in the condom market. Our advice to aspirational investors is to stock up in preparation for the 'upturn'. You have to be ready when it comes!