Sunday, June 22, 2008

SAPP: The plot thickens

After all the talk of a split within the SAPP with Yong Teck Lee on one side and his deputy, Raymond Tan, on the other side, it now appears that the Deputy Chief Minister has been neutralised. All the speculations of a fight between the Yong-led Kota Kinabalu faction and Tan's Sandakan side has fizzled out. Tan has now said he would remain in the SAPP even if action is taken against the party by the BN. Tan may have tried to convince the PM that he could swing the SAPP leaders to his side but it is well known in KK that he lacks the support. He has always depended on Yong to survive, some would say indebted. Tan stand to lose his position now when BN acts against SAPP. It appears that the PBS is trying to woo him. The plot has thicken with PKR deputy president Dr Syed Husin Ali saying two Sarawak MPs - said to be defecting - have been "hijacked" and taken to Beijing on a trip. Well, they have to come back sooner or later. The order from BN is that every MP must be present tomorrow. Nazri Aziz has said there won't be any motion against the PM tomorrow but we can expect plenty of fireworks. It will be the first time that the two SAPP MPs would walk into Parliament since their party announced its plan. Still, there is a motion on price increases, which the Pakatan MPs are likely to take advantage to put the BN in a tight spot. But as the drama builds up, the press corp has been limited to five each per organisation. The media is already up in arms with this decision, which would over-work the reporters, especially when it drags into the late evenings. Beside the proceedings, MPs from both sides hold press conferences at the lobby. Most newspapers also send their multi-media team now, which the parliament administrators does not seem to know or care. It is better to restrict the number of visitors than the press which has work to do.


Anonymous said...

...expected plenty of fireworks


Simply Great Food said...

Whatever happens let's pray that it's for the good course for all Malaysian. With the current economic scenario and all prices sky-rocketing, hope our politicians won't cause more damages.

Anonymous said...

Dear Dato,

This is an unrelated topic, but can you please check this out?

Marina Mahathir recently commented in her blog that our Education system is producing intellectual midgets. If what Hannah says is true, then surely that's to be expected.

It's time to nip this nonsense in the bud - can you please lend your voice to this?

Thank you.


sinnersaint:saintsinner said...

Mr Chun Wai,

Why is there no coverage on Raja Petras STATUTORY DECLARATION, dont you feel the people of Malaysia need to know it????????

The Link - Interesting

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BlueMoon said...

It's much better for SAPP leaves BN voluntarily rather then being forced to leave. The creadibility of Yong, Raymond and all SAPP followers have gone down the drain. Far from working for rakyat the SAPP leaders are bunch of opportunists. They place themselves first above the rakyat. As long as Sabah keeps producing politicians of SAPP's quality then this state will continue to lag behind.