Saturday, September 26, 2009

Oct 8: Indonesians invade Malaysia?

This has to be the funnniest story I have ever read. A group of Indonesian vigilantes calling themselves Benteng Demokrasi Indonesia (Bendera) has been busy gearing themselves up to invade Malaysia, the country's latest news online website Daily Chilli reported.

According to the group - the same one which recently set up roadblocks in Jakarta to look for Malaysians - they would travel to Malaysia via sea, land and air. When asked by the Jakarta Globe on how they intend to carry their weapons on board a plane, their spokesman said they had a way of doing it but did not elaborate.

Their weapons, which they claimed they have been collecting, included bows and arrows, samurai swords and spears. Yes, they would also be using Indonesian black magic. As part of their reconnaisance, they claimed to have sent 10 Indonesian "spies" to Malaysia. They claimed their countrymen, migrant workers and students, would be backing them. Bendera claimsto have 1,000 odd registered members - the "warriors" include 40 men without limbs and 10 on wheelchairs!


Myxzyden said...

and why wouldn't the indonesian authorities do anything about it?

Anonymous said...

This is probably a scam by some conman in Indonesia to get gullible Indons to contribute donations to the movement for invasion of Malaysia. Of course the head of the movement will soon be driving a nice mercedes somewhere, and enjoying himself, while the suckers will be arrested on either Indonesia and Malaysia, or get gunned down by coastal guards or navy.