Friday, August 15, 2008

Will Rihanna get to perform in KL?

The word, among show promoters in town, is that Grammy award winner Rihanna (left) has offered to perform in KL. Her agents want the concert to be performed at a stadium as they expect tickets to sell well. But the offer has been sitting on the desk of many local promoters - they fear PAS and the self appointed moral guardians will protest and that DBKL will give in - I thought City Hall is still taking orders from the FT Minister and not the Mullahs. But this is what continued pressure can do.

No promoter want to invest millions of ringgit for a one night show and have it called off at the last minute because some holier-than-thou politicians, masquerading as theologians, decreed that the singer is unsuitable for our "eastern culture." More so, when the PM in waiting from PAS has been declared.

Even dangdut queen Inul Daratista fainted when told that DBKL had submitted to the demands of the men in green. At the rate we are going, KL will be missing the big names when they are in this region. Rod Stewart is said to have turned down an invitation from Genting Highlands to perform because he had been hearing negative news about Malaysia. When the mullahs grumbled about Gwen Stefani, the news made it to the whole of US. It had to take the Sultan of Selangor to issue a royal rebuke when PAS protested against Mas Idayu recently. But how many politicians have the guts to stand up to the theologians? Either they are afraid of losing the Muslim votes or being labelled unIslamic or they have now compromised their political principles because they are in the same coalition.


Anonymous said...

Eh, you dont make it sound like the men in green are crazy la... Please dont forget that Inul Daratista's concert was also canned in Johor by that bunch of so call moderate Malays who call themselves UMNO!!

The thing is.. if any concerts are to be canned in Malaysia, it is because of MALAYS! PERIOD!! it is not about which party because both parties, PAS and UMNO are just as fanatical.. One does it with syle and almost all the time get away with it because they have power friends like you in the press to help make them look like angels. Where else, the other is a bit sakai, not very polished and dont have powerful friends again, like you, to help them! GET IT??

Anonymous said...

Rihanna in kl will be a great think!.Mullahs are the one watching MTV,ETV.Channel V n all other channels which show women half dress!.they just pretend to be mullahs outside their home!inside their the ones who have crossed the maximum four wives under the LAW!.Hope...the chief Mullah Anwars drama will be unfolded one to his blind followers.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Bunnies comment.

PAS has recently shifted their gear and managed to protest their way to cancel concert events. So now they are adapting this approach.

At the rate, we may be forced to listen to Nasyid, dondang sayang and man...AM I BORED!

HeadLiner said...

I am just flabbergasted at the protests by some political parties.

Also why was there no protest during the MTV awards?
Why the double standards ?

Its tough enough doing a concert in Malaysia, with the high entertainment tax, dozens of permits..and after getting all these, it still doesnt mean the concert would be on 100%.

This is where we would lose out to Spore but thank God, Spore is quite near for those who CAN afford it to go and see some quality concerts.

Anonymous said...

Ahh...Pas nak buat kecoh lagi .Dahlah sibuk nak jadi Perdana Menteri kini nak kacau semua konsert di Malaysia khususnya di KL pulak dah. Pas ingat mereka ni apa? Terlalu besar ker diri mereka ni? Mereka kena menghargai bidang - bidang nyanyian khususnya melibatkan anak - anak muda.Mereka kena hormati citarasa orang lain.Jangan nak main lanyak aja.Itulah kerja Pas .Itu tak boleh ini , tak boleh..Apa yang boleh ?

Anonymous said...

If they want to banned the concert for Rihanna, Gwen Stafani, Avril Lavigne, Beyonce, they also have to banned all the radio, Astro, TV to broadcast these pop music & Malaysia will become the Jurassic Park, no one will want to stay here....


Anonymous said...

Their strategy seems pretty obvious --they get into an almost incontrollabe wild-eyed frenzy and use their hysterical screams to demand a ban on one thing after another. Just look at the way they are getting so power hungry to control everything they can.

Their frenzied demands just frightens the bejabbers out of some of our gomen wallahs which is exactly what they want. They probably think by frightening one, they can frighten them all. So just because they had successfuly gotten Inul's concert banned, they are gearing up to go against anything they deem unfit. It is time to stop them in their tracks.

It is the classic obsession for power, absolute power. You can only imagine what they will start getting into hysterics about next. Be prepared for almost anything, because in their myopic vision, nothing is suitable unless it resembles a strict Taliban-esque existence. In their world, life as we know it will be non-existent.

PAS has forgotten how they lost power because of their extremely unpopular power-crazed ideas. People want a good and disciplined government, but they will not tolerate an all-controlling one. This is not the middle ages. And this is why PAS will lose again.

But that's what happens when you refuse to learn from the past, because history is destined to repeat itself.

B.H. said...

Is our country's moral fabric so thin that the mere appearance of a pop star could reduce it to shreds of indecency?


Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...

"One man's meat is another man's poison"
That doesn't mean another man's moral is meant for the prison
What's there to impose if each has his own reason
To choose freely his own favourite season

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 150808
Fri. 15th Aug. 2008.

Anonymous said...

come on PAS youth leaders....we're not stupid and we want to have the freedom to chose what is right and wrong. You're not GOD and pls don't tell us what to do. Talking about healthy entertainment, why don't PAS youth leaders ban SMOKING among PAS members. Isn't that unhealthy and spoiling the GOD given body?? Come on...there are so many issues and need immediate solutions. Even the Sultan of Selangor is piss off with your political gimmicks. We're Malaysian and we deserve to choose. I will never vote for PAS.

Anonymous said...

Extremism is to refrain oneself and others from watching picture of Rihanna. Don't vote for PAS if you want to watch more pictures of this kind. I look fwd for your kids to dress up like her.

Kervin said...

It seems once again we will lose out to the likes of Singapore in hosting international artists and be stuck in the barren desert landscape of culture. Avril has been given the boot. I'm miffed and rightly so, we says we have to abide by the decision of suited politicians sitting on their ass up in the ministry to tell us what is and what is not suitable for our culture. Culture is ever evolving, it is the sum of the human experience, static and malleable and changing with the time. As a global nation we have to allow absorption of global culture.

Malaysia must learn to accept that times have change and we are as diverse as the cumulative global culture since the dawn of time. WE don't want ulamas telling us what is right or wrong, we have a brain to decide, for those that disagree, go stay home and let us enjoy the show.

If we want to ghance things, maybe its times we take the bull by the balls and let our voice be heard. I'm sending an email to the ministry and though I know it may not change a thing and may not even be read, I hope others will go ahead as well and follow suit and let them see how many people really want the concert to go on.

joy in eccentricity said...

I think that Rihanna's show has to be approved because it is obvious that every International celebs has already knew the RULES AND REGULATIONS in order to perform without any problems at Malaysia. And I also I believe that Riri will not be addicted to do such crazy things like Inul Drastista etc. About Rod Stewart, it's up to him. Maybe, he doesn't wantto risky himself or anything else. But, Riri's prformance should be APPROVED !

Anonymous said...

When I heard about this last night, I figured I had to speak my mind. This is an outrage. They do realize that by doing this, we are shutting our doors to the ever-expanding world, right? Our country has SO much growth potential, but it's just sad that some people choose to make it hard for us to move on.

Instead of embracing the changes like like our neighbor Singapore, we choose not to, causing us to stop in our tracks. We are behind other countries in so many ways, it's embarrassing.

To quote Maz Jobrani, a Persian-American comedian: "People are cool, politicians mess it up, politicians put us all against each other."

Sure, that phrase might have come from a stand up routine, but there's just so much truth in it.

Anonymous said...

This world has become Jurassic Park Modern Age seems all the woman nowadays dress up same like woman on the stone age. Not enough fabric to make a cloth.

Agreed with Nuzron, if she follow the Malaysia rules of regulation to perform on stage i think there is no problem for her concert to be approve.

Anonymous said...

Truth is, Malaysia's probably the most hypocritical country on the face of the earth. She cries foul when foreigners do what she deems "inappropriate" in the country, yet she continuously does these same "inappropriate" things but pretends she doesn't at all do them. She criticizes the speck of wood in the foreigner's eye, yet pays no attention to the plank in her own eye! That's just the height of hypocrisy.

Anonymous said...

Will she come to KL this week after what Chris Brown did to her? Oh dear oh dear oh dear