Sunday, June 15, 2008

PAS Syariah laws, not again!

Barely three months and PAS is at it again. The Islamist party refrained from talking about syariah laws in the elections and many Malaysians, especially non-Muslims, voted for them because they were regarded as a better choice than the BN. But some little Mullahs in PAS have forgotten that many of their candidates won because of non-Muslim votes. PAS Youth want states under Pakatan to start implementing Islamic laws including restrictions on the sale of liquor, gaming and even dress code for government office workers. It want a special meeting in August to talk about these laws. We will hear the usual argument that all religion forbid liquor and gaming. That's true but many of us also exercise tolerance if others want to drink or gamble. Some will call critics infidels again. But leaders including Lim Kit Siang and Tony Pua have been quick to dismiss any such thoughts from PAS. Pua even warned that if PAS continued to harp on Islamic laws, then at some point, it will make the coalition untenable. The men in green may not be able to run wild in Perak, Penang and Selangor but the same cannot be said about Kedah. According to Chong Eng, previously there were 38 Chinese municipal councillors but under the PAS state government, it has dropped to 18. Now, that's a bad scene.


Anonymous said...

PAs is so arrogant like Umnoputras now. The next election we RAKYAT will vote them OUT. We, RAKYAT can even put them to sleep and send PAS to HELL forever!! PAS remember this!!!

Anonymous said...

PAS is the devil in sheep's coat while BN is the wolf in sheep's coat. Wolf we can handle but how do we handle the devil? PR has been infected by PAS which will surely turn deadly after the overthrow of BN. Judging from past and present culture PAS cannot be trusted, once it has gained a firm footing anywhere it starts to force its ideology and eventually enslaves people from civil and personal liberties in the name of God and religion.

Anonymous said...

PAS is the problem in the PR. They are making sensitive noise to scare the non-muslim voters and society. This will effect the progress of PR if PAS still doing all this rubbish and bull shit comment and action. PAS please wake up because now is the 21st century and you are depending a lot of non-muslim voters...Pls don't let the arrogant spoil all the effort that the opposition that been make.

Opposition Lover:)

BlueMoon said...

There is no reason for DAP stalwarts Lim Kit Siang or Tony Phua to be running wild like loose cannons. PAS is merely suggesting that anything good for mankinds should be retained and anything bad should be discarded. Anything wrong? No, I don't think so. If non-muslims feel that drinking alcohol make them healthy and borrowing money from AhLong keep them going, so please, please do it. Also stop going to the press if something goes wrong.

BTW is there any proof to say that PAS has won the election on non-muslims votes?

Anonymous said...

Looks like politic is dirty. Some PAS foot soilders have got bonus from the opposition and start talking nonsense. You cannot trust foor soilders. Who ever pay them they will talk nonsense what is there to loose. Trojan Horse again.

Jonas Lee said...

"Don't Let PAS Frame The Religious Debate" from

Ideally, in any healthy democratic country, state and religion should be kept separate and this is enshrined in our constitution where we allow for the freedom of religious worship and belief. By implication, even atheists who believe in a materialistic world have a right to their beliefs as long as they do not harm others and themselves.

For the PAS youth leader to proclaim and presume that all Muslims subscribe to hudud laws is similar to the situation where, for instance, the Catholics in Malaysia were to make it a law that all Christians, including Prostestants like myself, wear the cross. While I am sure any power-wielding Catholic party is not so foolish as to do such a thing, I am using this as an example to show the tremendous problems of making religious values into laws for everyone. (Another example would be for an elected Christian sect leader to make it a law that all Christians can only worship on Saturdays).

Based on the latest controversy of PAS revealing its true colours, I think the best strategy is to counter a religious premise (hudud laws) with another religious premise (the freedom of every God-created person to love and worship God is a freedom that God grants out of a true, genuine love reminiscent of a father's unconditional love for his children).

Here is the deep deception which religious fanatics are trying to deceive all faithful Malaysian citizens: that the acceptance of secular law is an acceptance of godless laws, i.e a system of justice without god in the centre of judgement. This is false and against the spirit if not the letter of the constitution. We have to obey traffic laws and laws of commerce but if, you as a member of your religious fraternity, wish to conduct business according to your Syariah principles, well and good. Nobody is stopping you until and unless you impose your principles and laws on other people (who may be even more spiritual than you.)
In conclusion, leaders in the DAP and Keadilan have to intelligently engage PAS in this crucial debate. And all Malaysians have to deal with the root of this issue, which is not so much about secular laws versus religious laws.

Don’t let PAS frame the debate. The actual debate is essentially this: Should religious practices be imposed on people who do not share the same religious interpretations? If the answer is a resounding No!, then the next question is: Can the practice of religion (and the love of God) be the free will of its practitioners or is it best to enforce it through punishment and penalties?

Postcript: The only practical solution, as I see it for this country, is for a secular state and its basic laws to overide the draconian laws of any religious group. Even if 9 out 10 Muslims want to have hudud laws legislated in any state, the basic human rights of that minority single Muslim citizen should be protected by the law.