Thursday, June 19, 2008

BN supreme council meets

The Prime Minister has called for an emergency supreme council meeting at 2.30pm today following the dramatic challenge from SAPP yesterday. BN component leaders received the directive via SMS late last night for the meeting. They are expected to pledge their support for Pak Lah and likely to call for the sacking of the SAPP. The defiance by Yong Teck Lee is already regarded as an open challenge and the Sabah party is as good as out of the ruling coalition. The stunning move has sparked talk that more Sabahan MPs would leave the BN in stages but it is also likely that the motion on Monday would not materialise. A splinter group of the SAPP led by Deputy Chief Minister Datuk Raymond Tan could also possibly emerged over the next 48 hours with several pro-BN SAPP leaders appearing on radio this morning to say they had no part in the Yong's move. As the political uncertainties drags on, the newrooms of the media have been kept busy with speculations that the BN is targetting the Perak state government. Just as the Pakatan Rakyat is targetting the federal government.


Anonymous said...

One of the key points of the people trying to destabilise the federal government is with regard fuel prices, higher cost of living, etc.

I have serious doubts if they can do things like reduce fuel prices, grant all 20 per cent royalty on oil back to the oil states (even Tan Sri Khalid cannot fulfil his free water pledge and now there is the RM6 service charge that he never told us about).

But what I find rather hypocritical is that these people are able to not only traverse the whole country but also to other countries (Hong Kong, Macau, and who knows further afield) to hatch out all these plots. At a time when I am already trying to cut down on my travelling and petrol bills, I wonder how come they have so much money to travel or who is funding all the extravagent travelling?

Anonymous said...

BN now targetting Perak? Encourage frogs to hop over?
gee, I thought they frown on hopping frogs. Guess, the usual BN style, "cakap tak serupa bikin".
For the country to progress, BN as it is now, must go! Until it is reformed with the single objective of serving the people, its continued rule will only cause further hardship to the people.

amoker said...

At least Yong is brave. Raymond seemed to love his deputy CM post more.

Sometimes, you need to loose to win. Its a paradigm shift.

Anonymous said...

No need to sack..He has decided to leave..


Ah Chin said...

When the racist TDM quit UMNO and called on the UMNO MPs to join him, PM flip-flop had to call an emergency meeting with these MPs and show the world that he had their support. He's now calling for yet another emergency meeting with other BN leaders in the wake of the threat from SNPP, now doubt for the same naive purpose. So it has been emergency meetings upon emergency meetings! My goodness, how is he going to focus on running the country well when he's in such a pickle, especially when the people are so fed up with him because of the fuel price increase? He has no choice but to get real and to admit that he's just a second-rate leader and is not destined to be a PM whom the people can look up to. For the sake of the country's well-being, he has to call it a day and hand the power over to someone of PM material. Get out with grace before you're being kicked out in disgrace.

Anonymous said...

Good Luck BN Spreme Council.
I am sure its going to be the old record playing again. Other BN coming all out support for PM.When effectively the BN Supreme Council should fix the date and time of the "hand over of power". I think that will resolve a lot of other forth coming problems.

Concerned Citizen of BN Country.

Anonymous said...

Kami mendapat berita mengenai blog ini melalui laman Wilayahkini.Satu lagi blog yang mempunyai justifikasinya yang tersendiri.Apa yang berlaku di SAPP merupakan satu perangai yang tikam dari belakang dan kita memang sudah mengetahui perangai dan sikap Yong Teck Lee.Tetapi amat menyedihkan BN tidak dapat bertindak dengan berani.

Anonymous said...

It is not about SAPP wanting to "destabilize" the federal government - which in itself is not stable due to a leader that has low cognitive function to relate to facts and situation in order to be able to make effective decision. It is about in this case "UMNO" in Sabah, the attitude of UMNO leaders in West Malaysia that behave like "colonial master" that sees most thing as politics and every mechanism to deliver the service to the raayat as a business opportunity to make money through corrupted means. Yong do not wish to be part of the BN approach to solved Malaysia problems, where UMNO as backbone to BN continue to work for personal gain and glory - Sabah with 24 MP got a few Ministerial posts and for Sarawak it is worst. MCA with only 15 MP gets more ministers post than Sarawak with 30 MPs. They might come from different party in Sarawak - then you must see that Sabah / Sarawak waqs not one of those federated state in Malaya. These two states with oil and timber resources is so far worst of than certain state in West malaysia that has almost nothing. They suffer all these in the name of "Malaysia" - but now it is too much to bear. We Dayak voters encourage our Dayak leaders to take more drastic steps to get BN gov't to address our "poverty" problems - in rural areas. AAB - should recognize his "personal" shortcoming and pass the button to someone else - but not those tainted with negative personal values.

Anonymous said...

Same old,same old,...Supreme councils keep meeting. All giving lip service to say they support Badawi. Behind his old back, the same old council (I don't know why they keep calling themselves "supreme" ) members are hedging their bets by talking to Badawi's critics. These so called "supreme" members are double headed snakes. They will bend with the wind, and will switch side and sing a new song when necessary, so long as they stay on as ministers for their own vested interest.