Friday, June 20, 2008

SAPP supreme council backs motion

The SAPP supreme council has endorsed president Datuk Yong Teck Lee's no confidence motion against the Prime Minister. It did not make any decision on membership in BN. The stand has essentially remained the same. In short, Yong has his grip on the party leadership. His deputy, Datuk Raymond Tan, left before the press conference started just minutes ago. The Deputy Chief Minister did not respond substantially to the waiting media as he walked out of the room but is likely to meet the press later. If it's true that Tan convinced the PM that he could get the others to be on his side, then he has failed. But it comes as no surprise to most politicians and the media in Kota Kinabalu that Yong has the backing of most members in SAPP. While Yong is known for his gung-ho politics, Tan is perceived as an introvert. The two are opposites.
Those who chose to be on Tan's side would probably be those holding positions in the state government. For them, they can chose to join another party or set up a splinter SAPP. With the endorsement of the motion, the SAPP has opened itself to be expelled from the BN. It is no longer Yong's decision but the stand of the SAPP. To challenge the PM and BN boss is a serious breach of discipline. The BN supreme council will now have to meet again to formalise the sacking.


Anonymous said...

Raymond Tan, you are a disgrace to SAPP! You should resign for going against the head of SAPP! You should resign for going against the majority of the SAPP members. You should resign for going against the wishes of Sabahans. Why don't you leave Sabah to live in Putrajaya so that you can cosy up on the laps of the umnoputras. Who knows? If the whole thing works against the oppositon parties who dare go against umno, you will be sent back to Sabah to be the chief minister. Of course by then you will be presiding over the richest bankrupt state of Malaysia populated by illegal Philippinos and Indonesians. By then the native Sabahans would have to migrate to KayEl to work as labourers, maids and GROs in order to survive.

Anonymous said...

datuk yong, we support you 100% !!
thank you for having the balls and guts to do what you just did.
we have too many politicians who beat about the bush, and not having the guts and balls to speak up and walk the talk.
we don't know the final outcome. But at least we know you have done your part.

amoker said...

Yong has my backing too. It is too bad that the media and government started a propoganda to term him as greedy and corrupt. The latest news on Pandikar's corruption case is just too timely. Smells the same like when Ahmad Zaid was threatened with ACA case when he stood his ground against UMNO. Look what happened to all his accusers?

For once, no money will change their mind for they are working on 'principle'. SAPP is in the forefront of a new politic in Sabah that is based on principle? If yes, there is hope for this state.

alvin lee said...

it has been said that there are always 2 sides in an argument and when you argue with your boss, its his side or outside.

SAPP should know right from the beginning that they will be faced a sack from BN. So I think it is not surprising at all when the BN supreme council, all of whom have lost respect and support from the majority of the raykat, to announce the sacking.

They may feel on top of the world sitting beside ABB and Najib with all the reporters focusing on them when the annoucement is made but they forget that as a matter of fact they and their party have,since the last GE, being sacked by the raykat.

lanaibeach said...

It takes a small party
Like SAPP to make public
The crack in the BN coalition
The heat has finally arrived

Though other coalition leaders
Singing praises of the peacock throne
Colorful sometimes magical too
Colored their eyes they forget
The people they should represent

Dato Yong Teck Lee
Knows his political career is at stake
And his party SAPP too
It is better to fight for Sabah rights
Then forever begging for it

Some may paint colorful adjectives
It is the peoples’ needs important
It isn’t about the leader
Of any party in the coalition

Now if BN doesn’t wake up
The BN will be history
The writing is on the wall
I don’t know why they are still stubborn
Arrogantly refusing to acknowledge
The people have spoken

Some may argue about Anwar Ibrahim
Currently he is the best bet for the country
Anwar has to make his move quickly
Before the country’s wealth gone missing

And Dato Yong ripples the giant
For once the giant knows he can’t do as he likes
In or out there this bee flying around
The sting can be painful……………
He better wakes and listens
The people demands and concessions

Anonymous said...

Yong has my backing too! Yong did the right thing by voicing out something that is on everybody's mind!

As for discipline, well, I am sure Yong and his party are all set to be kicked out from BN. It is very obvious that BN has not been protecting or listening to SAPP and their problems. As such, what is so wrong with challenging the PM? The PM is hopeless! You mean to tell me that everyone in the party have to keep quiet and butter that hopeless shit we call PM? That is what happened for the last 5 years... and see where it got the whole bunch of idiots in BN? It is time to change that silly rule about not to challenge the BN boss!

Again, the press has started their nonsense... Again, the press has played to the tune of BN and their crap... All these propoganda against Yong to make him look corrupted and bad.. Sigh.. what can I say?? This trick wont work anymore. The press just never learn... Very sad.. very sad.. the chance to gain credibility amongst the normal joes and janes has just gone down the drain.. again. Sigh.. when will the press learn...

Anonymous said...

So what is the big fuss if a party with only 2 MPs propose that the PM resign? Isn't that what the UMNO members are proposing as well? How come the UMNO heads are not asking Mukhriz to resign from UMNO?
The only plausible reason for the brouhaha over the SAPP move is that BN is scared shit that this move by a little mosquito size party called SAPP, is the trigger for the rest of the other BN component parties or their member MPs, to start the cross-overs. If the SAPP move draws wide support from their members and from the Rakyat they represent, then it becomes an encouragement for the other fence sitters to follow. If another 5 to 10 MPs follow the 2 SAPP MPs in the next few days, it will encourage the "next tsunami". That is why the BN leaders are so uptight. In fact some of the BN people must be secretly happy over the latest development. Now nobody is talking about the Judiciary integrity, the Mongolian girl, the submarines and sukhois, the land scams, etc. All these news have almost disappeared from the newspapers. All attention on this mosquito size party with only 2 MPs!!!

Anonymous said...

This bribery thingy didn't work...


Anonymous said...

SAPP MPs just waiting for BN to sack them as a party, thus the SAPP elected MPs are no longer with BN. That's the game plan, so that these SAPP elected MPs can formally join PR to increase PR's chances of more elected MPs in Parliament.

This way would be more "constitutional" than cross overs.

Meiyen said...

Ir's the same old story. People will make a big issue of the sins of others but when it happens in their own circle they will brush it off as lies and nonsense. So what else is new?

Anonymous said...

Congratulation Datuk Yong...
support you 100%...good move.
Compare to PBS and other sabah based parties, look after thier poket only and not for Sabah Rakyat.

Anonymous said...

Sabahan should support yong, no one is brave and worry about ACA like yong.

Anonymous said...

If raymond tan is not a deputy MB i think this will not happen. Unless yong can offer better than BN

Anonymous said...

Sarawak Chief Minister Taib is pushing for Dayak based parties SPDP and PRS merger.He even suggested that if they merge they can even join PBB. He fears anyone of these TWO to follow the SAPP act. It is easy to see how his mind work - we just want to stay in power in Sarawak as long as he lives.