Thursday, June 19, 2008

Save the trees in Kedah!

This is one piece of news that will freak out environmentalists. In case you missed it. The Kedah MB Azizan Abdul Aziz has announced that logging would be allowed at Pedu, Muda and Ahning dam catchment areas . The state is desperate and it hope to make RM16bil in revenue from the logging. The lush jungle in Pedu, for example, is home to many animals including elephants, deers, rhinocerous and even leopards but the sightings are already becoming rare. This is the home of the famous "tualang" trees which stands over 50m. News of the planned logging has already become a hot topic among environment groups. There may be hotter issues like the SAPP vote of no confidence against the PM but there are also issues such as this that we must not lose sight or forget. Blogger Khoo Kay Peng is pissed that there are politicians, regardless of their parties, who are prepared to chop down the trees in these areas. The PAS chaps may be in green but their kind of green is not for the environment for sure. The forests should be kept for eco-tourism, not chopped down. Sure, they will say there would still be enough trees but that's beside the point.


Anonymous said...

I think you are being dishonest here as usual not knowing that people are aware of what's going on. The Badawi regime is not ready to disburse money, so what they do? Sing songs?

The blogger you mentioned is a Barisan supporter though he likes to come out with vanished face in the name of "independent analyst" though he has been working for Gerekan's Cedar propaganda and psy-war entity. You should highlight the Federal govt's attempts to starngle Kedah and PR states before you highlight their reactions. You need to grow sir.

. said...

Cut the trees to feed the poor rakyat is ok.

As long as it is not to be taken out of the country.

Meiyen said...

What does PAS know about the environment? They are so cloistered in the little world of theirs and they don't care about the rest of the world as long as they can live in their prehistoric world till the end of time.

CHee XtheMan said...

PLS DO NOT CHOP THE TREES !! Global warming is happening all over the world !! The new ICE AGE going to happen if we all do not save the trees now !!

Anonymous said...

dont you see the reason of the action made by Kedah govt?

they made that decision to support the whole state current chequebook balance, not to slurp on more money for their own interest like BN.

I don't know where you put your brain la, try check at your knees.

Anonymous said...


when was the ast time you chastise the same fellas who chop trees in Sarawak? and when was the last time you sided with the true bumis whose land was taken by the big time loggers?
i am very very disappointed with you, being the chief editor of the most popular paper in town.

Unknown said...

Dear Abdullah,

You accused Chun Wai for being dishonest but refused to acknowledge you have been both ignorant and naive.

Ignorant because you accused me of being a BN supporter without reading my articles, views and comments since 2002 which proved that I have being critical of bad policies and politics regardless of political affliation.

Naive because you seemed to believe in politics of tit-for-a-tat eventhough such an action may cause irreversable destruction to our environment.

I wish to remind you to be more responsible for the future of this country. Logging on water catchment areas whether in a PR led state or not is still wrong.

Water is an important source of life. Stop being so delusional. You need to grow too - mentally. Come to visit my blog if you are unhappy with my reply.

Anonymous said...

Hello PAS, you better not destroy our environment. If you behave like BM/UMNO people, we will vote you out again. There are other ways to raise money. If you don't have the financial experts, reachout to the private sector (of all religion) to help you develop Kedah. Chopping trees is bad for Kedah! Make use the lush greenery and nature to get investors to put in money on eco-tourism. Dumb skulls!

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...

Don't rapidly chop down all your trees
You'll deprive yourselves of natural oxygen that's free
Think ahead of your generations three
Don't leave them with climatic temperature at a higher degree

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 200608
Fri. 20th June 2008.

Anonymous said...

UMNO is a joke, right? Their own members ask Badawi to resign as head of UMNO & BN. The big wigs in UMNO did their song and dance to say they support Badawi, but in the end did not sack, nor penalize in any way, the members who criticized Badawi. Now we have SAPP, a component party of BN, openly asking Badawi to quit as PM. Again, there is song and dance from the big wigs of BN. Again, nothing happens, and SAPP is not sacked, and even Mukhriz supported SAPP. Now, can you see the conspiracy taking place within UMNO? Can Badawi see it? Or is it a case of Badawi seeing it, but cannot do a damn thing, and so he pretends not to see it. That is what BN is all about? The BN cronies have no balls. They shift and hide in the shadows to see how the game plays out. They dare not say anything and dare not take a position for fear of being caught in the wrong and losing camp. They prefer to let others do the talking and fighting. Cowards. And when the cookie finally crumbles, and when the winner seems clear, these cowards will all emerge to support the winner. So all you BN supporter, is that what you folks elected as your represntatives in parlimen? People with no balls, and no opinion and positions of their own, but mere lalangs bending with the wind? Merely there to benefit themselves?
All of you Rakyat should DEMAND to know where your MP stands! Are they with the PM or not? Are they with Pakatan Rakyat or with BN? Are they for a clean Judicial System or not? Are they for ISA or not?
Dato Wong, why not use the mighty press like STAR to force all the MPs to make a YES or NO stand on issues (instead of dancing around with "no answers" answers on issues, and print them for all the Rakyat to see where their MPs stand? The Rakyat deserve to know where their MPs stand.

Meiyen said...

Coward, no stand, no opinion?

Aren't those the traits of the chameleon Anwar Ibrahim?

Ah Chin said...

I fully agree with Abdullah's comment. The Kedah government is being pushed to the corner to take this drastic action. According to the MB, the BN Federal government had reneged on its promise to pay the state RM100 million per year to keep the catchment area untouched. I think you know about this and yet have purposely not mentioned it in your blog. Of course being the editor of MCA-owned Star, it's expedient for you to do so. Who is the greater culprit to harm the environment?

Anonymous said...

The Kedah state government lacks ideas and creativity. You don't have to cut down trees to get revenue. There are other ways. Why don't the Kedah government get outside talent from the other states to help? I am sure their PR friends in Penang and Selangor would be willing to help drawin investors into Kedah. Eco-tourism? Organic Farming? Food processing industries? Etc Etc. maybe the Kedah government is too proud to ask for help? Or maybe they have turned greedy like the BN predecessors...just cut the trees for quick gain,and leave the problems for the others to worry about? If that is how the PAS people behave, then they are disgracing their religion, and should not attached the name of Islam to their party. God/Allah made the world beautiful. If you systematically and deliberately destroy it, there is nothing religious about it.