Thursday, June 12, 2008

Billboard controversy in PJ

A huge billboard in Petaling Jaya with the face of Selangor Mentri Besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim has sparked off a row among residents. PJ folks, like other Malaysians, have long been sick with similar billboards showing Barisan Nasional leaders. For ordinary Malaysians, these billboards are just another ego trip for these politicians. But BN leaders in Selangor are claiming their billboards had e-mail and handphone numbers for the people to call them. This one, with Khalid, has nothing. State Exco member Ronnie Liu said the billboard was put up without the state government's knowledge and that the state did not spend a single sen. What's your take?


Anonymous said...

If Ronnie is speaking the truth, than somebody must be trying to carry balls.......

reena said...

will the real slim shady please stand up!

Robert Teh said...

Chun Wai,

With or without the State Govt's spending of public money - it is still not acceptable when previously critics of the BN State Govt had voiced their opposition, condemnation and allegation of wastage of public funds, business dollars going to billboard owners and contractors, and of course kickbacks for whomever approved the permit.

So rightly, the new PR Govt should not perpetuate such practice and get rid of this 'ugly' self-glorification of State or Party leaders. If someone wants to put such a billboard up for free, tell them to donate the money to charity. To me this is another form of corruption, if the MB allows the putting up of a billboard paid for by an admirer/supporter/fan/grateful contractor/vendor.

Please no more of the previous administration excesses - we, the rakyat, demand to see changes, real changes!

lanaibeach said...

If the Selangor Government doesn’t know
Now is the time to take it down
Who put it up there?
Somebody from BN camp to play a joke
On the PR government

I guess the state government
Shouldn’t spend time looking for the culprit
Just take the ego trip poster down
And get on with state administration

I remember I saw a huge poster
During the election campaign in Pandamaran
Put it up by Datuk Teh Kim Poh
He lost his seat to Ronnie Liu
Was it a sign of bad omen?

Ego trips no leader should engage
It will bring the downfall of many
In history lessons we learned it well
Be humble work for the people
This is where the legacy stays behind
After the person gone

dincbee said...

Outdoor advertising in the Klang Valley is becoming sight pollution.The ACA should have a special task force to see that the local authority approvals of sites are appropriate.It is an open secret that for every new site approved,under table payments is made.Now there are pedestrian bridges constructed at places least required by pedestrians.The advert space are huge,so is the payoffs.Just look around PJ and damansara. One can't miss to notice fimiliar outdoor company name like Kurnia Semenanjung all over the places.It is like these areas are their designated territories.Worst still the company is foreign ownned.The bridges under the juridiction of JKR are not spared.Name like Prisma outdoor is all over Damansar and Sg. Buloh areas.I think all the sites are "owned " by single entity,disguised under different names, approved by the former JKR Petaling district engineer just before he got transferred.If in doubt just check the records.Surely certain fees are imposed,legally and otherwise.

Meiyen said...

That's what the folks at Pakatan Rakyat are good for. Oppose, oppose, oppose. No matter what the federal government does it's oppose, oppose, oppose! But then they turn around and do exactly the same thing that they and their followers have been complaining about.

They're were opposing subsidies, now with the fuel hike, they are ones clamoring the loudest for subsidies. Isn't free water another subsidy too? What a disgruntled lot with room for happy things in their lives!

zackdanial said...

Malaysia like to talk big about petty things . My area near keramat still got Toyo's billboard with the tag "menteri Besar "and no one make noise .
As an editor you should highlight bigger issue like effect on oil price increase and rising cost of living . Any way this billboard issued is in The Star already . By putting this again in you blog , are you asking us not to buy and read The Star ?

Ah Beng Crosby said...

Take it down.

Anonymous said...

Chun wai , the star didnt give a rat's ass about the zillions of billboards in pj before .... why this one ?


Anonymous said...

Tear it down immediately, PR !
We didn't elect PR to do the same as BN. And if somebody put it up there without your permission, name the culprits.

Unknown said...

Whoever put it up the bill board should have saved the money. It is neither information, creative nor motivating.It reminds one of the old communist style of announcing power, ala Mao Tze Tung.Please don't embarress us with such tactics. Anyway we are also sick and tired of billboards littering our view.

Anonymous said...

Dear WCW,
You its really funny and strange that there are countless BN propaganda billboards all over the country and you seem overly sensitive and excited over one Keadilan poster...Hmmmm very very strange..I wonder why ?

Anonymous said...

I really could not believe that present MB would have wanted the ego promoting billboard until I read of the reasons for it. That this was a planned & agreed to by the previous state government was more likely explanation esp it was to contain the picture of the ex MB !!! with of course tel fax e mails that wont be answered. Since there would not be a need for the other 159 billboards as agreed with the Company previously either the Company refund the cost of these unerected billboards or if not possible then have these billboards with the ex MB picture (as originally planned) erected at the residences of the previous state government members to remind themselves to be of service to the people as they had claimed

dewnasing said...

Wong Chun Wai,

Don't tell me you are so stupid as to not know how to evaluate this advertising?

I can see so many clues that points to the answer.

Anonymous said...

Chun wai,

Let have something more substantial, don't waste blogsphere with trivialities.

Anonymous said...

Well, although I supported the PKR, I definitely think this sort of self aggrandizing of politicians should stop immediately. Did'nt we hear that they wanted to be called Yang Berkhidmat and not Yang Berhormat etc etc. So take it down immediately.
I also want to add that when there are govt projects put up, the sign boards should not promote any political party, whether BN or PKR. So far if many of you have seen, BN has been guilty of this sin all through the years. Whenever I see a project signage which also says "Satu Lagi Project Barisan Nasional", I really feel like getting a spray can and do what is necessary. So we should also ask the BN govt to take down all these "Satu Lagi B$%@* Nas*&%^% " project signs. You decide what the BN means. Fuming!!

Meiyen said...

Excuses, excuses! My God how sick can people get. When it's happening to one of their own then it's trivial. But with another party it suddenly becomes a mountain, with everyone jumping on it like a house on fire.

Chun Wai is just treading up the same path that you guys have been on. How's the taste of your medicine?

Anonymous said...

The country is falling apart.
40 percent of the rakyat is suffering under the new fuel price hike.
The world economy is melting down.
Dr M exposed the Scomi-Rapid KL connection.
The MCA internal inquiry cleared OKT of setting up a snoop squad.
And what do you blog about? Come on, man.

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...

The General Election is already over
Fear not for being politically 'unknown'
So please keep your billboard pinup under cover
Than to be mistaken to be the latest 'circus clown'

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 120608
Thur. 12th June 2008.

Anonymous said...

there are thousands and thousands for this sort ads by BN. Why the star pick on this one. Treat PR fairly, expose all other BN posters too. all JRK works also marked with "Another proejct by BN". they build with rakyat money.

Anonymous said...

Since the bill board contract was likely dished during the previous BN Selangor govt, when don't we publish all of Toyol's and his family's assets and all their phone numbers so that the rakyat can all call them up to explain. Maybe also publish his residential address so that we can all spit at him when we drive by.

Anonymous said...

The Selangor MB should sue the billboard advertising company for putting his picture on the billboard without a written permission. And also to claim for damages to the current MB's reputation. Sue Sue Sue.

bondoun said...

If Ronnie is truthful, send someone to investigate this, and make known the result.

It could be the previous government, but this huge billboard and nobody saw who put this up? Remember, BN is starting to rain on the parade. Check on their new blog page and so far they are begging for bloggers to say something. They claim to want to understand the rakyat...

Anonymous said...


just say ya ya ya whatever the federal govt does.sheesh, guess you are using a bullock cart for your travel. good luck and feed your cows well so that the cows dont boycott.
again, best wishes.

Anonymous said...


I'm neither for the BN or the BR. Who is the one pushing for a certain party now?

Many sectors of our population 9the retirees, the singlre parents, the menial workers) are suffering with their incomes, and hear we are shouting about billboards. Sickening!

Anonymous said...

Well, if it was not put up by the State Government or not approved as such, TAKE IT DOWN IMMEDIATELY!! Easy solution-ma!!

sinnersaint:saintsinner said...

Mr Chun Wai,

The people were sick of the previous BN govts arrogance, biadap methods,as though the state belonged to BN la. I feel 40 years of their Ketuanan is why the 5 states lost. Khir Toyo and his cronies couldnt be bothered what the Press/people thought.

Is there an agenda to knock Pakatan for everything they do, why are they put on a microscope????????

How long have they been power? Come on, cut them some slake, many of us know that BN Govt is hard at work to make these guys look bad, do you have to as well?

Maybe, you should declare which party you belong to in the open, i feel all these underarm tactics is below the belt, i for one dislike cheap shots.

When you were knocked by the bloggers, i stood firmly to defend your right to blog, check the i post and i think it was Miss Prima Donna Jed Yoong who called me a stooge for BN.

Well, till today i dont belong to any party, not even Malaysian Nature Society, the zoo, united monkeys of nature malaysia ke ke ke

Come man, be decent, my late father always said to me - son speak the truth, the rest leave to Almighty, maybe you should start today, its never too late.

For those of you who cant be partisan, well, people/readers will laugh at your post/comment, never undermind your readers....

oh btw they Pakatan won bcoz they PEOPLE were tired of BN. Period.

Dont believe, watch out for the next election. They'll be TRASHED.

Malaysian have "moved on" People.

Anonymous said...

The BMW infront of the bill board is a nice car. Nice silver (metallic) colour too. Nice alloy wheels. The registration number is also cute. The owner must be anice person too. The bill board is a nice background?

Pedal Power.