Saturday, June 7, 2008

It's surely not Turkish delight

Turkey has the right to ban women from wearing headscarves in universities, according to a ruling by the European Court of Human Rights. The argument by the judges is that the ban is necessary to maintain order and show that no preference is given to any religion. They also claimed that was no infringement of human rights. Although the decision was made in the name of secularism, it is clearly a violation of human rights. What people want to wear over their heads is nobody's business. If they wish to wear the purdah or burka, so be it. But the same principle also applies - if women do not wish to cover their heads, that's also nobody's business. If they want to wear the mini skirts and tight jeans, who are we to say no?


Anonymous said...

"Muslim Countries" expect non-Muslims to follow Muslim rules when non-Muslims go to their countries. But when they go to non-Muslim countries they do not wish to follow non-Muslim rules. Ok, religion is a touch subject, so I expect a lot of stones gonna be thrown on this topic. So I don't wanna see the comments on this topic after sending this comment. So, if you are angry at what I just said, don't bother retorting because I won't ee it . BYE BYE.

Anonymous said...

"The argument by the judges is that the ban is necessary to maintain order and show that no preference is given to any religion."

I support this ruling on the above basis too.

In secular states, religion is separated from the government apparatus and 'public life'.

To maintain social cohesiveness, society must be uniform to a certain extent.

I believe the ruling does not pick on Islam as Christian prayers have been banned from public schools for some time.

It would simply be too chaotic to cater to everyone's religion which are so diverse. So best to leave it at home.

The exercise of individual liberties should tear society apart, like how Islam does with its differentiation and demands.

The event also has to be analysed in the context of greater Islamisation in traditionally Christian Europe although Turkey is a Muslim-majority country.

artic turban said...

but do you know that turkeys constitution bars people to display their islam religion, do it in private but not in public. they have the experience of islam and have seen how islam can lead a nation backwards if mullahs rule. they ruled the whole middle east until the end of ww1. That is why they don't want religion in politics. practise in in your home and at your mosque.

lanaibeach said...

In universities why impose rules?
These are matured students
To learn in the higher institutions
Let them wear the choices they want
Why raise eyebrows of their choices?

People are born to be free
Like the wind, the sun and the moon
Along the way behaving like the waves
Lashing the shores no rules to party

It is the myopic eye
The mind of traditionalists
Women should be covered from heads to toes
Leaving no free air to flow

God/Allah may have decreed it
We have to believe in faith
But it is true when we are born naked?
God/Allah makes it so…………

What about men?
Bare chest no invitation to influence women?
We must be really lopsided
Always bashing the women and the men go free
It is because God/Allah never said it so?

It is self censorship of the mind
It is here where the sin trap begins
We don’t have to physically abusing somebody
If it is in the mind, it is sin already

Anonymous said...

A headscarf is one thing but the problem with a burqa is that it completely covers the face which can lead to some practical concerns. For example, could someone be an imposter during say, an exam? There's no way to tell because you cannot see their faces.

But generally, I agree with you that what a person wears should be their own business. There should be no compulsion either way.

Tungsten said...

Wong, I think you miss the point.Turkey is a secular country and they are fiercely protective of this despite being a country of 90% muslim population.They do not want Islamisation to creep into any of their institution. Today you allow them to wear head scarves tomorrow they will want to introduce Shariah Laws. Cant you understand this? look at our country,it is gradually becoming mandatory now and in a few years time it will be strictly enforced .

Anak Perelih said...

jed Yoong said "In secular states, religion is separated from the government apparatus and 'public life'."... then why in the hell did the secular zealots want to interfere someone's personal believe to wear head scarf???... the banning itself is unsecular conduct!!!! The government (in this case, secular zealots - not the ruling party)trying to not being "separated from the "government apparatus and 'public life"....

Anak Perelih said...

under secularists zealots, Turkey became the "sickman of Eurpoe"... under the ruling party aligned with Islam like AKP, Turkey made many progress including in Football!!!

Meiyen said...

So many religions, some to the extent of screwing us up and messing with our lives. So, don’t you think we’d be better off, without it? Don’t you think that without religion, we would not be bogged down with labels separating us from one another and there would be no such thing as hating Jews or Christians etc., etc?

Anonymous said...

I agree with Tungten. The real fear is the "creeping in". First the head scarf. Next they will insist that the women wear head to toe swim-wear for swimming, wearing burqa where you cannot tell who is really behind the mask, thereby comproming security. Then separate queues at the university canteens, then separate seating areas at the lecture halls. Then......Muslims claim that their religion is one of tolerance and peace. But that is not what is happening worldwide. It is the opposite. If peaceful and tolerant Muslims think their religion has been hijacked by war-like and intolerant mullahs, then they should they back control of it.I don't see that happening.

sinnersaint:saintsinner said...

In the old days we didnt have all these problems, we respected everyones right to exist in which ever way they felt, with the exception of Nudist he he he.

Well, theres some sort of global conspiracy/agenda/plot to impose, how one should live according to acceptable sets of behaviour or dress code, by these superior set of cultures, well,they seem to think, not many share their views, so the million dollar question is are we gonna mimic or renew and set the perimetres ie respect the diversity.

We are all products of our own cultures, there's great beauty in it and everyone has his/her right to exist the way their cultural believes.


Anonymous said...

Turkey has my respect for this decision. Turkey has shown the world it is against fanaticism. Well done Turkey. The Turkish supreme court has shown the world that it has the guts to say no to extremists.

Anonymous said...

Hi Anak Perelih,

You wrote:
"...then why in the hell did the secular zealots want to interfere someone's personal believe to wear head scarf???... the banning itself is unsecular conduct!!!!"

I think you must try to understand European culture a bit more. To them, the distinction between public and private is quite clear and important.

From my understanding, when they say 'public', it relates to society -- how you should give up some preferences for the greater good of the collective.

Religion is usually considered a private affair. This means it should not interfere with your interaction with the community.

In Muslim-majority Malaysia, it makes sense that Islamic values and preferences dominate public life. But in traditional Christian or secular nations with a Christian history, it makes more sense for Muslims to blend in instead of carving out their own ghetto and trying to change public life to fit their minority needs.

Anonymous said...

Once again, secularism has become a tool to suppress mainstream religion just like how British Airways may prohibit crosses to be worn by their employees or how prayer is not allowed in US public schools.

If banning such practice is OK in the name of curbing fanaticism, we should simply let Parti Komunis Malaya rule this country.

sinnersaint:saintsinner said...


Since when religion and politics were ever seperate ka ka ka they are ONE, lets not be naive....

pls refer back to your history books, wars and people were killed because of religion.

kalau tak tahu jangan buat tahu prrrrft ha ha ha