Tuesday, June 10, 2008

More relevations about judiciary interference

Latest: The Star has the story on Page One today. Check the story online here.

This is one piece of explosive relevation by a judge, as the news heading correctly stated, about executive interference in the judiciary. It was missed by all the Semenanjung-based media but it has been picked up by newspapers, bloggers and the Malaysian Bar since this morning.
It is a shocking story of family members being placed under detention to lectures for selected judges in a boot camp. All in the words of Sibu based judge Datuk Ian Chin who has decided to speak up. He didn't name who was responsible but it was clear he meant Dr Mahathir Mohamad. Will there be more judges, in the wake of the VK Lingam case, who would come forward to speak up and share their confessions with Malaysians?


Anonymous said...

The Star should run the story tommorow. Let the truth be told.

Anonymous said...

It's terrible isn't it? That such news of intimidation and influence over the judiciary only trickle out AFTER the man concerned is out of favour?
So we have to wait for the current govt to go out of favour before dirt about them surfaces?
Sickening politics/politicians we have here in Mlaysia.

Anonymous said...

YAB Tun,
Tun mudah lupa.
Rapid KL is the operator , SPNB is the asset owner. The asset owner purchases its assets under the Government tender system which is open and transparent process unlike
whenyou were the PM.
at that time you gave everthing to Allahyarham Tan Sri Yahaya Ahmad.
INTRAKOTA... remember!!! close down all the minibus operators , tooong fong, sj kenderaan etc
Only problem the opertor and asset owner were the same, AND he was also the supplier of IVECO buses.
INTRAKOTA paid lots of money for buses and to cut the long story short GOVERNMENT bought back all the assets at a prohibitive price to save DRB HICOM,....a darling company, who were also partners on the crooked bridge etc etc.
look at the public transportation today....your legacy SIR.
High car prices Your LEGACY Sir
Let GOVERNMENT of tbe DAY as you used to say, run the show and PEOPLE will decide.

Anonymous said...

Knowing that a lot of UMNOputras have no balls, and that our court system is still so slow and perverted, and that a lot of UMNOputras may fear being dragged into the mud, I predict that the investigation and court process will take next to forever, and TDM will pass away of old age and poor health before any court judgement is handed out. So once the old TDM pass away, the whole thing will be dropped and there will be no need to hand out a judgement. That is the malaysian style of justice while BN is in power.

Anonymous said...

TunMamak is a very clever man. But now he seems to have lost his wisdom. Once he stepped down as PM, he should have known he will gradually lose influence and power. He should have packed up and live in another country of his choice. Keep quiet in public. Enjoy quality time with his grand kids, and pray a bit more to God. Instead he keeps shooting arrows and throwing stones at just about everybody. That is inviting trouble for himself. You just need one powerful guy (incumbent power) to start shooting, and the rest of the long list of aggrieved parties will quickly jump in. It is payback time for all these people who had suffered under him.

Anonymous said...

All the people that were wrongly punished under tunmamak should sue him to help relieve him of his wealth.

Anonymous said...

Chun Wai,

Are you now the running dog for Pak Lah in his fight with TDM?

This report casually omitted Anwar Ibrahim's part in the whole thing.

Your newspaper's intention of smearing TDM's name while chose not to disclosed DSAI's part in the whole thing is vile and lack of finesse.

Ian Chin mentioned abt DSAI twice in his revelation but you guys were caught up in this tussle. Chun Wai, you as an editor made me sick with this selective news reporting.

-anti chun wai-

Robert Teh said...

Well done! Chun Wai,

I'm glad Datuk Ian Chin gets to be heard by the public. I'm sure he wouldn't want to cherish the thought of taking this shameful episode with him to his grave (someday).

Thank you, Datuk Ian Chin for your bravey and honesty - even though the ugly event happened many years ago and he must be embolden by the recent VK Lingam's case.

I am certain, this episode is only one of many - unfortunately some truths have been buried together with those whow had come to pass.

alvin lee said...

all these are politics-lah. you don't kacau me, i will not kacau you loh. so the more tun mahathir cucuk abdullah, we rakyat we see more of these in the coming months.

So i believe there will more interesting episodes about misuse of power, missue of funds, related party transactions etc, etc coming soon. In time i think we can produce a movie on our BN government with mahathir and abdullah as the main actors!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

To "anti chun wai" : You have a heart full of hatred. You should examine yourself and purge yourself of hatred for people. Otherwise you will never be a happy person. Before you throw stones at others, you must also examine yourself. If you can scold others for supporting any particular politician or party, then others also can scold you for supporting the party or politician of your choice. I support the PR coalition, but I have to respect the rights of others to support the BN if they so choose to. Even then I am never sure how PR will perform if they get into power. Will they be as corrupt as BN? We will never know until they get into power.

lanaibeach said...

The judges
One day they felt the chains are free
They are back to the rule of laws
On evidence and documentations
Nothing to do with hearsay and theory

A brave judge did that
The canned of worms finally opened
Spilling beans into the open
What the people knew long ago

Decades of silence
The listening of the whispering rumor
It has finally come to judge
About laws they should dispense
Not on personal glory
For satisfying the power that be

It is better to open the doors
On OSA and other related draconian laws
Let the people know the truth
For it will set us free

The leaders who corruptly misusing authority
They should face the music
For crimes in whatever forms shouldn’t be forgotten
Laws must take its course on facts and documentations

Now the judges should open up
Let the people know what is law?
The beans have filled the streets
The BN government must come clean on it

sinnersaint:saintsinner said...

No man is good enough to govern another man without that other's consent.

~Abraham Lincoln

It was said a thousand moons ago andits still applicable today. It a great day for Malaysia, and i hope many will join Justice Ian Chin and RENEW Malaysia once and for all.

Thank You Justice Ian.

mynakednews said...

Your heading should read "More revelations about judiciary interference". Am i right?

Anonymous said...

What are you waiting for Badawi?
When it comes to giving tunmamak a public whacking, there are plenty of aggrieved parties waiting for the opportunity to blast him. A good distraction from your other problems, Badawi. And a good way to keep him in his place

Anonymous said...

Excuse mahathir, his brain is presently on leave. He will reply to Justice Chin when it returns from leave. More likely he is using the time to think up more excuses and counter plots to exonerate himself.

You take all the time you want for we are not really that interested!