Saturday, June 21, 2008

RM128mil a year for our "free water"

RM128mil a year or RM10.4mil a month - that's how much it cost to taxpayers in Selangor for the purported free water we are getting. According to Selangor DAP leaders Tony Pua and Charles Santiago, while the populist decision by the Selangor MB Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim is well intended to help the poor, it should have been better carried out. For sure, the free water isn't free. There's no such thing as free. It will cost RM128mil a year for this exercise. For sure, it will encourage wastage and from an environmental point of view, it's a disaster. It may be just a little more than 10% of the state's annual income but it needs some review at some point. After all the excesses by the previous BN state government, with all RM600mil worth of white elephant projects in the state, no one should tolerate any form of wastage from now.


kiddokit said...

There is only one way to obtain a FREE item for yourself -- somebody else has already paid for it.

This said, I'd consider it charity on my part to have helped the not-so-well-to-do Selangor citizens. It's my pleasure to do this.

As for the subject of possible wastage? It may be true, but let's not hastily judge those who will enjoy the free water.

Meiyen said...

You're right Chun wai! My dreams are coming true. Given the time all the sins and faults of Pakatan Rakyat will start to show. And they are!

The CM of Penang has retracted the RM100 offer, to only free water for some. He should also account for the loss of revenue on all the parking tickets that he had written of. How much did it cost the state? And why are they acting biased. Why benefits to only some of their folks in some of their states. Don't they have one set of plans and benefits for all the folks who elected them in their states??

Anonymous said...

Why you are so bitter? You call wastage? How? Is someone stealing some money in the process? And how will the environment be affected by giving water to the people? The MB said the private arm of the state agencies are financing the project, i.e, corporate social responsibility. You think people don't know or what?

Can you list the "disadvantages" of giving water to the people in Selangor financed by corporate social responsibility? Sheesh! I don't know when will you grow.

Santiago is against the water going to all Selangorians where the rich are getting it for free rather than paying them. He wants the poor states to benefit alone and Khalid said a "base needs to be initiated" for all people so that they feel appreciated. Is this poor planning and wastage? And is there anyone however rich he who will fail to appreciate little that he/she is given? You really amaze me. You are blogging in the same language you administer with The Star, the (UMNO) MCA leaflet.

amoker said...

I agree that MB Khalid will need to review this. Looks like the UMNO linked company got the upper hand in this deal. Lets see how he work things out.

Anonymous said...

In the more than 20 years I have my own house in Petaling Jaya, my water usage has never exceeded RM8 a month. So when the government offered this free deal, it didn't bother me the least as a consumer. But as someone concerned with the environment and the use of precious resources like water, I was aghast at this populist measure. The state should be encouraging people to conserve, not waste, water. I do not simply wash my car; in fact I don't wash it at all, but that is another story, but it pains me deeply when i take my walk in the morning and i see maids washing the same cars every day even before their masters wake up. i believe many who voted in the PR government wanted to ensure that nothing is wasted. I certainly wanted to see a complete stop to overseas education tours when you can learn everything from the Internet. i certainly do not want to see events which are nothing than just to pat each other on the back (like last night's 100-day gathering). All these are what the BN was good at, and our money was being wasted in such manner. So please, Tan Sri, stop seeking to be popular. You have already won the popular vote. Get down to work. AND DON'T WASTE WATER. Certainly there is this project to pipe water across the mAIN range from Pahang that scares the hell out of a lot of us. I pray it won't happen but if you encourage wastage, it just might.

Anonymous outspoken man

Anonymous said...

Beri air percuma? Satu lagi usaha membazir duit.Macamana kerajaan negeri dapat mempastikan air percuma itu digunakan dengan baik pulak? Nanti mereka guna air percuma untuk basuh kereta, dan air air diguna untuk aktiviti yang tidak berfaedah.Kenapa nak buang duit? Dimana justifikasinya? Kenapa Kerajaaan negeri Selangor bertindak macam kebudak - budakan?Kita perlu ada satu objektif.Jangan guna duit untuk menyenangkan hati rakyat tapi kerajaan negeri bankrap.Beri air percuma ini bagaikan beri duit percuma.Dahlah kita menghadapi masalah penggunaan air yang tidak menentu dikalangan para pengguna.Ini pulak nak beri air percuma.Bagaimana kita nak memantau? Banyak lagi kerja baik boleh dibuat oleh kerajaan negeri sekiranya mahu tunjuk kerja baik dengan rakyat.

Bentoh said...

As an environmentalist... I'm worried about the environmental cost of the free water... not just the 128 millions...

20 cubic meter of water is alot! and How does the people going to use it?

This reminds me of many supermarkets around the world charged their customer a certain amount of money per plastic bags they are given... to contribute in reducing plastic bags usage...

Shall there any study shows that the Selangorians use more and more water under the free water policy... for god sake... please review and/or scrap it...

Anonymous said...

So what is the problem of using our tax money to give us water supply? It is sure a lot better than using our tax money to buy expensive high class bungalows for the excos, ugly "rubbish-art" at roundabouts, white elephants, and smelly scams to suck money somewhere. I rather have this new PR state govt than the old BN govt.

Anonymous said...

Just imagine..if the federal govt can stop squandering our tax money on over-priced aeroplanes, submarines, subsidies to Proton, and other scams, we can all have cheaper petrol too. If the BN had continue to run the states, we probably will have to pay much higher prices for water soon. And even then, the tax money not used to pay for the water, will be used to subsidize the cronies in some stupid lopsided contracts

lanaibeach said...

At least Selangorians get free water
To salvage some pride with costs high

The previous state government
Enriching the cronies and powerful chieftains
Swallowing up billions of tax payers’ monies
The poor people only wait for handouts
It was long, long queue to get help
And not forgetting the white elephant projects
Reminding the people of wastage of funds
Of the BN government

I don’t expect much headway yet
For the PR government to administer the state
At least the state government has shown
A semblance of sincerity in its administration

For the next 100 days
Maybe we will see some new agendas
For the state of Selangor

kiddokit said...

I find that those who condemn this 'free water' move are hypocrites! Judging from their comments above, are they then saying they would not wish to be 'given' the free water? They want to 'return' the water once it reaches their homes? Silliness!

Mahathir was roundly condemned for propping up Proton. But those who took him to task, did they not purchase Proton cars too? Did their families and friends not 'benefited' from Proton too? Sure, we criticise and chastise, but when all is said and done, let's just get on with life.

So, those hypocritical critics of the PR Selangor Govt, just take the damn water and stop harping on it.

Unknown said...

sure, nothing's free. but i risk my goodwill on the line to state that if the BN is still in govt-of-the-day, this so-called "not-free" rm100++ million would've ended up some corrupt politicans/cronies' pockets. that's only in a year. multiply that by future years.

people of selangor deserve this 'goodwill' by the government. nothing's free. i grant you that; but to some say an alternative would be extend this free water only to those 'really deserving groups'. what? spend another sum of money (and precious time) to do another study for this purpose?

for crying out loud, there are more important issues for you guys to focus on. for me, the single MOST important reason, if any at all is required in the first place, is NOT to present another excuse for the ex-MB and his lapdogs to bark up the obviously better goverment. the ex-MB seems to excel on trivialities and, having no real core issues to hit back on the present government(and to salvage their beaten ego) they'd grab at ANY issue, however small, and manipulate it, to put on a show for those 'ignorant' folks in the kampungs who are, not to fault them, easily hoodwinked. heck, the've been cheated/plundered by the ex-goverment for decades and for tony, charles & gang to even question the mechanics and underlying reasons for the present goverment's initiative re free water is wrong in timing.

what do you guys expect the MB to do? keep on 'studying' (delaying) this and hand over bullets for the ex-MB to shoot at him?

CAT doesnt/shouldnt work like this.

more is at stake. the PR team promised to implement this if voted into power. PR is now keeping to its promise.

you guys are lucky. you are educated. you are inclined to study this and study that (not that studies are not needed). let me put things in perspective for the likes of you. do NOTHING to let the ex-MB to 'criticise'. just shut that guy up. you educated lot are doing a lot of good (you are part of the PR team). but the folks in the kampungs are, understandly, not as informed as you guys. so give the MB a break. this free water thingy is just a small exercise in part of a grander agenda; and i believe i do not have to let you in on the 'secret' or 'ultimate goal'.

we talk again when you guys 'move in' to putrajaya. then these ex-BN guys will have less (evil-)power. then you do the 'study', 'review' or whatever (which i admit is necessary, but not NOW lah please). so, for the time being, aim your guns outwards; not inwards.

get real.

wastage? if you are inclined to wasting water, you waste water regardless of its price. just like smokers & beer guzzlers. water is 'wasted' also when leaking pipes are not repaired on time.

get real.

lastly, i still love you guys as i have always did/do, and nothing i said here is meant to take away or alter any of the love and respect i have for you two and your well-meaning and honest brothers-and-sisters-in-arms. i can only dream of a fraction of the courage you guys have.

pls accept my apologies for my outbusts here.


Anonymous said...

Pairin is no longer HUGUAN SIOU....
actually he is "KERBAU DICUCUK HIDUNG"....Datuk Yes Man now days.
My opinion better Datuk retire and have a nice rest.

xenobiologista said...

I think there should be some limited amount that's free, definitely 10 cu meters or less per household. The charges for amounts above that should be raised drastically - so people who like to waste water will be subsidising those who are conservative with it, rather than the government subsidising everybody. This will discourage waste and cut down on the environmental impact.

Aside from that, the quality of tap water all over the country needs to be drastically improved. What happened to drinkable tap water?