Saturday, June 28, 2008

Breaking news: Ka Ting and Kong Choy to give up

Datuk Seri Ong Ka Ting won't be defending his MCA president's post in the coming party elections. Ka Ting made the annoucement just an hour ago. His deputy, Chan Kong Choy, is also expected to make a similar announcement soon. Details later.


lanaibeach said...

MCA should change
Not on race base party any more
For decades the leaders used the racial card
Only 3Ps they wanted for their own

Finally the last election on March 8
MCA got the beating it deserved
The history of MCA leadership
Begging for crumbs to sell to the community
By the time it dwindles to friends and cronies
The members of the racial party got the few crumbs

Every election newspapers reported
The triumphs of the party leaders
Helping the new villages
In between the years it was rather quiet
Only election time the goods seems to arrive
You ask why it happens at this time

At one time MCA had the Minister of Finance portfolio
Then it wasn’t given to the party any more
The erosion had set in……………
The subsequent MCA presidents lost the game
Maybe Lee San Choon dared to talk eye to eye
With UMNO leaders
And when Musa Hitam hit them with ‘dead or alive’
MCA hasn’t gained back its face…..

OKT and CKC should have resigned months ago
With the election results showing how badly MCA did
The two leaders should be gentlemen to let go
Yet they wanted to salvage some pride
Now they finally realized they have to go

MCA should join forces with Pakatan
Fight the real deals for the community
In UMNO/BN they are just warming seats
They can’t bark; they can’t shout
They just bow their heads
Handouts what UMNO wants to give?
There is no saving grace for the race

Anonymous said...

Smart move. Better abandon the ship before it sinks. No point clinging on to MCA positions and getting shit from everybody everyday. Question now is who is next to quit? And who is silly enough to try to get into these vacated positions?

Diversity Dude said...

There is a difference between UMNO and Barisan Nasional. I want to make it clear that it is not the Barisan Nasional (BN) government, but the UMNO government. It is not the government, but UMNO. Barisan Nasional is a coalition of unequals, not equals. UMNO is the big brother in BN. Therefore UMNO must be held responsible; and more importantly, UMNO must not be allowed to hide behind the BN banner. UMNO is the enemy, not BN. UMNO is a racist party which has perfected the art of divide and rule. If moderate Malays, the natives of Sabah and Sarawak, and the Chinese and Indians unite, then they can vote UMNO out of office.

I have come to the conclusion that the easy solution is to completely defeat UMNO in the next elections. We have to vote racist UMNO out of office. UMNO is bent on divide and rule, which has affect Malaysia badly. It is for the next generation of Malaysians to undo the damage done to Malaysia by UMNO. There is a dire need for moderate Malays at the political level. There is also a need for the natives of Sabah and Sarawak to form a third force to protect their own interests. Imagine how UMNO had dealt with Sabah; from a rich state, Sabah has been reduced to a poor state subservient to UMNO. There has to be an explanation. The only way is UMNO has to be voted out of office. The younger generation of Malaysians do not like racist politics and UMNO must be taught a lesson by the younger generation by voting UMNO out of office. Please vote for any party but UMNO/BN.

To my Sabah and Sarawak brothers and sisters I tell you that historically UMNO has always avoided a Royal Commission of Inquiry as much as possible. Any political party that is an accomplice to UMNO is also the enemy. Any political party that is a co-conspirator to UMNO is also the enemy.

In the 2004 elections (11th General Election), the voters gave good support to Mr.Abdullah Badawi. But reforms did not come. Why? Probably because UMNO had done well in the elections. If UMNO had done well in the elections, then the election results tell UMNO that the voters are satisfied with the status quo. If the voters are satisfied with UMNO, then no reforms are necessary. In the 2008 elections (12th General Elections), UMNO did not do well, but she managed to win. UMNO did lose the 2/3 majority in the Parliament, but she did win, nevertheless. Will UMNO undertake reforms now? I would not be surprised if she did not. Why should she? UMNO is still the winner in the elections; and she can plan to rise and may even succeed to rise again. So, as long as she wins, she will never undertake the reforms. So, how do the voters get the reforms that they need? The voters will get the reforms when UMNO is completely defeated in the 13th General Elections. If UMNO wins zero seats in the next elections (13th General Elections), then some other party would have to rule Malaysia. Let us call it Party B. If UMNO is completely defeated in the next elections (13th General Elections), then Party B would rule Malaysia. Would Party B undertake reforms? If Party B does not undertake reforms, then voters would know what to do.

There is no doubt that UMNO has used gerrymandering to strengthen herself. If we removed gerrymandering from UMNO, then there would be a reduced UMNO. So the non-UMNO voters of Malaysia have good reasons to vote against UMNO.

It is possible that UMNO has used the Police Force to strengthen herself. The Police Force is required to be neutral. But is the Police Force neutral? I appeal to the Police Force to be neutral.

UMNO is a race based political party and also the big brother of BN. So, the complete defeat of UMNO in the next elections is the only way to get reforms. The complete defeat of UMNO in the next elections is the only way to get a new beginning.

UMNO is inclined to believe that Malaysians cannot do anything if they are in any way dissatisfied. The voters, however, have to send a strong message to UMNO that the voters can do something: the voters can vote.

So, the next step for Malaysians is to completely defeat UMNO/BN in the next elections.

Anonymous said...

If only Samy Velu could show the same conviction and courage,the Indian community will be so much better of.
How can he talk about reforming the MIC when Indians in this country are so far behind(with the exception being doctors and lawyers).

Anonymous said...

No surprise here. Why would KT and KC want to hang on to these positions? The gravy train has stopped and MCA leaders will become punching bags. I think more incumbents will vacate their positions. At least the MCA seniors are smart enough to "run". Only thick skinned Samy Velu wants to hang on to his position in MIC, not so smart.

Anonymous said...

Before GE2008, MCA's aspiring wannabes will "kill" for leadership positions in the party. Some will even resort to dirty tricks. Now it is "abandon ship" time. Senior positions are no longer so attractive. Who wanna be called "UMNO laptops" by the rakyat, abused by UMNO "partners", vilified by bloggers, beg for donation for MCA led charity drives, get video-recorded, or get accused of video-recording, get dragged into UMNO's mud, etc etc.
After KT and KC resignation, I think there will be more. Now the party will have to "beg" the seniors in the party to take up positions!

Anonymous said...

Samy Velu, at least the MCA and Gerakan leaders have got the dignity to quit their positions after the bad performance by their parties in the GE2008. But, you Samy Velu, has got no shame. You are still clinging on, when the Indian people have made it clear that they don't want you. Samy, I think most of your MIC members exist only on paper now. They are probably already members in PKR, DAP, or even PAS-supporters' club!
Samy, you should quit too and go enjoy your wealth and spend time with your chuchu.

Anonymous said...

Ka Ting and Kog Choy, at least you have the dignity to take the cue from the chinese people, and quit properly.
Not like some unwanted leaders in your "partners" in BN who refuse to quit with dignity !

Anonymous said...

"Smart Alex"
Guess they knows that the pan it to Hot.

Good Riddance

Anonymous said...

I think OKT is sincere. I have met him in person together with th3 MCA Ministers before and have found him to have the ability to listen and is unpretentious.

Anonymous said...

MCA should merge with DAP or PKR. That should give the merged entity a lot of extra clout. On its own, MCA will fade away.

Anonymous said...

OKT, please go one step further. Quit MCA altogether, and be an independent MP. Throw in your vote with the PR, and be part of the cross-over.

Anonymous said...

Bravo to Ka Ting and Kong Choy! At least those who fabricated snoop squad will be put to shame and issue put to rest! You guys are the examples of leaders who know when to call it a day and when to hold on to fight! You can still fight from a distance, not necessarily sticking on to UMNO,which always gives crumbs to the Chinese, and squeezing them for Meat!!

Anonymous said...

Good start, KT and KC. But we expect more from you and the other MCA leaders. We want MCA to resign from BN ! Why are you wimps going to bed with UMNO? Don't you see that the Malaysian Chinese lost respect for MCA because of your partnership with UMNO? We don't like the company you keep, rather than having any particular dislike for you. If you want to reform, then leave your big bully partner UMNO. You can' even call them your partner. As long as you stay in BN, they are your MASTER. Get it?

Anonymous said...

Chun Wai, we are all hoping and praying to see the real "breaking news" : MCA (AND THE SABAH, SARAWAK COMPONENT PARTIES) BREAKING UP WITH UMNO. On that day I shall celebrate.

Anonymous said...

Dear anonymous of June 29,6.32 pm .
The breaking news we are waiting for is: Tun Mamak dies. After all he is already a frail old man. All these activities will drain him further. No matter how clever Tun Mamak is, GOD will still call the final shot. Until that day comes, Tun Mamak will continue to cause all Malaysians a lot of trouble.

Anonymous said...

OKAY, now that KTing and KChoy have opened the MCA flood gates, we are waiting for the flash flood. Who are resigning from their positions in MCA? Who are resigning from MCA? Who are crossing over to PR? Who have called it a day and retire for good?