Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Cow head protest - arrest the bigots quick.

I don't think any level-headed Malaysian would tolerate any form of extremism. Certainly staging a protest by carrying a severed cow head is highly provocative and insensitive. What were they thinking? That they can get away with their bravado? The protestors, claiming to represent the residents of Section 23, have every right to protest and to voice their unhappiness over plans to build a Hindu temple in the area. But surely they could have handled the issue in a more reasonable manner. They have gone overboard this time. Carrying a severed cow head, regarded as a sacred animal by Hindus, is extreme.

Home Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Tun Hussein is right to warn against such actions that could lead to racial tension.

The only right thing to do is to arrest the organisers of the protest. They must be charged for sedition. These are men with evil intentions. There was nothing remotely holy about their actions. If the arrests are not done fast, it would send a wrong message to Malaysians. It would even encourage others to follow suit or lead to retaliation. It is not difficult to identify those behind the Shah Alam protest as they have bravely spoken to the media in the most emotional manner. Their faces are all over the Internet. We also want to know what political parties they represent.

They must be prepared to face the consequences of their drastic actions. They are not the religious martyrs that they have imagined themselves to be. They may like to believe they are but to most Malaysians, they are just a group of foolish racists and bigots. They should realise their foolishness could lead to serious implications.

Malaysia is a multi-racial country. The pluralism is an asset which we all should be proud of. Certainly, we have showcased our multi-culturalism to the world. In Penang, one can see a Taoist temple, mosque, church and a Hindu temple along Jalan Mesjid Kapitan Keling. It is about tolerance and mutual respect. Certainly the religious activities of the faithful have not been disrupted as a result of these places of worship being located next to each other.

I am glad I grew up in Penang where openness has always been a way of life. All these places of worship are located in one single street. It has been like this for such a long time that everyone has taken this for granted.

Some may argue against this, regarding what has taken place in the past as an age of ignorance from a religious perspective. Or is it simply because some of us have become less tolerant and more extreme? Have we lost our moderation, which we are so proud of? Tolerance is the key mark of all religions. All religions teach noble values. It is better to have more places of worship than places which breed sins. Racism and bigotry certainly run against the teachings of any religion. Let's use our head to think before we speak, write or protest.


zackdanial said...

Dato ,

How to arrest , they are UMNO members .

Policemen did not stop them on that day , why ?

Unknown said...

Dear Wong,

Well written. Agreed with you 100 %.

Moronic Bigots ! What were they thinking, you asked. I say they should be thinking of how to spend their days in jail soon.

The inaction of the police is shocking! It has reinforced the public perception that they are biased and engage in selective persecution.

Anonymous said...

Why do they have right to protest for a hindu Temple in a muslim majority? When it is a multiracial society, all races must have equal rights. When there can be mosques all over why cant there be temples all over. They are so brave to show their faces all over the media may be bcos they are sure that nothing can go wrong with them.

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...


In the dance "slow, slow, quick, quick, slow"
You can still dance on till you get to see snow
Some will however dance depending on how the wind blows
Since there's no quick automatic system on how justice will flow

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 010909
Tue. 1st Sept. 2009.

Anonymous said...

I cried for Malaysia. It's really really sad to see our country seized by problems after problems non-stop while many neighbouring countries are moving forward.PKFZ,Teoh,Kugan,Disneygate,RM24 million mansion,PPSMI,Perak fiasco,High Chaparral,MCA,now cow head.In 5 years time,let's hope Malaysia is not at the bottom of Asean.

Anonymous said...

There have been much protest over race and religious rhetorics and nothing has been done...one politician even defended it. No prosecution enboldened bigots to do even more harm! The Police must be seen as fair. If not, then more trust will be lost....or worse, lost forever!

Anonymous said...

Yes..why is the cops not arresting the culprit..why? They have actually identify the idiot right? Why cant a person arrest their master?


Anonymous said...

It is a sad day for Malaysia indeed. In today's world, considering what Malaysia has achieved so far, there are still people with stone age mentality walking the streets. I call them nothing but hypocrites.

Anonymous said...

Let's see what you write after tomorrow when the cops present their findings to the AG.

Let's see whether the speed you desire is forthcoming or there is the usual pussy-footing.

Let's see!


Anonymous said...

To Anon 1:17pm

There is NO MOSQUE in Section 23 which is a muslim majority area but a hindu temple?

Does that make any sense?

ps: also please arrest people who makes lots of noise and disrespect to Malaysia's constitution (the very foundation of our country), questionning Bumi's right under Article 153

Anonymous said...

Feel sorry for you, desperately trying to promote BN govt on one hand, and frustrated by their foot dragging on the other.
Hope they listen to you and the police arrest those bigots quickly. But I doubt it.. Bet you doubt it too cause you know them as well as the rest of us do.

Anonymous said...

You can sing and dance until the cows (or is it bulls) come home. Nothing will happen. After all, we are in lala land.

It is so sickening.

Anonymous said...

The longer the inaction by the power-that-be, the sooner the demise of the government of the day.

The 'rakyat' can be fooled some of the time but not all the time.

shima said...

i just imagine myself how would it be if the cow head protest replaced by pig head protest. actually i salute the indian community for their patience. najib should be a father of the country. when his two child arguing for something he must treat them fair not supporting one of them. if our law system are really good this bloody idiots have already in ISA. ISA only for those who anti government. they make it clear here. dap say something abt islam ISA chase them. sedition. y this is not a seditious matter right? bullshit!

amoker said...

The cops are in Perak mah, they are too busy there. The cops are so busy that they sent Hishammudin to see the section 23 people.

Anonymous said...

Dear Sir, I wrote a cynical comment in effect saying that no action will be taken against the culprits, and you censored that comment (did not contain any profanity). Sure enough you can see for yourself that with the Home Minister's comments today, it basically means the culprits will get off scot free. Sure I agree we do not want to drag innocent residents of Section 23 into a national fray and disrupt their lives there, but it should not mean the guilty party/parties should be indirectly encouraged to do more of the same in future, since they know now that they will get away with it, and that the government does condone it by taking no action to punish them. Such inactions will continue to embolden the bigots and trouble makers, and that's how our nation is like what it is today, due to decades of encouraging such behaviour.

Anonymous said...

Dear Dato Seri, Please help, I'm a bit confused. Is this the same Hishammudin you are talking about?


Sad Days Ahead said...

Sad to say but i get a strong feeling that the people responsible will just get a slap on the palm and then be sent home and told to behave themselves! This is how it works in MALAYsia!


Anonymous said...

no news yet from the AG? -

another man in a power position feels it is not such a big thing and it can be amicably settled -

don't hold your breath for any arrests!


Anonymous said...

I agree with Jo's comment. Now that the home minister had cleared the pepretators of any wrong-doings, I wonder if you will stand for what you write or would you be cowed by the self-righteous home minister. Don't keep us waiting in suspense. Will it be an about-turn or principles come first?

Anonymous said...

Don't kid ourselves. Hisha is not going to arrest those fascists. The jails are preserved for those peaceful candlelight vigil and black T-shirt participants. Hisha only wants to allow fascists' voice to be heard. For the rest of us, even a small peaceful group who wants their anti ISA voice heard is not allowed. They get roughed up and get jailed.
We need change in Malaysia. If Japan can do it, Malaysia can do it too.

Anonymous said...

Now i know you are selective in publishing your comments. Cannot take criticism even poser don't agree with some of your points?
Sad coming from a prominent figure.
Well, never mind. here is an egg in your face, straight from the Home Ministry:


this time i don't expect you to publish my comments.

Anonymous said...


You are really a joker...the average Malaysian already knows what is going to happen to those guys..NOTHING!!!!Or popularly known as NFA-NO FURTHER ACTION-KES TUTUP!!!

Anonymous said...

Bro Wong,

"act fast and charge the bigots for seditious". Interesting, but why now? What did you do when pig heads were unloaded at the lobby of UMNO's building recently? Absolutely nothing. Bro wong, stop been bypocrite and wake-up. Its much better for you to focus on MCA's hullabaloo rather then writing about bull heads.

Anonymous said...

The nation can't afford a fallout due to racial & religion differences. We are heading towards unchartered waters where if left uncheck may spell potential disaster for all of us. Action must b taken immediately against those involved but the damage is ready done.

Anonymous said...

Are they well manners??? all they knows is how to protest on others' religions. They can't even knows what is the word 'tolerance' mean...Does 'holy month' means anything for them? all of them were just hypocrite. "Holy" in their mouth only and "Holy" in heart???GONE!!! they were just creating more sin for themselves. Which are GOOD for them...Congratulation for their action and newly created sins.