Saturday, September 26, 2009

Black Eyed Peas: What a party and what a night!

What a party and what a night! The Black Eyed Peas had 5,000 of us jumping, dancing and partying away at the Sunway Lagoon last night. The screaming fans were a multi-racial crowd including many women in tudung. They all just came for a good time and to watch a real world-class act.

The timing has never been so perfect as the Grammy award winners just had two huge hits on the charts. The fuss over banning Muslims from catching the gig was really over nothing. It's time that those people who draw up these strange guidelines turn up at these concerts and see for themselves what concerts are about.

It's also not some drugs-sex orgy crap that these holier-than-thou people from PAS imagine. Many of us in the press, advertising and public relations sectors turned up in full force, dressed in black too, according to the party theme, to give support to Arthur's Day! It wouldn't have happened without the people from Guinness. The concert ended with superb display of fireworks.
If you think KL rocked last night,watch this BEP concert in Chicago hosted by Oprah Winfrey. Now, that's awesome!


Gallivanter said...

I was there and it was brilliant!!!

Unknown said...

Dear Wong,

WOW! Wish I was there with you in KL watching the class act.

But watching the video of BEP in Chicago with Oprah which you attached.... I already gotta feeling. WOW!!!! FANTASTIC ACT !

I am sure Beyonce is even more AWESOME!! SHE SURE CAN SING AND DANCE!!! Catch her live in KL soon.

Beyonce, BEP and other big names are in Singapore for the Grand Prix, F1. The Singapore govt. is encouraging and sponsoring these great names.

In Malaysia, we have a bunch of myopic jurassic cave men wanting the BEP show to be BANNED.


Your fan said...

Was at the BEP concert in Chicago.
Yep it was awesome.
Oprah is a phenomenom in Chicago besides Barack Obama.
They even closed Michigan Avenue - Chi-Town's main thoroughfare for taping of Oprah's new season.
Of course I watched it too from the side-walks.
But many Chicagoans were not happy because it was a working day and many were late for work.