Thursday, September 10, 2009

Videos: Potong Saga, KJ and Corruption

Click on images for Slovak Sting and Potong Saga, and check out all the other hilarious videos under 15Malaysia by clicking on the last image.
We need to laugh at ourselves. We get worked up too much. Here's a sampling of some good videos and also some lame ones. But they are good efforts. Malaysians need more of these. When will we see some videos on Indonesians, political cow heads and political cow dung?


Unknown said...

Dear Wong,

Good funny videos!

And KJ is sporting and can act too!

Wonder when Najib and Anwar will act in a video too ?? Should sometimes relax and hang loose man....

Anonymous said...

We seem to have quite a fair bit of comedian talent in Malaysia. But somehow they can't seem to make a living. It is about time RTM scrap some of the humdrum boring shows and give our comedians a break. They may even become more famous than Leno or Conan. Talking about comedians, talents like Harith Iskandar should be given prime time slots in RTM TV program.But again we have listless, uncreative, boring people censoring everything, and putting on the worse shows in Malaysia

MCMC should not be subservient to others said...


Pray that the Star will be as courageous as Malaysiakini insisting on reporting honestly current events to keep citizens truthfully informed:

theStar: MCA to MCMC: Back off on Malaysiakini

Meooo Comicore Club said...


new malaysia!