Saturday, August 16, 2008

Arif Shah's Mission Impossible

It's going to be a mission impossible for Barisan Nasional candidate Datuk Arif Shah Omar Shah, who is standing against Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim in Permatang Pauh. The third contender Hanafi Hamat from the so-called Angkatan Keadilan Insan Malaysia, said to be a splinter of PAS, is a non starter and essentially a spoiler if the votes are tight. But that is unlikely to happen. Anwar is almost certain to cruise through the polls. Even if Arif manages to trim down the majority, which is itself a great achievement, the gap is unlikely to be wide. Although Arif has put up a brave front, saying he can beat Anwar, that is not going to happen realistically. But the national exposure for Arif would certainly help him within Umno in the long run. Today, probably for the first time in any elections campaign, the opposition supporters outnumbered the Barisan Nasional, some said as many as 17 Pakatan Rakyat supporters to one BN supporter. There are plenty of reasons why Anwar is confident. Mohd Saiful Bukhari's decision to swear on the Quran that he was sodomised by Anwar is unlikely to have an impact on the by-election. But he has to sort out the security arrangements of the PKR. The continuing roughing up of reporters by these ruffians does not help the image of PKR, even though the leadership does not endorse the thuggish behaviour. All parties including PAS have their security staff but PKR has got the worst reputation. Instead of being defensive, claiming they are unsure whether these are PKR men, the party leaders should just enforce better discipline and organise these personnels more effectively.


Anonymous said...

DSAI needs to pay close attention to PAS. The success of his political agenda all rests on full co-operation from the islamist party.

BlueMoon said...

PKR winning? No doubt about it. Saiful latest confession is more damaging rather than helping the BN. People are not only tired but getting more suspicious listening to his tales and storylines. Not to mention going to the press everytime when there is important event. The majority of the people is wondering what is his motive. More imprtantly his sponsors if any. No matter how formidable Anwar may be, however, do not completely write-off Arif Shah. He still has the chance. If he manage to garner some votes from the chinese who lately rate him very favourably, and few votes from the fence sitters together with hard-core UMNO supporters then he is through. Going by the previous elections, it is flaw to assume winning party based on number of supporters who turned-up on the nomination day.

Anonymous said...

I think no matter what you say, DSAI and Pakatan has got to work hard and extremely hard in Permatang Pauh, the objective is really to obliterate or 'gemparkan' BeeEnd!!!!

raj raman said...


PKR really need to make sure their security guys are theirs - if theirs teach them a manners.

IF the PKR security is not theirs -make sure they are kick out.
PKR should abble to do it by now unless there other elements beyond their control.


Anonymous said...

Chun Wai,

Do the students in our public varsities know that they are funded from revenue mainly obtained from non-Muslim acitivities including gambling. And also more than 80% of the taxes are from non-Muslims?

And they can't give us 10% of the seats in UiTM? Do they know what is gratitude? All the Umno bigots got their overseas education using non-Malay funds too.

I know 10 docs who pay taxes of RM100,000 each. And this RM1 million is used to fund one Bumiputra medical student in UK or 4 Bumis in Indonesia or 3 bumis in India or 4 bumis in Russia.

Give us a place under the Malaysian sun, please. We too are citizens and so were my parents.

So, Umno don't put the non-Malays off in Permatang Pauh by attacking Khalid. Watch it.

Malaysian Tulen

Anonymous said...

This is where it becomes very fuzzy to me! PKR is all out to create good impression with public and press as we could see. And all of no where you have incidents such as this occurring, bear in mind it only involves press people?

We know too well what actually happened between PKR and BN. From most report I got to understand BN supporters calling PKR and their leader as "Kaki Liwat". Well, if you think for one minute, which is provocative and which is supportive this issue would not arise. There is no reason on the earth for someone to go after your supporter, more so in cases of politics.



Anonymous said...

as long as BN leadership dont reorganize its component parties BN will not be received by malaysian,including the malays anymore!.people are just fed up with likes of samy n his ethics!. some voters in Permatang Pauh told group of MIC leaders that as long as samy remain as party chief...their not going to vote for BN!.during yesterdays nomination thousands of indians n chinese seen wearing n carrying PKR,PAS n DAP Tshirts n flags.BN leadership can see this things happening right infront of them n still dont do anything to convince the indians n chinese not to do it.instead their talking about UiTM n converts...without asking BN leaders about implications this issues can do???.today 3000 indians in klang joining DAP...did anyone from BN bother to find out whats realy happening in the indian community? n why this many indians leaving MIC to join PKR or DAP lately?.some indians even joining as PAS supporters club members!will UMNO allowe non malay muslims to even join its supporters club?.

Anonymous said...

In Mission Impossible, every mission deemed impossible, actually suceeds, True, all the political pundits say DSAI is a winner even before the polls. But just like March 8 threw up surprised that forced many pundits to eat their words, I would rather not predict the outcome.

My feeling is that DSAI is not divine or supreme. He is still very much human. His supporters may not want to see the faults and failings in him while his detractors are trying to amplify the same.

Whatever be the case, I wish all candidates all the best. And if DSAI does succeed, I hope he will give some credit to the system of which he condemns yet desperately wants to be a part of.

Anonymous said...

There are some things that are destined to happen no matter how hard we mortal souls try to stop it. So, perhaps, Permatang Pauh is one of them??

As for the thugs, perhaps it is a "make spoil" plan by BN?? Anybody can wear any T-shirt and claim to be of certain clan/group/political party. I can wear BN T-shirt and say I am a faithful die hard supporter but in reality I am not. So, how sure sure are we that these thugs are from PR and not hired/bought by BN to do such gangster job?

Such tricks, if it is proven to be done by BN, will backfire big time on BN's face if they have actually engineered such pranks. Oh well, than again, this is not the first time BN has blotched a sabotage act and end up looking stupid. Carry on..

Anonymous said...

I'm very confused by Saiful's oath at the masjid. Was it forced on him or consentual ? Was it 8 times or just once? Saiful, pls made up your mind. Even if you want to lie, pls keep to the figure and don't keep changing!

alvin lee said...

many have asked anwar to swear on the Quran so as to clear his name. To clear his name??? So if anwar decided to do it, does it mean that he is cleared of the sodomy charge?

If the police will continue to charge him even after he decided to swear on the Quran, then i just cannot understand why all these fuss about the swearing. I mean what purpose does the swearing for then when the action also cannot provide prove for anwar's innocence? No meaning at all-lah.

Anonymous said...

I suggest PKR assign official body guards to journalists and press photographers to protect them from saboteurs.
We all know which party is behind this trickery of assaulting the press photographers. If an ex-PM can be beaten up, or a Mongolian girl can be blown to pieces, what is beating up a few photographers? Cheap collateral damage.

amoker said...

I am quite insulted by the rationale that Chinese ( and Indians) can be appeased by having someone who can speak their language. Does UMNO think that we are in for gimmicks, like a clown who can perform at birthday parties? While the MSM are using blown up racial issues like Uitm, Bar council etc., they are hoping that the rest of the Malaysians did not notice their hand in this