Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Business as usual at Parliament

It's back to normal at Parliament. After the media boycott yesterday, which saw the press conferences of the PM and DPM attended by only Bernama, RTM and the foreign media, the Parliament decided to call off their decision. The Barisan Backbenchers Club also took down the barricade. Today, the media could send as many reporters as they wanted despite the five staff per media ruling. But media representatives were told to justify why they needed a bigger team. It's simple - the print media now has multi-media reporters who handle the video, SMS alerts and online news. Two, there are now more press conferences going on with the additional opposition MPs. Third, why should the media be restricted when MPs have no problems with their supporters, assistants and supporters. Even a birthday party was thrown at the lobby! The media has also lost count of the number of NGO activists and public relations practitioners roaming freely at the lobby. Even politicians who lost in the elections. What urgent business do these hangers on have? According to Jeff Ooi, the Hansard recorded Deputy Speaker Wan Junaidi Tuanku Jaafar as saying that the deicison to ban the journalists from the lobby was made by Speaker Pandikar Amin and his deputy, Ronald Kiandee collectively. Come on, we have a job to do. Can we just be left alone?


Anonymous said...

True enough, Parliament is a very interesting place now. Rather than barracading the press, they should be considering to rent space for outlets like McDonalds, KFC, Starbucks and Coffee Bean. It will be good if they can operate from the lobby. Democracy is by the way of the people, by the people and for the people.

Though I have not visited the canteen ever since, I am sure it must be over crowded now.

Anonymous said...

I agreed with your last statement that they should leave you guys alone to do your jobs. And I hope too that all mainstream newspapers will be free from interference from outside forces! All for Press Freedom!!

lanaibeach said...

Back to business
A flip flop decision
Anything new in our country Dato
Now they know
No press no news
Nobody will know them
They can’t live without it

Don’t get fooled again
These flip flop leaders will do it
When things don’t go their way
Something will put up
Saying all kind of excuses

The Rakyat
Getting annoyed each passing day
They expect the BN government to work the talk
Nay they keep changing rules
All because of wealth and power
They don’t know how to get along

Now press people have their ways
In Parliament House once again
BN leaders seeking publicity
They can’t live without it

amoker said...

Read that Barisan rep just went and clear out the barricade line. If anybody from Pakatan did what the Barisan backbenches did, they would be thrown out from the parliament by now.

If the speaker and deputy speaker is the one who came out with the rule, they should officially take it back. If not, then they should take disciplinary action to their own MPs for defying their orders.

Malaysia is having a lot of this flip flop decisions lately. From petrol subsidy to even this, it is not even funny.

shastrishah said...

Will we ever see a united press, standing arm in arm against suppression and intimidation (minus Berita Harian, Bernama and RTM of course)?

Media Watch

amoker said...

Read today that Nazri came out against the BBC for doing that and this time, his rationale is direct and correct. voice opinion like the Pakatan MPs and not use the reason of might to do things. I am glad this is solved and media can operate with dignity.

Anonymous said...

There is a saying 'Dont cut your nose to spite your face'.

As much as the politicians may hate the media for sometimes reporting less than 'nice' news of them, they will always need the media just like humans need air. Love them or loathe them, media and politicians maintain a parasitic relationship (I'm less inclined to say symbiotic since the relationship is more like a love-hate sort).

The media is always waiting for some dumb act or statement from politicians and the politicians are always pestering the media to highlight their 'achievement', all in the name of news

Anonymous said...

Ok, media people, now you have tasted the power of a "press boycott" ! It should whet your appetite to keep check on the arrogance of the BN MPs and ministers. Remember Psychology 101 on animal training.
Next time a minister or MP gives you an arrogant or non-answer, you should exercise your press power by giving them a bad report on the front page. Remember some of these ministers who used to call you people " blady journalists", or who try to humiliate you in other ways? You should give them "payback negative press reports" to train them to be more responsible.