Sunday, June 29, 2008

Sodomy: A Midnight Shocker

The newsroom worked late into the early hours of the morning following an allegation by an aide of Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim that he was sodomised. It seemed that he walked to the police counter of the hospital to make his complaint. He has also been reportedly warded, according to police. Anwar's supporters has another version - the man was arrested and forced to make a statement, which the police have dismissed. They have argued that it was a political ploy and that the complainant was probably planted. SMS were sent out to counter the police report. Rocky Bru has put the complainant's police report on his blog. I agreed with him that there will be those who believed everything the complainant has claimed and there would be as many, if not more people, who think it's a plot to discredit Anwar. The latest political twist would increase the political temperature. Malaysia doesn't need this. The elections are over and we should move on, really. The politics in Malaysia is bad for business. Investors are staying away. It's best that this matter be left to the police. Let's watch from the sidelines.


Anonymous said...

This is another UMNO dirty tactic. They are so dead-brained they could not even come up with a new ploy, but to rehash an old trick.
This time around nobody is believing UMNO. In fact, this dirty trick will make the rakyat more resolved to support Anwar and Pakatan Rakyat. UMNO is beyond reform. Its soul is dead.

Anonymous said...

Nobody believes in UMNO anymore. Nobody believes in this coffee boy assistant. Probably he sold his soul cheap to UMNO. UMNO is a SICKO.

Anonymous said...

Saiful, shame on you. Why did you sell your soul to UMNO? Where are your wife and kids going to put their faces? Look at yourself in the mirror. Who would want to put his &%#@ into your @#$^. Probably a keris or baton from an UMNO man. Then you blame DSAI. Ha, how are you going to show DSAI's DNA in your @#$^ ?

Anonymous said...

watch from the sidelines? with all due respect datuk, that's idiotic.

"When the Nazis came for the communists,
I remained silent;
I was not a communist.

When they locked up the social democrats,
I remained silent;
I was not a social democrat.

When they came for the trade unionists,
I did not speak out;
I was not a trade unionist.

When they came for the Jews,
I remained silent;
I wasn't a Jew.

When they came for me,
there was no one left to speak out."
- Niemoller

Anonymous said...

malaysia is faset becoming the zimbabwe of SEA. It has lost its moral standing. So the PM and its other ministers and envoys should no longer tell Burma or Zimbabwe how bad they are. We are in the same boat now.

Anonymous said...

Hallo mr. writer, you want to leave this matter to the police? Huh! They are corrupt people! Between a sodomer and a killer PM, i prefer sodomer PM! The BN tactics sudah lapuklah brader! DSAI, cepat jadi PM. Kalau jadi PM, jangan turunkan harga minyak dulu. Renovate extention of Hotel Sg Buloh dulu. Nanti tak muat nak taruk tetamu2 baru. Ramai tau! To me, UMNO dah tutup kedai.

Anonymous said...

Unless Anwar is demon-possessed, this is so so so unbelievable!

Anonymous said...

This episode of a sodomy charge against Anwar, and now even a death threat reflects poorly on the current government. The government cab say whatever they want, but the rakyat have made up their mind what is really happening. We foresee that more people now will swing over to support Pakatan Rakyat and Anwar. This country is becoming a zimbabwe.

Jeffrey Chew said...

This is a defining moment for the nation. The country needs to move on ...

Anonymous said...

We live in an era where conspiracy theory thrives. So this is my take: this could also be anwar's strategy to create a sense of deep and terrible crisis in the country. yes, he is not a sodomite and I don't believe he is either and he knew that people do not believe it either. so create one so he could play victim. he is caught in the middle. he does not actually have the 'numbers' to form the government and no way he could face the public and have an honest and serious debate with Shabery Cheek on the fuel price. so rather than having to face questions from the public when the time comes to deliver on his promise which would surely undermine his credibility, create a crisis now and make himself the victim: that he is no longer safe and he needs the safe sanctuary of a foreign embassy. Give me a break! As Bill Clinton once angrily said about Obama's campaign: this is the biggest fairy tale I have ever heard. Badawi, despite his weakness, is not Mugabe. In fact, we are witnessing unprecedented level of freedom and openness in the country. This is probably just Anwar's way to maintain public distrust towards the government. Try to paint Malaysia as another Zimbabwe where politicians get assasination threat and there you go - all the public and international attention will be on him.

I believe no member of the government would want to repeat 1998. In fact, i don't think anybody in the current government believe that he was a sodomite when he had to face the allegation in 1998. 1998 was someone else's doing.

The government knows that this kind of allegation will not stand in the court of public opinion. They know that the public will hate them more if they do this. Yes, Anwar is a political threat to them, but not threatening enough for them to lose power on 16 September. At the time when the public is beginning to question the capability and on the promise of the PR in the 5 state governments, this kind of crisis is the last thing a BN government would want.

Anwar has endured worse treatment in 1998 and he can afford to create such sense of treatment today. It is partly the sense of bad treatment that earns him public admiration and pity. So I won't rule out the possibility that this is Anwar's own doing.

Anwar is a master politician who knows how to play his card well!


Anonymous said...

Of course this is a plot. It is a last minute desperate attempt to prevent Anwar from taking over the government of Malaysia. There is so much for some corrupt people to lose (maybe tens of billions?). A new governmwnt will definitely start auditing dubious transactions as well as put on old new ones. The government should be held responsible for these going-ons. It has failed to uphold security and peace in the country. BN has failed. UMNO has failed.

Meiyen said...

CW, you said that "he walked to the police counter of the hospital to make his complaint."

Wow! This could be more real than I thought. If he went to the hospital right after he was sodomized then my take is, he was raped and if it was so then they would have taken DNA samples of Anwar's semen and whoah! How is he gonna get out of that kind of jam? Consent or not it is against the law. Oh wow!!!

Anonymous said...

I agree with you totally WCW.

Malaysia doesn't need this. Neither does Anwar, our PM and certainly not the rakyat.

Whoever is behind this is clearly desperate or insane or both.

Let's stop this madness and get on with rebuilding our beloved nation.

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, Kamal, this government is an angel. Pooh! They don't threaten people, they only C4 them, or put lock them under ISA.
AAB no need to do bad things, he only go to sleep, while his henchmen do the bad things.

Anonymous said...

I think this is another political conspiracy to bring Anwar down.As UMNO's house is already in deep ship,naturally they have to come out with something to divert the public's attention.Who would believe Anwar is involved in this case as he had suffered 6 years in Prison?

Starmandala said...

Chun Wai, you have only one option now: defect or die as a career journalist! Almost 4 months after GE12 the Barisan Nasional has learnt NOTHING. It doesn't have the moral or mental capacity to view things from a non-partisan perspective and cooperate with the new Opposition for the general good of the country. Instead, BN has far too many skeletons in its closet to ever step aside and let some other party take over the helm - simply because it fears being found out and sent to jail. That would be the ultimate loss of face, wouldn't it? Especially since those BN poltroons are unlikely to consider seppuku as an honourable way out of the horrific mess they themselves created over the past decades. Chun Wai, you're no fool. I don't have to tell you BN is D-O-O-M-E-D.

Anonymous said...

AGAIN??!!! Come on la... anyone, even the stupid ones wont make the same glaring mistakes AGAIN!

Sigh..desperate times call for desperate measures?