Friday, August 28, 2009

Black Eyed Peas concert - only for non-Muslims!

You can't blame the organisers of the Black Eyed Peas concert coming up in Selangor at the end of next month. It's sponsored by a beer company and every attempt is being made to make it sound like a non-liquor event. From what we are told, it is just a concert. Who else has the money these days besides the cigarette and beer boys, with the exception of the mobile phone operators? The biggest act, Black Eyed Peas, is performing but wait - it's only for non-Muslims and naturally Muslim fans are fuming. The no Muslim decision is reportedly imposed by the Information, Communicatio and Culture Ministry.

Muslims, too, want to be there to enjoy the concert but that does not mean that they have to drink. They just want to have a good time, that's all. But the corporate world is playing safe now. Such"non-Muslims only" restriction is usually placed at Christian functions and meetings, especially for faith-healing sessions, but never for a concert. It's unprecedented but that's what the authorities want.

Non-Muslims are worried and confused. For example, the decision by Selangor PAS chief Hassan Ali to allow mosque officials to arrest Muslims who consume liquor has actually gone a step further - Muslims can also be penalised for selling or storing liquor. This has placed 7 Eleven employees, who are mainly Muslims, in a big fix.

The law is there and it would probably not be fully enforced but all it takes is just one case for a poor worker to be made an example, as in Kartika, who was caught drinking. After all, there have been Muslim pub workers being arrested in some states.

The so-called "compromise" between the DAP and PAS following the spat between the two parties has ended up in a worse scenario than before. 7-11 outlets are now talking about replacing Muslim workers with non-Muslims. That means foreigners. But this is not what it should be.

Genting hires thousands of Muslim workers although their jobs are not related to gaming or serving liquor. But they are still beneficiaries of a gaming operator, as are the state and federal governments from tax revenue. Money has been used from such taxes for development. No one differentiates where the money comes from. Malaysia Airline serves liquor too and the job is done by Muslim flight assistants but that doesn't mean that they consume liquor.

It looks like another "boom boom pow" situation for Malaysia and another "black eye" once word gets out to the international media who are beginning to have this perception that Malaysia is losing its moderate image. What next? Another press statement from PAS Youth to ban the concert altogether? Oh, they are so predictable and many of us still want them to run this country. And some Umno politicians are now trying to out do PAS to win back the votes, it's all very confusing.

Black Eyed Peas plays a concert at Sunway Surf Beach, Sunway Lagoon in Selangor on Sept 25.


Anonymous said...

I think Kartika should not be singled out. I see so many Muslims drinking in clubs around KL but why just Kartika?

They have to be fair also if you want to catch ppl who goes against Islamic laws.

Anonymous said...

I never trust PAS ever since I was born. PAS will definitely BOOM BOOM POW one day.

Anonymous said...

It's already reported in CNN!

The fear of Islamisation of this country is becoming real. Sometimes the authorities think Muslims in the country are so weak that they need them to constantly monitor their behaviour. Now, it's beer. Next, dressing! And worse, segregation in cinemas, coffee shops etc... Malaysia!

Ashvin said...

What has become of One Malaysia, if Malaysians are discriminated against based on their religion to enjoy a concert of their choice?

Anonymous said...

Wow PAS Youth is so powerful, whatever they said become the law, right or wrong , it doesn't matter. But did you not just mentioned it was the directive from the Info..Ministry? to ban Muslim from BEP's concert? So who is what now?
Why blame PAS when our BN
Govt also agree to the ban?
Why no objection from UMNO? MCA or MIC? You expect DAP to oppose to the BAN alone?

Anonymous said...

Hi Mr.Wong,

I am not going to miss this concert, sure going to be fun! How about you? Going also?

Beginning Enjoy, Ending Regret! aka BEER

Anonymous said...

This month we have Katrika canning,beer sale,black eyed pea!Next month will be something else.There are many 'chiefs' suffering from inferiority complex and want to be heard! Pathetic.

Unknown said...

Dear Wong,

This is bad for PM Najib 1 Malaysia.

When there is a forced distinction between muslims and non muslims on their eligibility to attend a simple concert, foreigners who come to Malaysia can be forgiven if they thought that they have arrived in in a 3rd world fundamentalist muslim nation!!!!



raj raman said...

I am more confused "WCW".
I think the best thing to do is catch all the "MUSLIM" directors of this "NON HALAL" public listed company and cane them.
rajraman666.I am looking for hiding place from these little "MULLAH" before they send me to hell(*not god/devil worshipper*)

Anonymous said...

Hah, this is the first time in Malaysia where we have a concert by such a well-known group and it has been restricted to 'non-muslims only'. Biggest joke of the century! Why can't our narrow-minded Information, Communication and Culture Ministry be more open and sensitive to every M'sian regardless of race & religious beliefs when it comes to personal choices in entertainment?

BTW, do we have 'halal blood' in our blood banks? Won't want liquor intoxicated blood flooding our blood banks and then given to some poor unsuspecting and pious victim.....

Anonymous said...

Nothing surprises anymore. The politicking on both sides is equally bad. It would be good if both BN and PR learn that some issues need a bipartisan approach, no need to outdo one another. Take a look at the life of Edward Kennedy and how he is respected from both extremes. As a legislator, he always puts the people's interest first.

Anonymous said...

Of course lah you cannot be so stupid. otherwise how to be group editor. politics mah. politics means play games mah. you cannot be sto stupid can you???


Serious Shepherd said...

What BEP concert?

From Wikipedia entry of Arthur Guinness:

To mark 250th anniversary of the signing of the 9,000 year lease at St. James's Gate brewery Guinness is holding a year-long global celebration, focused on the 24 September 2009, to be known as Arthur’s Day (the actual starting date on the lease was 31 December 1759). Arthur’s Day will be a global celebration, which will see a series of events take place around the world, including Dublin, Lagos, Yaoundé, New York and Kuala Lumpur. Live music and entertainment will come from some of the world’s biggest names in music including the Black Eyed Peas and renowned DJ and producer David Holmes with rising stars such as Estelle, Kasabian, The Wombats and The Enemy and legendary acts such as Soul II Soul and The Undertones.

Wonder whether Malay-Muslim Dato' Jaffar Indot will attend and 'takebeer, takebeer, takebeer'.