Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Azalina Othman's office raided by MACC

This must be the hottest news item in tomorrow's newspapers. The Malaysian Anti Corruption Commission visited the office of Tourism Minister Azalina Othman this morning, where they spent three hours and took away some files. This comes after the arrest of her political secretary recently by the MACC, where he was found with RM75,000 on him. Azalina was reportedly not in the office at that time but the talk is that the visit is in relation to investigations on the award of contracts. The visit and the arrest of her aide at the last lap of the Umno polls is likely to have an impact on her contest. The political damage is enormous even though her office has issued a statement, saying they would cooperate with the MACC. In short, we have nothing to hide. The former Puteri Umno chief is seeking a supreme council seat. It has been reported that the MACC is expected to haul in more Umno leaders ahead of the elections, where money politics has become a serious problem.


Anonymous said...

It is time for Najib to clean the cabinet and starting to bring his fellowship with him once he become PM .. those who are pak lah regim will be kicked out ...

Vesu said...

tourism ministry is a gold mine datuk. just because it brings in revenue that does not mean we should close one eye -like what happened before. maac should act without fear n favor ..azalina has to clarify now ...

Anonymous said...

The MACC must be congratulated for such as an exemplary effort. Corruption is so rampant in UMNO and this is no longer an open secret. UMNO needs to be overhauled right from the grssroot to top management. Those who are involved in these immoral activities, even though, allegedly must be permanently and immediately thrown out from the party. This is the only way for UMNO to survive in the next election. The rakyat is definitely watching and eagerly wating for some concrete measures.

Anonymous said...

Hope this is not a witch-hunt.
Just to prove MACC is going full steam ahead.
Just to assuage people calling for Umno leaders' blood.
MACC will be very busy indeed to finish the probe ahead of the party elecrions in rwo weeks time.
This will throw the spanner in the works of the party's change of guard.
And why only Umno leaders???

Anonymous said...

Hello Datuk,

It might be the hottest news in MSM. We already knew who it is from day one MSM reported a political secretary is being questioned. Typical way MSM reporting. Anyway, just like all high profile cases, this cases will go unnoticed in few days time and MACC will come up with a statement says nothing is wrong. Everything is alright. I hope that MACC will prove me wrong. Happy reporting anyway.

Anonymous said...

She is an epitome of UMNO's rot.
But please don't stop at just questioning her and then sweep everything under the carpet. We want real action. And please don't stop at Tomboy only. We want all of the rotten fish jailed. But don't hold your expectations high. We have come to expect nothing good from the UMNO govt, MACC or whatever. Yes, I am cynical. Give me one good reason why I should not be cynical of MACC.

Anonymous said...

There is nothing to rejoice and nothing new. The question is why MACC takes so long to act...that too was not an act of professional duty, but rather a directive from the warlords within the party. Someone who did not want Azalina to advance her political career.
Anyway, who cares! A good UMNOputra is a dead one.

Anonymous said...

DS WCW, sorry for digressing from the topic. I just wanted to say that it was a good move for STAR to start doing polls for topics of interest to the public. People can say that if MT or Malaysiakini do any polls, the highly anti-establishment readership may skew the polls. Similarly if Utusan does any polls, the pro-UMNO readers will also skew the polls. Hopefully the STAR's readership will more balanced (albeit only the English speaking audience). STAR may want to widen the sample size by having the same questions asked in Chinese and Malays papers, and merge the results for a more balanced sampling.

Anonymous said...

Clean the stable; and bring in the cows, goats and horses which are clean and incorruptible. Hopefully, this MACC raid is not a selective persecution of certain people. MACC should be apolitical and professional.
Past examples do not generate encouragement that everything will be above board. Malaysians perceive that MACC is one-sided in its investigation. Why, for example, was the chief so quick in making an annoucement about MB Khalid of Selangor? Why didn't he investigate the Saudi Purchases of appartments by the form Selangor Administration under Hkir Toyo? Today we heard that wives of BN went to Disney Tokyo and otehr places for technical studies at taxpayers' and ratepayers' expense! Why didn't MACC at once check these?
Then, two UMNO persons reported about corruption in high places in UMNO. Did MACC investigate ? Or was it " NFC" ?

Then the famous ( or infamous) mansion in Klang: no prior approval of building construction! MACC must be deaf and dumb and blind!The PM passed the buck to the ex-MB; and the ex-MB passed it to the Sultan! Nobdoy except the Sultan wanted to handle the hot potato!

Then, the close-one eye case in Jasin about timber. MACC, are you blind, deaf, dumb?
Then tehre was on ex-MB who carried millions to Australia! What happened? And what about Bank Negara's ruling ( amount exceeding RM10,000.00 should be reported! ) ?
All tutup mata and tutup teliga!

Public perception on all these cases and more is not a biased one. Truth will come out in the end!

You can run and hide; but for how long?

So, where are you, MACC?

S.H. Huang

Anonymous said...

Looks like all the wastage of public money displaying leader's picture in super large sized posters did not help her...and it shouldn't!

Any impartial action, whether it be against BN, PR politicians and public servants is most welcomed. The ENTIRE country will be with MACC if they do their job professionally. We need the corrupt scumbags, regardless of gender, out of our parliament.

I am sure there are more than one bad apple in the cabinet and parliament. Cleanse them whilst the momentum is still strong. Prosecute them and get them to resign from public service immediately. I am sure BN will win votes this way!

MYblog said...

So what is new....poor Azalina....getting a bad name....dont worry the UMNO system will take care of you.

All wayang kulit

Anonymous said...

Wanna bet the final outcome? NFA! Just like the rest of the other 900 cases of NFAs! Well, let's give ourselves a big pat on our back for having the most "efficient" and "effective" anti corruption commission/agency in the world!
Now let's all pray that GOD will have mercy on us and save this beloved country (said very sincerely this time) of ours...

Anonymous said...

dear Datuk Seri,

salam sejahtera.

first of all, what is the level of public expectation now towards UMNO?

perhaps people who still stick to the old way in fighting/winning party election have never thot about that particular question.

party leadership can only do so much in preaching discipline and moral-guided campaign. but would the delegates find that preaching appealing?

i dont think the Minister in question should find himself...excuse me, HERself particularly troubled by this explosive development, knowing delegates have always be guided by their own preference when casting their vote.

regardless how controversial, if the delegates trust you and like you, you will still win, no sweat.

and when that happen, UMNO will face serious question in the coming general election.

so to the delegates, Selamat Mengundi!

best wishes,
from a mandarin-speaking Malaysian Chinese who was not surprised by the latest development.

Anonymous said...

Azalina is an orphan in UMNO.No wings want her. After Badawi, she is a goner.

Does this case prove anything for MACC? I don't think so. They are just going after a piece of dirt that is being ejected from the body.

Anonymous said...

Folks my rantings here:
The latest about the "Neo-Empress Dowager" of M'sia Boleh Tourism has got it as reported by Malaysia Today: " An MACC source said investigations into the RM70,000 are being finalised before the case can be submitted to the Umno Management and Disciplinary Board for further action...."

Isn't it simply mindboggling since when MACC gotta submit the report/finding(s( to UMNO for further action?! For the wretched lot of common brethens like heaps of business battlers who happen to go desperate to bribe their ways thru' the powers-that-be in order to have their cuts, their corruption cases would have been forwarded to Attorney General's (AG) for its selective actions or non-actions.

So one can't help doing the most obvious: That is, one wonders why political party-related corruption is reverted back to the party concerned for the highly suspicious selective pursuit of commensurate forms of justice which is much beholden to the party warlords' misguided discretion of self-interest-motivated conduct, how to get entrenched in power.

Subsequently, isn't it obvious that it doesn't take a genius to figure out about the eventual outcome of all these hot air about old-wine-in-the-new-bottle called MACC or neo-ACA's actions? Just like the axiom goes: It's pure "sandiwara" or an orchestrated show! So it ain't gonna lead us to nowhere, mate!

So what's all the fuss about MACC being an independent body; wanna to be a Hongkie copycat somemore! Cheh! Cheh!! Cheh!!! Ain't that puzzling at best and amusing, in its rudest fashion?

Some people just ain't got any tad of shame sense!

Puzzling indeed!!!