Saturday, March 21, 2009

Penang DCM quits finally

After weeks of intense speculations, Penang DCM I Fairus Kamaruddin has finally thrown in the towel. The PKR leader has resigned amid a cloud of allegations and suspicions. From alleged cover up of illegal quarry activities, abuses of power to poor performances, all kinds of allegations have surfaced over the past weeks.

Most of the attacks against the 32-year-old novice politician have come from his fellow PKR members - who have been eyeing the DCM post. But before that, we all had to put up with the usual denials from the Pakatan Rakyat leaders. Even Fairus himself told the press he wasn't quitting. At least, Anwar Ibrahim preferred to be coy instead of lying to the media about the position of Fairus. The same political lingo seems to have caught on with the Penang state leaders.

The MACC has already started its investigations into the allegations of two senior PKR leaders involved in covering up illegal quarry activities. Would we see the end of the probe or end of the complaints? Certain PKR leaders may feel that their objectives have been met, whatever that maybe.

Fairus has become the highest ranking state official to be hit because of internal sabotage. Selangor exco member Elizabeth Wong is widely believed to be a victim of such intra-party bickering.

Whether its BN, PKR, DAP or PAS, it's always the same. Politicians may talk about fighting for the people but at the end of the day, it's always about personal ambitions. The people, as in many cases, are often their tools to advance their agenda.


Odette said...

I agree with you that in politics be it BN, PR politicians serve only their own interests as is becoming more evident these days.

Hence, as a general statement, the quality of politicians in Malaysia has to be improved (not pin pointing anyone...., please - this is a general statement)

Candidates need to have alot of integrity and a real desire to serve.

Less in-fighting and more service please....that should be the tagline for the party that wants the votes....

Anonymous said...

Fair comments but I just want to know how you managed to link this to Elizabeth Wong, since you are the ONLY person who's claimed it's internal sabotage in her case.

Do you have reliable 'sources' or are you simply using this platform to spin for BN?

Anonymous said...

so what about Ali Rustam?..what is he waiting for?he's the same as Fairus...both are not suitable to continue to run their respective states..Fairus has done well to quit his post to preserve the integrity of his party...but unfortunately the same cannot be said about the Ali Rustam...

p-s. I bet my whole life savings that PR will win all three by-elections....

Anonymous said...

"Whether its BN, PKR, DAP or PAS, it's always the same. ... it's always about personal ambitions. The people, as in many cases, are often their tools to advance their agenda."

I will disagree with this generalisation. While there are bad apples in Pakatan Rakyat, there are also many who are there to serve. I am especially impressed with those who served in NGOs for causes close to their heart - long before their baptism as politicians. Newcomer like Hannah Yeoh will also receive great support. A few BN politicians (unfortunately very few) have also earned respect for their service.

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...


"I wonder should I go
Or should I stay..." (Song lyrics)
When in a situation I can't say "No"
Then I better make my move before I stray

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 210309
Sat. 21st Mar. 2009.

Anonymous said...

Ayoo....all the same. I cannot see why PKR is better than UMNO or BN or DAP or PAS. Collectively they all appear the same to me. I am more interested in politicians who stay current and action based. Do something to help address the economic situation, as we have a real problem at hand. STOP the finger pointing and the drama. Seriously -tired and bored!

Anonymous said...


what you gonna do since both camps are of the same?

at least, DCM has to go since he underperforms.

what about BN?

any difference, no?

Anonymous said...

Dato Wong, you sure know which side of the bread is buttered. You are insulting our intelligence by having selective targets to please your political masters.
Come, come, have you nothing to pen on Rustam...a corrupted 'Scapegoat' still refuse to resign for a bigger offence!
Take heart, you are not alone, you have another UMNO leaning blogger for company.

Anonymous said...

Yes. the PKR/DAP/PAS/Pakatan can do no wrong. Only BN/UMNO/MCA/MIC/Gerakan are corrupt. And pigs can fly.

- Not Fooled

romerz said...

There is a difference Datuk. PG DCM was forced to quit because the party and coalition he belongs to will not tolerate such individuals.

This is more than can be said for UMNO/BN.

Corruption is only a secondary issue when it does not involve those who can keep the power elites in the position of plunder.

Not so in PG and for that you should at least be proud. Unless you have traded your dignity for those of your employers?

Penang will and must not fail! If it does then we are all doomed!!!

Simple as that! You are a Penangite and of the "alien" race as well.

Think not of your stomach but of those who will come after you who have no recourse to their predicament.

Anonymous said...

KJ and Ali Rustam case isnt your cup of tea I guess, but Penang DCM is your cuppa bcoz its PR, not BN.Good taste bro

malayamuda said...

Pakatan assembly men resign to save the good name of their parties...they love their party !

Look at Arumugam, Fairus and Elizabeth Wong...

But same cant be said about UMNO...look at Najib, Ali Rustam etc

UMNO leaders have to start thinking of the people and not just their own selfish interests

Anonymous said...

You are also implying that LGE is also a clown in this circus?

Why not you look into the text below and tell whether the MSM in question has been objective in its views about LGE.

The letter is by Cheong Yin Fan, press secretary to the chief minister of Penang.

'Penang NST, where is the list?'

Where is the list of businesses where Lim Guan Eng is alleged to have embarrassed or given preferential treatment to that was promised but was not handed over by

MCPXNew Straits Times Penang bureau chief Sharanjit Singh?

Disparaging opinion pieces and columns by the NST editorial staff on the Penang Pakatan Rakyat government in general and Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng in particular are nothing new.

However the Penang chief minister considers it offensive that Sharanjit has chosen to adopt a gross partisan stance to the extent of attacking Lim's personal integrity. Starting with an article on March 9 entitled, ‘The March 8, 2008 watershed: Guan Eng trait that's difficult to swallow’, Lim was accused by the NST of giving preferential treatment to certain businesses.

‘Some businessmen have also been lamenting how certain personalities and projects are being given preference by Lim. Others, or the less favoured ones, are made to withstand public embarrassment and are exposed during media briefings,’alleged the article.

When Lim remonstrated Sharanjit, he was promised to be given a list of businesses that Lim had allegedly given preferential treatment to. Sharanjit also told Lim that he had never requested for a special interview with Lim as his bosses in KL will never publish the interview.

Lim was also told that this attack against him was done partly by NST’s Kuala Lumpur editors who had an agenda to conduct a hatchet job on the PR government as their BN masters could not find any traction in attacking his administration.

Lim can only wait for the promised list to determine which businesses he had favoured and who he had embarrassed. If there is any business group that is unhappy, it is probably the RM25 billion Penang Global City Centre project by Abad Naluri Sdn Bhd which Lim has declared is ‘as good as dead’. Was Sharanjit referring to the PGCC ‘as good as dead’ RM 25 billion project?

However, instead of providing the promised list, Sharanjit went on the attack by repeating his allegations of preferential treatment to certain businesses in another column piece on March 13, entitled ‘Sharanjit Singh: What's your beef, Guan Eng?’

Again Sharanjit did not provide the list the involved businesses as promised. If these attacks originated from NST’s political masters and owners in Umno and BN, Sharanjit has done no wrong as he was only doing his job as a journalist.

However, he had crossed the partisan line between a professional journalist and a professional politician when he took it upon himself to launch these attacks on Lim's integrity.

To equate his actions with the detention under ISA of Sin Chew reporter Tan Hoon Cheng misses the point completely as Tan was detained merely for reporting the racist and seditious utterances of extremist Umno politicians. One can only say that, ‘Sharanjit, You are no Tan Hoon Cheng!’

Lim believes passionately in freedom of the press but not in the freedom to lie. The Penang chief minister wishes to make it clear that he has no issues with NST reporters who have conducted themselves professionally under the difficult constraints of working for an Umno paper.

The issue lies with NST editoral staff like Sharanjit who are behaving more Umno than Umno against Lim and his PR state government.

The question to Sharanjit and NST is this, ‘Where is the list?’


Anonymous said...

Yes, ALL politicians have a certain measure of self-interest.

But the KEY DIFFERECE betw BN and PR politicians is the willingness of PR reps to resign (or offer to resign) upon signs of impropriety.

You've been the Managing Editor of a major newspaper for ages.

So far, what's the proportion of BN politicians doing this, compared to ruling politicians from the PR?

And what are the chances this comment of mine won't be "edited" before it's even posted (if ever0?

Anonymous said...

I think that Guan Eng shld use CAT here. He talked about being transparent -so do it. Explain himself -this is after all his Deputy. Why the carefully-chosen-words-non-commital-smudge attitude. Seriously, I like the CAT principles -or whatever principles one wants to call it, as long as there is transparency and integrity in it. And for that matter -I dont even hear anything much from Jeff Ooi about this. And I tot he wants to be fair to all. I suppose not that easy to be fair to your own team huh? Sad. I am fast losing trust and hope in the DAP and Pakatan folks!

Anonymous said...

Dear Datuk Seri,
Why no any articles about Datuk Seri Sammy Vellu?
He s reelected!