Thursday, June 19, 2008

No action against SAPP - not yet, that is.

The Barisan Nasional supreme council which met just hours ago has decided not to act against the renegade SAPP. At least for the time being. The action of SAPP president Datuk Yong Teck Lee and his supporters to move a motion of no confidence against the PM was condemned but the BN leaders decided to hold back its punishment. The attention, it seemed, has now being shifted to the SAPP supreme council meeting in Kota Kinabalu tomorrow, where the party is said to have split into two factions - one headed by Yong and the other, by his deputy, Datuk Raymond Tan. The latter, who is a Deputy Chief Minister, is said to have told the Prime Minister that he has enough clout to rebel against Yong. He is said to have claimed that there are enough SAPP leaders who are against what Yong is doing. It remains to be seen whether who can muster enough support but a fiery meeting is expected. Anwar Ibrahim, meanwhile, is heading to Sabah on Saturday where a major announcement is expected. At the BN meeting, the PM has demanded full attendance while a pre-council meeting of BN Members of Parliament is expected to be called ahead of Monday's parliament sitting. The next 48 hours has been regarded as extremely crucial by BN and Pakatan Rakyat leaders with both sides stepping up their political fight.


MALAYSIA said...

Strange, convening a meeting and reaching a so-called consensus decision without calling the accuser!!


I suppose the BN Supreme Council got too many "fires" to fight or, "holes" to cover.

Then again, I supposed somebody who listens to family advisers & fourth floor "babies" would have no backbone.

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...

May there be 'Rebel With A Cause' (movie title)
That we can learn about straight from the source
To enable us to then apply the right sauce
In digesting all the reasons given "Because..."

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 190608
Thur. 19th June 2008.

Anonymous said...


Simply Great Food said...

At least those guys got the guts. Do not matter whether it materialise or not. Salute to Yong and the Gang!

Diversity Dude said...

I fail to understand the Malay mindset. Many decades ago, the Muslim Malays were mostly sarong-clad; and at that time, when any Muslim Malay broke ranks and wore long pants and shirt, he would be considered pro-Western and thus a traitor by the Muslim Malay community. Later on, even if you ate burgers and hot dogs, you risk being branded pro-Western and a traitor. I like variety. Variety is the spice of life. I like to eat different kinds of foods. UMNO has managed Malaysia based on the Muslim Malay mindset. We urgently need more secular and liberal Malays.

All religious scriptures have things that they are proud of on one hand, and things that they conceal because they are ashamed of on the other hand. Generally, human beings do not admit their mistakes and religions are no exception. Religions no longer have a monopoly over truth and knowledge. Increasingly, we have to rely on contemporary wisdom.

I believe that it is a changing world. I assure you that we have a million new things yet to learn.


There is a difference between UMNO and Barisan Nasional. I want to make it clear that it is not the Barisan Nasional (BN) government, but the UMNO government. It is not the government, but UMNO. Barisan Nasional is a coalition of unequals, not equals. UMNO is the big brother in BN. Therefore UMNO must be held responsible; and more importantly, UMNO must not be allowed to hide behind the BN banner. UMNO is the enemy, not BN.

I have come to the conclusion that the easy solution is to completely defeat UMNO in the next elections.

In the 2004 elections (11th General Election), the voters gave good support to Mr.Abdullah Badawi. But reforms did not come. Why? Probably because UMNO had done well in the elections. If UMNO had done well in the elections, then the election results tell UMNO that the voters are satisfied with the status quo. If the voters are satisfied with UMNO, then no reforms are necessary. In the 2008 elections (12th General Elections), UMNO did not do well, but she managed to win. UMNO did lose the 2/3 majority in the Parliament, but she did win, nevertheless. Will UMNO undertake reforms now? I would not be surprised if she did not. Why should she? UMNO is still the winner in the elections; and she can plan to rise and may even succeed to rise again. So, as long as she wins, she will never undertake the reforms. So, how do the voters get the reforms that they need? The voters will get the reforms when UMNO is completely defeated in the 13th General Elections. If UMNO wins zero seats in the next elections (13th General Elections), then some other party would have to rule Malaysia. Let us call it Party B. If UMNO is completely defeated in the next elections (13th General Elections), then Party B would rule Malaysia. Would Party B undertake reforms? If Party B does not undertake reforms, then voters would know what to do.

There is no doubt that UMNO has used gerrymandering to strengthen herself. If we removed gerrymandering from UMNO, then there would be a reduced UMNO. So the non-UMNO voters of Malaysia have good reasons to vote against UMNO.

It is possible that UMNO has used the Police Force to strengthen herself. The Police Force is required to be neutral. But is the Police Force neutral? I appeal to the Police Force to be neutral.

So, the next step for Malaysians is to completely defeat UMNO in the next elections.

Anonymous said...

Bravo to SAPP and Dato Yong. It is about time the rest of the Sabah MPs stand up and support SAPP to change the government and bring positive changes to Sabah. But I got this bad feelings the rest of the Sabah MPs are in the pocket book of UMNO. They have benefited from the system and have sold out the Sabahans. The Sabahans should DEMAND that their MPs leave BN! Yes, that's right, go to the MPs' homes and DEMAND that they leave BN. Take back power from these politicians. Make it clear to them that they are there to serve the Sabahans, and not there to enrich themselves at the expense of Sabahans. If you do not demand changes, then you Sabahans deserve to live as paupers in a state blessed with the richest resources in Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

I applaud Datuk Yong for making a clear stand.
Unfortunately many of the other MPs are cowards and of no integrity. They stay hidden. They are tongued tied. They disappear when pressed to make a stand on issues. They wait for a clear winner in the tussle before they take sides. Such is the quality of the people that the rakyat elect into power! These cowards have no stand on issues affecting the rakyat. Their stated opinion come only after they see which leader has won the battle. These bastards give vague answers and hide from the press. As for Badawi, he should have the balls to face the UMNO members and warlords. He should let the EGM happen. Once and for all, put his position to the test. If he still gets backing as head of UMNO (and thus head of BN), then fire all his detractors, and get the rest to go back to work. Instead, this coward let the unhealthy back-stabbing and maneuvering fester. And Badawi should put his position to the test within BN itself. Get al the BN MPs to state their stand openly. Then depending on the situation, he can either quit as PM, or if he still has majority support, to fire all his non-supporters. Then everybody should get back to work. But no, this Badawi let the wound fester and rot. Really lacking leadership.
As for DSAI, he is clearly a follower of Sun Tsu's art of war, and cleverly sowing discord in his enemy camp to weaken them. And he is cleverly recruiting dissenters who remain in enemy territory to gather intelligence, and to help sow further discords. But can we blame DSAI for this? What choice does the opposition? They can't govern the 5 states properly because BN keeps sabotaging them with federal power.

Anonymous said...

I read the Star this morning and all sorts of bad things had been said about Datuk Yong regarding his revolt! I don't trust Yong and so do all those who mouth those words because many of them are also "backstabbers" as well. Umno members had asked PM to step down but there was no brouhaha over those. Even some accusations regarding Yong have appeared in the court case. "Why now?" In other words, this is what they said to Yong, "Serve you right" for this!

lanaibeach said...

The greed of all
Blindness takes its way
Pledging blind support
Letting the people down

The elected representatives
Where are your hearts and souls?
Where are your conscious when people suffering?
You let your greed walk you into the darkness

The people welfare
The leaders don’t care
The country’s wealth the magnetic pulling
They think we can be used as they liked

We are fools too
Believing them slogans
Now when we surrender our votes
They forget about us

The recession await
For it will surely arrive
When costs of goods sky rocketing
The people suffer
When they try to find ways to stay afloat

The greed of all
Finally rules
Don’t talk of saints
When we have given away
Our votes believing in them slogans

Meiyen said...

Yong, the Mexican jumping bean, has been in cohorts with Anwar the chameleon all the while. Like a dog he follows where anwar goes but watch out Anwar, he will come back to bite you as his loyalty is to whoever can offer him the most benefit.

Anonymous said...

Buang masa sahaja jer kalau kita nak bercakap mengenai si Yong Teck Lee ni.Dia bukanya pemimpin BN yang setia dari dulu lagi.Dia ni macam duri dalam daging.BN sepatutnya lama dah buang si Yong Teck Lee ni.Betul - betul apa punyai manusia dia ni?Langsung tak hormat dan tak tahu balas terimakasih.Biarlah dia masuk Pakatan .Suatu hari nanti dia akan tinggalkan Pakatan jugak.

amoker said...

Let Yong decide what is best for Sabah.

If he is termed greedy because of senatorship and some kind of ambassador, then the accuser ( AAB) and many others are too because they loved their positions too much.

Anonymous said...

Level headed, can you explain why the Malay men have abandoned their Malay sarongs, Malay songkoks, and are now wearing Arab turbans and Arab dresses?
And can you explain why the Malay women have abandoned their beautiful baju kurung and sarongs, and now wear Arab dresses and Arab burqas? Why did they forsake their Malay traditional dresses? Why do the Malays think that wearing Arab dresses instead of Malay dresses will make them more Islamic? In fact some have become so confused that they think that the Arab dresses are Malay dresses.

Anonymous said...

Talking about GREED, UMNO is PURE GREED.
Which party cronies benefited from Petronas contracts? From highway tolls? From APS for motorcars? From lopsided contracts to the IPPs? From land scams? From contracts issued without tenders? From bail outs? The list could go on forever. Without exception, every scam you can think of in Malaysia, all lead to UMNO.